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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-EU Honorable Kills
1Zultanit Exilium NoctisYsera-EU338206Not updated
2Beduin FreischärlerYsera-EU292819Not updated
3Tuturius  Ysera-EU259438Not updated
4Cooldaemoon WarZone PvPYsera-EU246312Not updated
5Highdi easYplaYYsera-EU202765Not updated
6Samisher easYplaYYsera-EU200735Not updated
7Leelalein LacrimosaYsera-EU195003Not updated
8Artosis  Ysera-EU191543Not updated
9Stoffen EhrenkriegerYsera-EU190907Not updated
10Mangole easYplaYYsera-EU182460Not updated
11Amárth Bel EthilYsera-EU181474Not updated
12Nanukk  Ysera-EU181109Not updated
13Didhunter AdoriaYsera-EU180606Not updated
14Trimaximus Die Krieger des LichtsYsera-EU170966Not updated
15Beserker Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU166822Not updated
16Earthman AdoriaYsera-EU162220Not updated
17Kaion ZeroxYsera-EU161672Not updated
18Dakkon Lost DragonsYsera-EU160623Not updated
19Nelarion Die Gefährten des LichtsYsera-EU155471Not updated
20Rydeordie  Ysera-EU153977Not updated
21Cirrus Die Letzte GardeYsera-EU152026Not updated
22Crimsaun BrotherbondYsera-EU150538Not updated
23Grem SlahtaYsera-EU146678Not updated
24Milarepa Durus MentiriYsera-EU146224Not updated
25Adám NeGatiVYsera-EU145387Not updated
26Moonwarden XilentYsera-EU143040Not updated
27Virania  Ysera-EU139323Not updated
28Bombastic Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU138370Not updated
29Arguuz  Ysera-EU136722Not updated
30Po easYplaYYsera-EU136276Not updated
31Naxos Die letzten MohikanerYsera-EU135976Not updated
32Tyrateross  Ysera-EU135066Not updated
33Renka primordiumYsera-EU131611Not updated
34Tiberium ImbalancedYsera-EU128626Not updated
35Blackviper Lost DragonsYsera-EU128569Not updated
36Rübenklaus easYplaYYsera-EU127804Not updated
37Sediynh Lost DragonsYsera-EU127667Not updated
38Sceletor Nordic FrostYsera-EU127434Not updated
39Xerandria PoSiTiVYsera-EU126687Not updated
40Burator MercyYsera-EU125984Not updated
41Timulus Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU125639Not updated
42Koffer  Ysera-EU125020Not updated
43Detantane OcculusYsera-EU124275Not updated
44Orvaikurim ElysíumYsera-EU124104Not updated
45Afterburning Late NightYsera-EU124054Not updated
46Arnin  Ysera-EU122316Not updated
47Lunabel Bel EthilYsera-EU121343Not updated
48Powergirlx Demolition DayYsera-EU120712Not updated
49Grunblat Die Letzte GardeYsera-EU120511Not updated
50Lanak Outcast ProjectYsera-EU117987Not updated
51Sílencé New Earth ArmyYsera-EU117424Not updated
52Anerion Legio FidelitatisYsera-EU117197Not updated
53Kalustea SCARYsera-EU116581Not updated
54Leorick Lost DragonsYsera-EU116373Not updated
55Grumbaki Hausfrauen ohne ReflexeYsera-EU115864Not updated
56Scrâtchy Die RattenfängerYsera-EU115206Not updated
57Angandi Plan BYsera-EU113989Not updated
58Bärhawk Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU113614Not updated
59Benedek MeanYsera-EU113277Not updated
60Dragonhand  Ysera-EU111864Not updated
61Maxiana Defenders of LightYsera-EU111862Not updated
62Ellron CamBOdunumYsera-EU111812Not updated
63Pewu  Ysera-EU111413Not updated
64Thermo NachtschichtYsera-EU110654Not updated
65Atjom  Ysera-EU109697Not updated
66Biegel SnowfallYsera-EU109272Not updated
67Animâ Rebels without a causeYsera-EU108817Not updated
68Mystiquelol EhrenkriegerYsera-EU108595Not updated
69Dragonét easYplaYYsera-EU108235Not updated
70Firehand EudaimoniaYsera-EU106244Not updated
71Tödlichst  Ysera-EU105732Not updated
72Bregôlas Legio FidelitatisYsera-EU105331Not updated
73Johnmclane beyond reasonYsera-EU104968Not updated
74Sylarion Lost DragonsYsera-EU104851Not updated
75Demonrider InnocentYsera-EU104798Not updated
76Mieseliese WarZone PvPYsera-EU104671Not updated
77Agoný Los Guardiáns de AzerothYsera-EU103864Not updated
78Shiara Bembel ToursYsera-EU102841Not updated
79Celinda Forgotten HeroYsera-EU102516Not updated
80Isdera  Ysera-EU102188Not updated
81Asaliya GummizelleYsera-EU101909Not updated
82Ktoffel  Ysera-EU101659Not updated
83Terz Dum spiro speroYsera-EU101407Not updated
84Illium  Ysera-EU101064Not updated
85Bûllsêyê WarZone PvPYsera-EU98893Not updated
86Aw MiseryYsera-EU97027Not updated
87Sengaya  Ysera-EU95169Not updated
88Dark Beholder of DarknessYsera-EU94866Not updated
89Wiley MörsertruppYsera-EU94683Not updated
90Masada NachtschichtYsera-EU94679Not updated
91Gargon MC RaidersYsera-EU93893Not updated
92Tainorine LacrimosaYsera-EU93676Not updated
93Thoronelena  Ysera-EU93232Not updated
94Smeralda Speerspitze der AllianzYsera-EU93210Not updated
95Shinleya We are so KawaiiYsera-EU92470Not updated
96Schnederpelz EudaimoniaYsera-EU92069Not updated
97Ladrona ElementarwächterYsera-EU91736Not updated
98Runenblut No blood for honorYsera-EU91356Not updated
99Artuditu Sobre a MorteYsera-EU89656Not updated
100Xenara easYplaYYsera-EU89394Not updated

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