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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vek'lor-EU Honorable Kills
1Sulos BotlikeVek'lor-EU320774Not updated
2Niewieder TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU306057Not updated
3Bivi Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU277449Not updated
4Tollwood The Hateful ArtVek'lor-EU201178Not updated
5Blackeyez DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU147804Not updated
6Effí FBGMVek'lor-EU144278Not updated
7Tîmba the cuddleVek'lor-EU137233Not updated
8Schatoro  Vek'lor-EU135655Not updated
9Zivilist  Vek'lor-EU126097Not updated
10Rakosh DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU123681Not updated
11Vørtox  Vek'lor-EU120797Not updated
12Ohatsu  Vek'lor-EU118488Not updated
13Whispér Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU118237Not updated
14Deadscream  Vek'lor-EU106324Not updated
15Necronomicas  Vek'lor-EU104849Not updated
16Biivii  Vek'lor-EU98359Not updated
17Zorkin Stoned Raiders from HellVek'lor-EU95869Not updated
18Zakii FBGMVek'lor-EU95856Not updated
19Mayfaîr FBGMVek'lor-EU95149Not updated
20Trismegistus  Vek'lor-EU89572Not updated
21Xaha  Vek'lor-EU89142Not updated
22Dirkdiggler Army of the HordeVek'lor-EU89127Not updated
23Corpsi TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU87080Not updated
24Grawios DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU84861Not updated
25Doga Mercenaries of the HordeVek'lor-EU84620Not updated
26Kyotô  Vek'lor-EU84568Not updated
27Watchmymate FBGMVek'lor-EU82645Not updated
28Djoser TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU82354Not updated
29Auryon AxiaVek'lor-EU82029Not updated
30Nocheinmal TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU79169Not updated
31Quexes  Vek'lor-EU77029Not updated
32Asmati  Vek'lor-EU76425Not updated
33Sternenlîcht Terror of PerditionVek'lor-EU75971Not updated
34Someône Two and a half OnkVek'lor-EU75915Not updated
35Vòó AxiaVek'lor-EU75459Not updated
36Culteraprima XII MonkeysVek'lor-EU75146Not updated
37Zalmira  Vek'lor-EU73350Not updated
38Vim FettesNeedVek'lor-EU70665Not updated
39Xío  Vek'lor-EU66368Not updated
40Nêstór Farm ItVek'lor-EU65511Not updated
41Knudson DrunkentwinksVek'lor-EU63969Not updated
42Atormeth MavericksVek'lor-EU63716Not updated
43Kìllyou HeadBangerVek'lor-EU63331Not updated
44Bùhá FromHellVek'lor-EU62768Not updated
45Dheana The Hunters Of DarknessVek'lor-EU62620Not updated
46Fráncesco The Hunters Of DarknessVek'lor-EU62240Not updated
47Erzdruide AxiaVek'lor-EU61877Not updated
48Wislaft  Vek'lor-EU61842Not updated
49Naive  Vek'lor-EU61557Not updated
50Effî FBGMVek'lor-EU60852Not updated
51Jyne  Vek'lor-EU60578Not updated
52Lomba the cuddleVek'lor-EU60062Not updated
53Foreverheal Die EntspanntenVek'lor-EU59952Not updated
54Syll  Vek'lor-EU59688Not updated
55Manz  Vek'lor-EU58928Not updated
56Lêstat  Vek'lor-EU58882Not updated
57Lufty TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU58330Not updated
58Maxximuss BLUTRITTERVek'lor-EU58164Not updated
59Raznar DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU57508Not updated
60Gnadenlose FortuneVek'lor-EU56445Not updated
61Varekai  Vek'lor-EU56221Not updated
62Skrxyo  Vek'lor-EU55335Not updated
63Vincent Death or GloryVek'lor-EU55030Not updated
64Doming FettesNeedVek'lor-EU54633Not updated
65Wootelf DarkfireVek'lor-EU53644Not updated
66Barnacle  Vek'lor-EU53009Not updated
67Tantetee  Vek'lor-EU52997Not updated
68Ivøryx Guter Spieler XYVek'lor-EU52680Not updated
69Dotod  Vek'lor-EU52570Not updated
70Rapan WolfshadowVek'lor-EU51505Not updated
71Terak Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU51298Not updated
72Dawosh DPoRVek'lor-EU51152Not updated
73Haberguck  Vek'lor-EU50800Not updated
74Windhammer  Vek'lor-EU50747Not updated
75Jántya  Vek'lor-EU50542Not updated
76Absurdlol Two and a half OnkVek'lor-EU50111Not updated
77Dazziqt Two and a half OnkVek'lor-EU50080Not updated
78Newkidsturbo Army of the HordeVek'lor-EU49266Not updated
79Venages InviolabilisVek'lor-EU49240Not updated
80Darkjoshy  Vek'lor-EU49015Not updated
81Badwulf Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU48894Not updated
82Ôdina Two and a half OnkVek'lor-EU48721Not updated
83Apokalypsòs Die GummibärenbandeVek'lor-EU48585Not updated
84Sùkì Bia AvijlVek'lor-EU48183Not updated
85Nordland The Hateful ArtVek'lor-EU47717Not updated
86Festusa DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU47684Not updated
87Zaki  Vek'lor-EU46992Not updated
88Pyxon  Vek'lor-EU46941Not updated
89Valtrios Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU46666Not updated
90Resa AxiaVek'lor-EU46629Not updated
91Asteróth Grüne MedizinerVek'lor-EU46225Not updated
92Jaegerin BarbequeVek'lor-EU46004Not updated
93Togaku Ðevil May CryVek'lor-EU45963Not updated
94Ralk  Vek'lor-EU45913Not updated
95Jímba YánhénVek'lor-EU45180Not updated
96Harmonîe  Vek'lor-EU44927Not updated
97Elektrypnose Deus ExVek'lor-EU44802Not updated
98Pajn Farm ItVek'lor-EU44753Not updated
99Ostwind  Vek'lor-EU44645Not updated
100Lâdydêlish BotlikeVek'lor-EU44639Not updated

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