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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-US Honorable Kills
1Eclairmoi Heroes of Middle AgeYsera-US344841Not updated
2Maksimo  Ysera-US230340Not updated
3Flerg  Ysera-US214160Not updated
4Hypr Caster LewtzYsera-US188307Not updated
5Darkrider SølsticeYsera-US185213Not updated
6Raulf Impending Doom IIYsera-US170435Not updated
7Nafian League of ShadowsYsera-US158805Not updated
8Darkterror Anam CaraYsera-US153779Not updated
9Psychi Forged in ShadowsYsera-US151298Not updated
10Andzia Natural Born TripodsYsera-US150821Not updated
11Braydin SÿndicåtëYsera-US146251Not updated
12Sandspur XcessiveYsera-US138532Not updated
13Kodg Charles goes BARK BARKYsera-US132469Not updated
14Herakles Executive OrderYsera-US132433Not updated
15Deathaxe League of ShadowsYsera-US131733Not updated
16Rimbar League of ShadowsYsera-US130930Not updated
17Anko GameøverYsera-US130129Not updated
18Wikedwayz D Y N A S T YYsera-US127750Not updated
19Arloma  Ysera-US127129Not updated
20Anoladon Breach of FaithYsera-US126071Not updated
21Shamoura PsychosisYsera-US124366Not updated
22Skelldar  Ysera-US121401Not updated
23Uknowmee The PrestigiousYsera-US120920Not updated
24Zavijah ExsiliumYsera-US120796Not updated
25Warstar  Ysera-US119375Not updated
26Kindredlies Winter ShadowYsera-US117661Not updated
27Kaltivell  Ysera-US117188Not updated
28Xaqua Friday KnightsYsera-US113757Not updated
29Auriga Anam CaraYsera-US113080Not updated
30Azraelflux SwarmYsera-US112768Not updated
31Aspion  Ysera-US111507Not updated
32Asapaaron League of ShadowsYsera-US109664Not updated
33Lutheryc  Ysera-US109596Not updated
34Evilhearts HSIOWYsera-US109492Not updated
35Maellol Escaping into InsanityYsera-US109415Not updated
36Ilah Late Night Pain TrainYsera-US108096Not updated
37Recknar Escaping into InsanityYsera-US107730Not updated
38Siniane Impending Doom IIYsera-US106235Not updated
39Daedrian League of ShadowsYsera-US105020Not updated
40Sanctuari Caster LewtzYsera-US104969Not updated
41Veratas ReliquaryYsera-US104823Not updated
42Tinki UnleashedYsera-US104135Not updated
43Kryztlê  Ysera-US103460Not updated
44Ripperup  Ysera-US103145Not updated
45Kilopoli CRIT MY PANTSYsera-US103127Not updated
46Undeaddude Anam CaraYsera-US102598Not updated
47Zimn  Ysera-US102496Not updated
48Sneakerz AnomalyYsera-US102460Not updated
49Icehealz MayhemYsera-US102007Not updated
50Subterfuge CoercionYsera-US101067Not updated
51Killshotqt  Ysera-US101014Not updated
52Coldfever Reclaiming what is OursYsera-US100300Not updated
53Pity  Ysera-US100110Not updated
54Swkenobi FacTor XYsera-US99612Not updated
55Zamn is DrunkYsera-US98579Not updated
56Gemrenita Dark AngelsYsera-US96684Not updated
57Cynbel  Ysera-US95910Not updated
58Unforsaken Dark VisageYsera-US95819Not updated
59Bonad Caster LewtzYsera-US95117Not updated
60Elcuero Reclaiming what is OursYsera-US94381Not updated
61Deathmauler League of Ne er Do WellsYsera-US93745Not updated
62Coliostro  Ysera-US93646Not updated
63Keyshia Deadly IntentYsera-US92959Not updated
64Rekxs Deadly IntentYsera-US92196Not updated
65Sanor League of ShadowsYsera-US91607Not updated
66Checkyoursix  Ysera-US91019Not updated
67Iruga Casual AltsYsera-US90740Not updated
68Backslice Bound for GløryYsera-US90394Not updated
69Blacktrapper  Ysera-US90295Not updated
70Thanoz SynergyYsera-US89277Not updated
71Syphin Executive OrderYsera-US89052Not updated
72Naturalx InnuendoYsera-US88684Not updated
73Raelteh  Ysera-US87783Not updated
74Raxus RawR SmAshYsera-US87215Not updated
75Lalcia Natural Born TripodsYsera-US85152Not updated
76Krunkk Kull ClanYsera-US84551Not updated
77Cyndellnight Order Of The OutcastYsera-US84201Not updated
78Donetello GoldenTriadYsera-US83989Not updated
79Bodhawk Impending Doom IIYsera-US83638Not updated
80Ben GrapesYsera-US83348Not updated
81Cashis  Ysera-US83345Not updated
82Darkpallyy  Ysera-US83175Not updated
83Uneasy  Ysera-US82875Not updated
84Itsmema Silent LucidityYsera-US82687Not updated
85Zoltt Hellfire ClubYsera-US82667Not updated
86Tengumaru Omega Res NovaeYsera-US82295Not updated
87Jindi User FriendlyYsera-US81851Not updated
88Apòllò  Ysera-US81842Not updated
89Simplicity Executive OrderYsera-US80573Not updated
90Amerlynn Stone Cold KillersYsera-US80488Not updated
91Snowbuzz The UndertakersYsera-US80374Not updated
92Galliopee Deadly IntentYsera-US80179Not updated
93Orcfodder Midnight RedemptionYsera-US80147Not updated
94Astì  Ysera-US79957Not updated
95Kellon SynergyYsera-US79752Not updated
96Bushbaby Winter ShadowYsera-US79245Not updated
97Foxdie PheñomYsera-US79011Not updated
98Earthtones  Ysera-US79003Not updated
99Braxon  Ysera-US78516Not updated
100Timelinez  Ysera-US78300Not updated

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