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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vol'jin-EU Honorable Kills
1Pouma Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU372780Not updated
2Philoux OpportunityVol'jin-EU342242Not updated
3Nod Fortune de GaëaVol'jin-EU304237Not updated
4Autre Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU296925Not updated
5Lepecheur OpportunityVol'jin-EU262780Not updated
6Owimboé HashtagVol'jin-EU221252Not updated
7Destroyeur  Vol'jin-EU214876Not updated
8Loucypher AlternativeVol'jin-EU208338Not updated
9Nilou AuraVol'jin-EU205494Not updated
10Cõnnor HeroesVol'jin-EU198994Not updated
11Tytyrie AlternativeVol'jin-EU195375Not updated
12Dzadou Hakoona MatataVol'jin-EU193665Not updated
13Interdictor Hünter X HünterVol'jin-EU190767Not updated
14Silverarrows FakeVol'jin-EU187828Not updated
15Dianaofx Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU182832Not updated
16Jaï Halaa Râ MasseVol'jin-EU182753Not updated
17Zimounette RelapseVol'jin-EU181688Not updated
18Crodos MiseryVol'jin-EU179516Not updated
19Iz TrinityVol'jin-EU174923Not updated
20Bobditlane Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU169354Not updated
21Pénicilline Dégats des OsVol'jin-EU168286Not updated
22Litsõu  Vol'jin-EU167265Not updated
23Neigé FamousVol'jin-EU167111Not updated
24Aissa EnThouziastVol'jin-EU162823Not updated
25Crouton Every flow has its ebbVol'jin-EU162802Not updated
26Linesha  Vol'jin-EU161231Not updated
27Melicendre CelestiusVol'jin-EU159946Not updated
28Titeroguette arcane du mondeVol'jin-EU157562Not updated
29Twoo The God Of WoWVol'jin-EU157389Not updated
30Ekinoks  Vol'jin-EU156214Not updated
31Krikor  Vol'jin-EU155289Not updated
32Earthsecure  Vol'jin-EU154782Not updated
33Zanktar TrinityVol'jin-EU153253Not updated
34Spydermatrix NexnecisVol'jin-EU152690Not updated
35Koïlock Alter EgoVol'jin-EU147470Not updated
36Nîlou  Vol'jin-EU147281Not updated
37Bouakaw CelestiusVol'jin-EU146391Not updated
38Raiha Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU146051Not updated
39Thale CelestiusVol'jin-EU146037Not updated
40Parfait FirestormVol'jin-EU143121Not updated
41Deus AuraVol'jin-EU142136Not updated
42Alphaz  Vol'jin-EU141603Not updated
43Maupiti Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU140819Not updated
44Adonaï  Vol'jin-EU140267Not updated
45Hypériøn The DarksidersVol'jin-EU138243Not updated
46Saiian  Vol'jin-EU137791Not updated
47Släne  Vol'jin-EU137727Not updated
48Darkneo OpportunityVol'jin-EU137462Not updated
49Ascherît RenaissanceVol'jin-EU137006Not updated
50Wirox  Vol'jin-EU136610Not updated
51Macflight  Vol'jin-EU133959Not updated
52Andréii  Vol'jin-EU133169Not updated
53Paladorius Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU132248Not updated
54Abylone CelestiusVol'jin-EU132224Not updated
55Zimou RelapseVol'jin-EU130864Not updated
56Whiloo UbikVol'jin-EU130778Not updated
57Magibus Pick up addictsVol'jin-EU130773Not updated
58Darkblood Les Sombres DestinsVol'jin-EU129854Not updated
59Maad Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU129709Not updated
60Croclune  Vol'jin-EU129548Not updated
61Cpasmoi  Vol'jin-EU128070Not updated
62Saiyajin NexnecisVol'jin-EU124622Not updated
63Nelwy Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU123527Not updated
64Sôlaris Revival XVol'jin-EU123469Not updated
65Chaos CelestiusVol'jin-EU123381Not updated
66Zél FakeVol'jin-EU123068Not updated
67Chamarcok Emerald KnightVol'jin-EU122762Not updated
68Sàbrina FantasyVol'jin-EU121797Not updated
69Aphelleøn la poutine d orVol'jin-EU120426Not updated
70Zury TrinityVol'jin-EU120113Not updated
71Boarr L elite d OrVol'jin-EU119660Not updated
72Chamany Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU119351Not updated
73Okom FaerynVol'jin-EU118128Not updated
74Altaïrios Les Chevaliers PourpresVol'jin-EU115392Not updated
75Davodar AnønÿmøusVol'jin-EU115214Not updated
76Seytoon FamousVol'jin-EU115205Not updated
77Sätoe DurøstärzVol'jin-EU114988Not updated
78Aphelleon  Vol'jin-EU114864Not updated
79Trìshia ExïledVol'jin-EU113759Not updated
80Rhud Secret des AnciensVol'jin-EU112510Not updated
81Caussenard NexnecisVol'jin-EU112294Not updated
82Anthrus AuraVol'jin-EU112188Not updated
83Chaki FamousVol'jin-EU112174Not updated
84Makiavelix  Vol'jin-EU111837Not updated
85Billyzekid AFK BioVol'jin-EU111442Not updated
86Popïette girlsVol'jin-EU111128Not updated
86Warriorpopo  Vol'jin-EU111128Not updated
88Lefenek  Vol'jin-EU110906Not updated
89Tigane l alliance ultimeVol'jin-EU110834Not updated
90Loudwood  Vol'jin-EU110504Not updated
91Skaranox A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU110362Not updated
92Ilnorapamapo G UnitVol'jin-EU110096Not updated
93Oli  Vol'jin-EU109678Not updated
94Angelic Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU109646Not updated
95Maji Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU109381Not updated
96Jahmaica DamoclesVol'jin-EU108318Not updated
97Elunisse les gardiens de solarysVol'jin-EU107522Not updated
98Damoclès Pvp de LégendeVol'jin-EU107149Not updated
99Kagrenac Clan KillianVol'jin-EU105800Not updated
100Waves STREET FIGHTERVol'jin-EU105744Not updated

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