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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Windrunner-US Honorable Kills
1Mariri TemerityWindrunner-US506104Not updated
2Xenophon Polar OppositesWindrunner-US348679Not updated
3Wishing Soul CrushersWindrunner-US292523Not updated
4Azad Bends That WayWindrunner-US265878Not updated
5Uggtt AbsøluteWindrunner-US254918Not updated
6Strength  Windrunner-US244189Not updated
7Shovel PandemoniumWindrunner-US197085Not updated
8Vintercell Fleur De LisWindrunner-US196025Not updated
9Llorb Take Me HomeWindrunner-US193932Not updated
10Bryoni TemerityWindrunner-US192706Not updated
11Kobrit UtopianWindrunner-US192270Not updated
12Soupkitchen The ElitistsWindrunner-US188173Not updated
13Zaze IllyriaWindrunner-US185003Not updated
14Mojokhan Arena StarsWindrunner-US184649Not updated
15Maresca Boni AmiciWindrunner-US183149Not updated
16Gunslinger Beast MastersWindrunner-US180586Not updated
17Kangarooblue Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US180425Not updated
18Mithmir Infinite LimitWindrunner-US178434Not updated
19Timothy PandemoniumWindrunner-US177282Not updated
20Seeleretter The AscendedWindrunner-US175836Not updated
21Mesa UniverseWindrunner-US175263Not updated
22Lóno Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US162913Not updated
23Seahawk OmniscienceWindrunner-US159008Not updated
24Achillis Predatory IncursionWindrunner-US157138Not updated
25Vulgrym TemerityWindrunner-US156595Not updated
26Jonnyboy Templars Of The CrossWindrunner-US155290Not updated
27Olestinos TemerityWindrunner-US154937Not updated
28Malakeet  Windrunner-US149848Not updated
29Darnokk Legitimate PiracyWindrunner-US148773Not updated
30Keias DreamsWindrunner-US148351Not updated
31Minitanker Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US147896Not updated
32Reticence TemerityWindrunner-US147206Not updated
33Jobiwan Ensis DeiWindrunner-US146233Not updated
34Ronaljoey Take Me HomeWindrunner-US146091Not updated
35Krun  Windrunner-US145236Not updated
36Pewpshot Three Ring CircusWindrunner-US144373Not updated
37Quartus TemerityWindrunner-US142270Not updated
38Skaargan  Windrunner-US141583Not updated
39Stumeister UniverseWindrunner-US137966Not updated
40Wadda  Windrunner-US136140Not updated
41Gracielynn  Windrunner-US134437Not updated
42Kavy Run Like HellWindrunner-US133443Not updated
43jeancarlo UtopianWindrunner-US131622Not updated
44Gely  Windrunner-US131393Not updated
45Blackrune Order of Angry PenguinsWindrunner-US131086Not updated
46Alcibiades IllyriaWindrunner-US128081Not updated
47Smokthot Lords of KarmaWindrunner-US125928Not updated
48Figemini TemerityWindrunner-US125509Not updated
49Bover Dynasties LegacyWindrunner-US123010Not updated
50Cheesewizzy Lollipop CrusadersWindrunner-US122926Not updated
51Boogerford Sic Itur Ad AstraWindrunner-US122380Not updated
52Zenithstorm PandemoniumWindrunner-US121204Not updated
53Lisduf Guardians of AzerothWindrunner-US119680Not updated
54Salvorian Fortunes BaneWindrunner-US118022Not updated
55Hideorly TemerityWindrunner-US115507Not updated
56Iceix  Windrunner-US114308Not updated
57Fangthorn TemerityWindrunner-US114306Not updated
58Iceice Under oathWindrunner-US114041Not updated
59Neoka  Windrunner-US113760Not updated
60Gertimus Raiders of the DawnWindrunner-US113742Not updated
61Saturno LA RAZAWindrunner-US113125Not updated
62Badmanposse  Windrunner-US113033Not updated
63Impossiblekk RTGWindrunner-US111559Not updated
64Smokeyhaze Dynasties LegacyWindrunner-US110858Not updated
65Deceivis Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US110078Not updated
66Wimplo  Windrunner-US110031Not updated
67Britestar Arbiters of AzerothWindrunner-US109606Not updated
68Urdone Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US108596Not updated
69Mikalas TemerityWindrunner-US108540Not updated
70Broobies Descendants of AvalonWindrunner-US107093Not updated
71Brooteh  Windrunner-US107082Not updated
72Catrei DawnWindrunner-US106501Not updated
73Moogy Team PlanoWindrunner-US106475Not updated
74Kaliemaeo OneShotWindrunner-US106016Not updated
75Avandris Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US105701Not updated
76Rainynights  Windrunner-US105323Not updated
77Mcfarland insane heroWindrunner-US105274Not updated
78Prete The ProdigyWindrunner-US104990Not updated
79Ysb  Windrunner-US104889Not updated
80Momakonda DynastyWindrunner-US104649Not updated
81Darkfriend Questers CommonWindrunner-US104161Not updated
82Darklíght Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US103536Not updated
83Pewwp  Windrunner-US103460Not updated
84Wistywind  Windrunner-US102896Not updated
85Korv  Windrunner-US102049Not updated
86Bailyen Last HopeWindrunner-US101736Not updated
87Japattica  Windrunner-US101476Not updated
88Isheepyou  Windrunner-US101170Not updated
89Wtflynch The AscendedWindrunner-US101160Not updated
90Gadowscar Take Me HomeWindrunner-US100997Not updated
91Khary  Windrunner-US100441Not updated
92Riff Beloved of the NightWindrunner-US100071Not updated
93Mirya Ensis DeiWindrunner-US99875Not updated
94Kencaid Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US99636Not updated
95Hardiin ApotheosisWindrunner-US99378Not updated
96Lilsmoothie  Windrunner-US98632Not updated
97Hazeymay Run Like HellWindrunner-US98494Not updated
98Mortivessel Two Orcs One CupWindrunner-US98304Not updated
99Deinna  Windrunner-US97593Not updated
100Terdstomper  Windrunner-US97462Not updated

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