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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Warsong-US Honorable Kills
1Sasanin Mad GeorgiansWarsong-US255675Not updated
2Daffunk Burning BladeWarsong-US180287Not updated
3Funkxvii Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US170245Not updated
4Srdassombras  Warsong-US160043Not updated
5Armonneii Abutres de hordaWarsong-US146420Not updated
6Threpwood DiscoKillerWarsong-US141715Not updated
7Stokrat Mad GeorgiansWarsong-US136956Not updated
8Macmarlin  Warsong-US134218Not updated
9Shaerael  Warsong-US134207Not updated
10Pandor God of WarsongWarsong-US133527Not updated
11Gordelícia CofreWarsong-US129380Not updated
12Alberon  Warsong-US127374Not updated
13Markchoi OinlandWarsong-US124569Not updated
14Guttss  Warsong-US121376Not updated
15Snäke  Warsong-US113019Not updated
16Others Burning BladeWarsong-US112763Not updated
17Rageheart Justice For AllWarsong-US108147Not updated
18Roktarogar Burning BladeWarsong-US107002Not updated
19Disturple Int House of SteaksWarsong-US104998Not updated
20Thiiamat Justice For AllWarsong-US104949Not updated
21Travecu Game of RaidsWarsong-US104662Not updated
22Ephnutspain SpectrumWarsong-US104188Not updated
23True  Warsong-US102905Not updated
24Inchik Obsidianus LapisWarsong-US98180Not updated
25Kulag  Warsong-US95878Not updated
26Umega  Warsong-US95695Not updated
27Krasnoyarec  Warsong-US95261Not updated
28Shavanty God of WarsongWarsong-US94523Not updated
29Charonx  Warsong-US92541Not updated
30Kârma Glory HolyWarsong-US90918Not updated
31Dyphx CatalepsyWarsong-US90259Not updated
32Rennepss  Warsong-US90258Not updated
33Stormtroll  Warsong-US89576Not updated
34Bonecrusher XarxetWarsong-US87969Not updated
35Rickkunbr Binladi ClubWarsong-US86969Not updated
36Gôôgaly  Warsong-US85690Not updated
37Eduardor  Warsong-US85169Not updated
38Sokx  Warsong-US84378Not updated
39Nemlihs XarxetWarsong-US84249Not updated
40Kittay  Warsong-US82309Not updated
41Zerofunk Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US81180Not updated
42Vênûs Get WreckedWarsong-US79610Not updated
43Rahtah Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US79452Not updated
44Stormwinter  Warsong-US79004Not updated
45Mùte Burning BladeWarsong-US78820Not updated
46Umegu  Warsong-US78229Not updated
47Lecarishca Failed ExperimentWarsong-US77290Not updated
48Resonantblue  Warsong-US76790Not updated
49Pénakova Eu HeinWarsong-US76365Not updated
50Sabrinahunt Sons of SpartaWarsong-US75714Not updated
51Nystus Game of RaidsWarsong-US74749Not updated
52Xelor  Warsong-US74623Not updated
53Bkegg XarxetWarsong-US74369Not updated
54Jacare HellhoundsWarsong-US74065Not updated
55Stabyaass The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US73368Not updated
56Frenetic  Warsong-US73246Not updated
57Getta N O R A J OWarsong-US73224Not updated
58Deathagain  Warsong-US71523Not updated
59Kript XarxetWarsong-US71250Not updated
60Ebow Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US70209Not updated
61Ksn  Warsong-US70154Not updated
62Mirenu K P N SWarsong-US70041Not updated
63Mogrican XarxetWarsong-US68687Not updated
64Lostzilla  Warsong-US68648Not updated
65Vikkturus  Warsong-US68146Not updated
66Doobice  Warsong-US68008Not updated
67Methodus  Warsong-US67504Not updated
68Stevez  Warsong-US67288Not updated
69Rhyck  Warsong-US67283Not updated
70Malutö  Warsong-US67076Not updated
71Torturebox EspadasWarsong-US66463Not updated
72Songsari NihilismWarsong-US66459Not updated
73Roadcone Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US65220Not updated
74Teriyaki The Night WarriorsWarsong-US64520Not updated
75Moizes SpectrumWarsong-US63889Not updated
76Drus Glory HolyWarsong-US63340Not updated
77Jumaagi Warriors of KhandurasWarsong-US62502Not updated
78Addoww The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US62462Not updated
79Gankemall Gotz StyleWarsong-US62365Not updated
80Verochka HordeWarsong-US62075Not updated
81Miguinho  Warsong-US61831Not updated
82Daemosforel Mad GeorgiansWarsong-US60712Not updated
83Märavilha  Warsong-US60522Not updated
84Rzan  Warsong-US59918Not updated
85Nameogai Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US59515Not updated
86Mithglyn EspadasWarsong-US59505Not updated
87Dåto  Warsong-US59437Not updated
88Havocprime  Warsong-US59380Not updated
89Sartorion  Warsong-US59328Not updated
90Bacana  Warsong-US59007Not updated
91Raynimz Burning BladeWarsong-US58823Not updated
92Celyn  Warsong-US58620Not updated
93Zonsa  Warsong-US58594Not updated
94Dreadmage  Warsong-US58538Not updated
95Hellgatts  Warsong-US58245Not updated
96Tagcarrera N O R A J OWarsong-US57890Not updated
97Matemática PugatórioWarsong-US57731Not updated
98Kaege Int House of SteaksWarsong-US57580Not updated
99Fosforo Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US57506Not updated
100Deltief  Warsong-US57312Not updated

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