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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-US Honorable Kills
1Rexe Time LordsWhisperwind-US175431Not updated
2Ocyla Time LordsWhisperwind-US68903Not updated
3Trydan Time LordsWhisperwind-US45994Not updated
4Tamyrand Time LordsWhisperwind-US45575Not updated
5Kindbudz Time LordsWhisperwind-US45032Not updated
6Stardre Time LordsWhisperwind-US43782Not updated
7Ginani Time LordsWhisperwind-US35697Not updated
8Tydral Time LordsWhisperwind-US34815Not updated
9Sacredella Time LordsWhisperwind-US29040Not updated
10Coquette Time LordsWhisperwind-US27847Not updated
11Sniperella Time LordsWhisperwind-US27498Not updated
12Jaquabas Time LordsWhisperwind-US24158Not updated
13Orlagh Time LordsWhisperwind-US23918Not updated
14Tootoofun Time LordsWhisperwind-US18282Not updated
15Rhupert Time LordsWhisperwind-US18113Not updated
16Haalfdane Time LordsWhisperwind-US16832Not updated
17Nytengayle Time LordsWhisperwind-US16498Not updated
18Bigblackk Time LordsWhisperwind-US15665Not updated
19Memphis Time LordsWhisperwind-US14311Not updated
20Flatil Time LordsWhisperwind-US13270Not updated
21Haalfbreed Time LordsWhisperwind-US12396Not updated
22Leonias Time LordsWhisperwind-US12274Not updated
23Chiantie Time LordsWhisperwind-US12021Not updated
24Lillyora Time LordsWhisperwind-US11539Not updated
25Petesapal Time LordsWhisperwind-US10904Not updated
26Jimmyhendrix Time LordsWhisperwind-US10509Not updated
27Psychie Time LordsWhisperwind-US10344Not updated
28Kiras Time LordsWhisperwind-US9692Not updated
29Dobson Time LordsWhisperwind-US9473Not updated
30Wrencroft Time LordsWhisperwind-US9270Not updated
31Bordeau Time LordsWhisperwind-US9049Not updated
32Mestorne Time LordsWhisperwind-US8196Not updated
33Uthedal Time LordsWhisperwind-US7822Not updated
34Tounn Time LordsWhisperwind-US7114Not updated
35Ryuusenka Time LordsWhisperwind-US6827Not updated
36Belphoebe Time LordsWhisperwind-US6749Not updated
37Aggroreset Time LordsWhisperwind-US6729Not updated
38Zanira Time LordsWhisperwind-US6570Not updated
39Afrasiab Time LordsWhisperwind-US6242Not updated
40Revirath Time LordsWhisperwind-US6241Not updated
41Freeflyer Time LordsWhisperwind-US6204Not updated
42Stardres Time LordsWhisperwind-US5966Not updated
43Suisan Time LordsWhisperwind-US5766Not updated
44Velincia Time LordsWhisperwind-US5731Not updated
45Borntosneak Time LordsWhisperwind-US5482Not updated
46Demoniclich Time LordsWhisperwind-US5390Not updated
47Urglburgl Time LordsWhisperwind-US5300Not updated
48Ramyshamy Time LordsWhisperwind-US4970Not updated
49Drennice Time LordsWhisperwind-US4759Not updated
50Zinfendel Time LordsWhisperwind-US4430Not updated
51Kratoas Time LordsWhisperwind-US4260Not updated
52Kivutar Time LordsWhisperwind-US4089Not updated
53Ricjk Time LordsWhisperwind-US3919Not updated
54Ryani Time LordsWhisperwind-US3896Not updated
55Vasknite Time LordsWhisperwind-US3730Not updated
56Gailied Time LordsWhisperwind-US3676Not updated
57Aln Time LordsWhisperwind-US3606Not updated
58Merloe Time LordsWhisperwind-US3548Not updated
59Marvek Time LordsWhisperwind-US3536Not updated
60Dotty Time LordsWhisperwind-US3434Not updated
61Ðespally Time LordsWhisperwind-US3373Not updated
62Reignman Time LordsWhisperwind-US3364Not updated
63Molaf Time LordsWhisperwind-US3096Not updated
64Pathalon Time LordsWhisperwind-US2963Not updated
65Tweedy Time LordsWhisperwind-US2901Not updated
66Khawer Time LordsWhisperwind-US2820Not updated
67Araham Time LordsWhisperwind-US2802Not updated
68Stellerex Time LordsWhisperwind-US2734Not updated
69Valagir Time LordsWhisperwind-US2687Not updated
70Kielan Time LordsWhisperwind-US2660Not updated
71Ðeshuñter Time LordsWhisperwind-US2609Not updated
72Manubran Time LordsWhisperwind-US2537Not updated
73Chasebranson Time LordsWhisperwind-US2452Not updated
74Koldencroft Time LordsWhisperwind-US2308Not updated
75Cyraxus Time LordsWhisperwind-US2212Not updated
76Boozehammer Time LordsWhisperwind-US2092Not updated
77Kinbrook Time LordsWhisperwind-US2088Not updated
78Tonjudd Time LordsWhisperwind-US2081Not updated
79Legolasm Time LordsWhisperwind-US2015Not updated
80Gasillipe Time LordsWhisperwind-US1897Not updated
81Avila Time LordsWhisperwind-US1764Not updated
82Vermithrax Time LordsWhisperwind-US1743Not updated
83Ashwagandha Time LordsWhisperwind-US1706Not updated
84Gluston Time LordsWhisperwind-US1659Not updated
85Goofyboots Time LordsWhisperwind-US1611Not updated
86Mordm Time LordsWhisperwind-US1563Not updated
87Tipsymcstagr Time LordsWhisperwind-US1532Not updated
88Ahana Time LordsWhisperwind-US1388Not updated
89Darthripplie Time LordsWhisperwind-US1371Not updated
90Eaglecroft Time LordsWhisperwind-US1321Not updated
91Synora Time LordsWhisperwind-US1306Not updated
92Ellarin Time LordsWhisperwind-US1251Not updated
93Vasilik Time LordsWhisperwind-US1211Not updated
94Shisou Time LordsWhisperwind-US1125Not updated
95Ryis Time LordsWhisperwind-US1104Not updated
96Sansai Time LordsWhisperwind-US1097Not updated
97Gyley Time LordsWhisperwind-US1079Not updated
98Adzello Time LordsWhisperwind-US1065Not updated
99Krisaa Time LordsWhisperwind-US969Not updated
100Grigxen Time LordsWhisperwind-US931Not updated

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