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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-US Honorable Kills
1Najamac Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US98480Not updated
2Blackangus Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US62668Not updated
3Ilovelamp Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US59170Not updated
4Padawaan Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US51286Not updated
5Jkor Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US49164Not updated
6Rthunter Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US46382Not updated
7Marl Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US46375Not updated
8Beehave Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US42334Not updated
9Batonz Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US41103Not updated
10Botoxs Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US34439Not updated
11Zarithor Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US31455Not updated
12Morgull Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US31294Not updated
13Limee Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US30498Not updated
14Tweaky Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US29821Not updated
15Cornat Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US29065Not updated
16Batonn Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US27923Not updated
17Redcat Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US27478Not updated
18Oomgru Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US27135Not updated
19Statt Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US26742Not updated
20Ninetynines Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US25650Not updated
21Ambey Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US24952Not updated
22Rudeth Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US24728Not updated
23Saphiric Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US24299Not updated
24Lenthe Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US23168Not updated
25Caza Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US22234Not updated
26Barmaid Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US21779Not updated
27Redicaid Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US21124Not updated
28Droshezzo Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US20854Not updated
29Babybee Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US20829Not updated
30Nohrbert Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US20220Not updated
31Virtuo Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US20066Not updated
32Moci Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US19681Not updated
33Nidaley Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US18988Not updated
34Nanixo Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US18443Not updated
35Queasy Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US17744Not updated
36Juten Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US16745Not updated
37Castorbean Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US16661Not updated
38Darklizard Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US15368Not updated
39Ebofshadows Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US15112Not updated
40Facelift Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US14332Not updated
41Battlemaiden Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US14126Not updated
42Otts Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US13615Not updated
43Greenhooters Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US13575Not updated
44Wij Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US13547Not updated
45Xorn Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US13130Not updated
46Demona Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US13074Not updated
47Thérese Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US12766Not updated
48Eclyps Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US12588Not updated
49Maliwar Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US12529Not updated
50Zepp Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US12112Not updated
51Chaiyya Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11934Not updated
52Wolfsorgal Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11913Not updated
53Pookiezoom Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11889Not updated
54Shadomin Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11685Not updated
55Shadoku Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11572Not updated
56Dannok Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US11345Not updated
57Tzuu Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10837Not updated
58Krobar Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10680Not updated
59Skribbl Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10601Not updated
60Maglock Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10397Not updated
61Bitterone Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10343Not updated
62Malthazar Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10132Not updated
63Tuddles Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10115Not updated
64Gasbrewer Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10106Not updated
65Crummy Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US10016Not updated
66Imurhuklbry Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9991Not updated
67Kerthwack Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9984Not updated
68Crackker Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9958Not updated
69Arn Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9930Not updated
70Fille Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9928Not updated
71Caspar Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9768Not updated
72Kirilin Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9746Not updated
73Cautious Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9501Not updated
74Causticsoda Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9500Not updated
75Stormie Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9497Not updated
76Ludamor Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9302Not updated
77Canddori Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9260Not updated
78Playoff Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9259Not updated
79Takie Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US9240Not updated
80Graxel Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US8871Not updated
81Ðeathlock Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US8698Not updated
82Roughshod Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US8585Not updated
83Guenevere Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US8558Not updated
84Mastigos Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7854Not updated
85Zularja Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7672Not updated
86Kinney Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7646Not updated
87Abon Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7587Not updated
88Vareshka Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7571Not updated
89Chaitea Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7399Not updated
90Macslock Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US7088Not updated
91Linil Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6952Not updated
92Breakinwind Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6889Not updated
93Rezzpleaze Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6885Not updated
94Purgatorys Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6870Not updated
95Ajaa Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6856Not updated
96Migflurries Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6808Not updated
97Derkaderka Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6801Not updated
98Takoro Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6762Not updated
99Lockologist Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6513Not updated
100Ebofmagic Scotch and SodaWhisperwind-US6394Not updated

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