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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Winterhoof-US Honorable Kills
1Oldcoot Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US355063Not updated
2Mckenna Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US274604Not updated
3Thormor  Winterhoof-US231154Not updated
4Taqilya  Winterhoof-US220042Not updated
5Judger Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US209966Not updated
6Bullid ZOMBIE LANDWinterhoof-US205975Not updated
7Mithas  Winterhoof-US184252Not updated
8Thunderhammr The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US180831Not updated
9Jmoney Veterans of WarWinterhoof-US180527Not updated
10Teakan  Winterhoof-US177704Not updated
11Zavion DivinusWinterhoof-US151200Not updated
12Cormic DEATHSROARWinterhoof-US147624Not updated
13Thornoc  Winterhoof-US142907Not updated
14Sersoze EclipseWinterhoof-US141600Not updated
15Ladmir  Winterhoof-US138768Not updated
16Slyr Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US132423Not updated
17Drofmurd The Mad CowsWinterhoof-US128661Not updated
18Ominosus UNDERGROUNDWinterhoof-US126907Not updated
19Allydungdie Super FriendsWinterhoof-US126245Not updated
20Kramier The Strongest SurviveWinterhoof-US125290Not updated
21Spasme  Winterhoof-US124171Not updated
22Burksgab Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US123156Not updated
23Nagash  Winterhoof-US122179Not updated
24Seirei Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US121372Not updated
25Ougo Jaded RaidersWinterhoof-US120193Not updated
26Crusadelawl ViralWinterhoof-US118708Not updated
27Devastator  Winterhoof-US118282Not updated
28Peludo MythosWinterhoof-US117976Not updated
29Mythil kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US117569Not updated
30Vantaz Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US113097Not updated
31Mormra The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US111228Not updated
32Bacontown PanicWinterhoof-US109211Not updated
33Vanillastar  Winterhoof-US108155Not updated
34Brautjohnson Power Word DrunkWinterhoof-US106802Not updated
34Akichita Gears of WarWinterhoof-US106802Not updated
36Brish The UnguildedWinterhoof-US106010Not updated
37Shaetan  Winterhoof-US105357Not updated
38Amadin Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US102301Not updated
39Stardusted MetaWinterhoof-US100854Not updated
40Nurek  Winterhoof-US99877Not updated
41Tricksta  Winterhoof-US98264Not updated
42Dukè Veterans of WarWinterhoof-US98148Not updated
43Hogslayer Dead EvilWinterhoof-US97125Not updated
44Earthan  Winterhoof-US95561Not updated
45Trunkz Azeroth Treason n TerrorWinterhoof-US95510Not updated
46Boriken MythosWinterhoof-US95486Not updated
47Deadstuckey Dead EvilWinterhoof-US95457Not updated
48Tatton Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US94821Not updated
49Agravar Dark PactWinterhoof-US93918Not updated
50Xantula Super FriendsWinterhoof-US93570Not updated
51Necroforprez Rated MWinterhoof-US92845Not updated
52Holowmon PanicWinterhoof-US92833Not updated
53Erdrick Underpaid Action HeroesWinterhoof-US92419Not updated
54Kayros Attorney at LawWinterhoof-US91872Not updated
55Recondo  Winterhoof-US91817Not updated
56Kinjo kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US90157Not updated
57Chaos FoundationWinterhoof-US89567Not updated
58Dryven  Winterhoof-US89523Not updated
59Rubyfafa The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US89247Not updated
60Taurmen  Winterhoof-US89175Not updated
61Spookylock Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US88191Not updated
62Grapher  Winterhoof-US87740Not updated
63Touching  Winterhoof-US85550Not updated
64Dergrage Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US83822Not updated
65Kaidon Verge of DivorceWinterhoof-US82693Not updated
66Grimmy Stormhammer ClanWinterhoof-US82147Not updated
67Meowlol  Winterhoof-US81966Not updated
68Skhealz Lunatic CaféWinterhoof-US81901Not updated
69Illifra Pain VendorWinterhoof-US81226Not updated
70Hoboboxes  Winterhoof-US81151Not updated
71Varlonn  Winterhoof-US79526Not updated
72Worshipme  Winterhoof-US79037Not updated
73Ladelorr Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US78273Not updated
74Iounow Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US78255Not updated
75Pesmerga Heroes Of DerethWinterhoof-US78060Not updated
76Ontology Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US77666Not updated
77Lilytank Rated MWinterhoof-US77296Not updated
78Pluck Epic Dragon LordsWinterhoof-US76599Not updated
79Onatolan Strange BrewWinterhoof-US76233Not updated
80Ezerper HarmWinterhoof-US75212Not updated
81Necroticlich Ebony MasksWinterhoof-US74774Not updated
82Mageras Death StalkerWinterhoof-US74721Not updated
83Boadasafa  Winterhoof-US74471Not updated
84Drucifer  Winterhoof-US74136Not updated
85Kincayd UNDERGROUNDWinterhoof-US74063Not updated
86Oof AbandonedWinterhoof-US72272Not updated
87Jealous Tears of the DragonWinterhoof-US71778Not updated
88Chalupa  Winterhoof-US71713Not updated
89Blackburn BlightWinterhoof-US71544Not updated
90Maquedegale The UnforgivingWinterhoof-US71293Not updated
91Tironys Nerdikus Ragious MaximusWinterhoof-US70526Not updated
92Hepstik Hairy Barrel Chested MenWinterhoof-US69988Not updated
93Malora  Winterhoof-US69970Not updated
94Zukus Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US69616Not updated
95Commons Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US69252Not updated
96Snakesnake Kinship of AzerothWinterhoof-US68940Not updated
97Uryuquincy SubmissionWinterhoof-US67923Not updated
98Surrealis  Winterhoof-US67244Not updated
99Bubblietoes THE PACKWinterhoof-US67064Not updated
100Korkwii Invictus FamulusWinterhoof-US66966Not updated

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