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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wildhammer-EU Honorable Kills
1Iskusitel Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU264405Not updated
2Willythepimp EliteWildhammer-EU261283Not updated
3Stlucius Power GirlsWildhammer-EU260302Not updated
4Summerkarma Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU243618Not updated
5Wilzstar  Wildhammer-EU242192Not updated
6Nonfear  Wildhammer-EU230906Not updated
7Glengall Gladiators PVPWildhammer-EU217172Not updated
8Odion Chaotic IntentWildhammer-EU204562Not updated
9Dunderdoon Just UsWildhammer-EU196099Not updated
10Pirozhok Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU194848Not updated
11Tamzag Who Dares WinsWildhammer-EU191337Not updated
12Londar I Need A TargetWildhammer-EU180092Not updated
13Mjaffaf Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU179628Not updated
14Jezibaba RenegadesWildhammer-EU178544Not updated
15Fuwa VillainsWildhammer-EU171952Not updated
16Fuquee Men of HonourWildhammer-EU158281Not updated
17Lagyna Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU156739Not updated
18Bammetje AtrocitasWildhammer-EU156500Not updated
19Ðoro OnyxWildhammer-EU155110Not updated
20Grawkon Team RocketWildhammer-EU153300Not updated
21Zaebal Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU152366Not updated
22Bitmap Steps of InsanityWildhammer-EU151633Not updated
23Leastath Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU149211Not updated
24Tokra The Burning MadnessWildhammer-EU147203Not updated
25Groin welsh n proudWildhammer-EU144188Not updated
26Morgania  Wildhammer-EU143598Not updated
27Serenna EliteWildhammer-EU143397Not updated
28Minimorga Gladiators PVPWildhammer-EU140217Not updated
29Infláme Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU136733Not updated
30Koldun Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU136107Not updated
31Canalash Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU134448Not updated
32Gangus Herbalism Ruined My LifeWildhammer-EU133988Not updated
33Flubbàh Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU131053Not updated
34Nyshe Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU130793Not updated
35Demeanor Do You Even LiftWildhammer-EU130368Not updated
36Bán RavenswingWildhammer-EU130141Not updated
37Unnash Limes InferiorWildhammer-EU129315Not updated
38Aleph world of wildhammerWildhammer-EU129287Not updated
39Madlife  Wildhammer-EU128371Not updated
40Yasmiñ Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU127915Not updated
41Spetsnàz  Wildhammer-EU127685Not updated
42Majka La ResistanceWildhammer-EU126187Not updated
43Nitocris RenegadesWildhammer-EU122762Not updated
44Auxarius Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU121800Not updated
45Magina Slackers IncWildhammer-EU121526Not updated
46Ukkosvasara  Wildhammer-EU121487Not updated
47Bologi Pity Is A SicknessWildhammer-EU121282Not updated
48Jimeeh  Wildhammer-EU120590Not updated
49Judàs Rødgrød med FlødeWildhammer-EU119852Not updated
50Kamked Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU119076Not updated
51Kuruna  Wildhammer-EU117812Not updated
52Fatsug VillainsWildhammer-EU117294Not updated
53Gðdofwar NightshiftWildhammer-EU116802Not updated
54Legendsam KohmeloWildhammer-EU116521Not updated
55Reven DemiseWildhammer-EU116042Not updated
56Selfster  Wildhammer-EU115787Not updated
57Cryhavoc  Wildhammer-EU115675Not updated
58Roughrider Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU114769Not updated
59Piggee Herbalism Ruined My LifeWildhammer-EU114219Not updated
60Yehmon State of FluxWildhammer-EU113471Not updated
61Kimhyun VillainsWildhammer-EU113253Not updated
62Gilver  Wildhammer-EU113046Not updated
63Attílá Who Dares WinsWildhammer-EU111437Not updated
64Ardé Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU108363Not updated
65Blichfeldt  Wildhammer-EU108238Not updated
66Svetozaroff Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU107913Not updated
67Øzyrys Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU107303Not updated
68Finnpowah PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU106836Not updated
69Emmabunton IttyBittyKittyCommitteeWildhammer-EU106423Not updated
70Redthedead Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU105702Not updated
71Goresome PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU104405Not updated
72Vertmar Scoia taelWildhammer-EU104331Not updated
73Stolz Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU104321Not updated
74Acchilles Omada EpsilonWildhammer-EU102725Not updated
75Ninneh  Wildhammer-EU102528Not updated
76Zoticus  Wildhammer-EU102507Not updated
77Paroubekback  Wildhammer-EU102402Not updated
78Stéwie  Wildhammer-EU102170Not updated
79Angelique OnyxWildhammer-EU101754Not updated
80Sparkbaby Hello Kitty Death SquadWildhammer-EU101253Not updated
81Kizer NightshiftWildhammer-EU101142Not updated
82Zelgar Death PactWildhammer-EU99987Not updated
83Stsunniva Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU98873Not updated
84Lóckéd no CrewWildhammer-EU98789Not updated
85Parao EliteWildhammer-EU98743Not updated
86Ailyth  Wildhammer-EU98522Not updated
87Choc  Wildhammer-EU98271Not updated
88Rawar Made in SwedenWildhammer-EU95496Not updated
89Maude ParalysisWildhammer-EU95385Not updated
90Giant La ResistanceWildhammer-EU95170Not updated
91Magehater VillainsWildhammer-EU94945Not updated
92Daedralord Busy FacerollingWildhammer-EU94436Not updated
93Pidrilla Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU94083Not updated
94Yeriss ØlspilletWildhammer-EU93346Not updated
95Thaelrion PureWildhammer-EU92513Not updated
96Greyhead Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU92348Not updated
97Elixion DemiseWildhammer-EU91713Not updated
98Denied No skill just luckWildhammer-EU91576Not updated
99Nysombamf Kindred SpiritsWildhammer-EU91044Not updated
100Shatta  Wildhammer-EU90933Not updated

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