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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Varimathras-EU Honorable Kills
1Mîyuki Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU207807Not updated
2Zozic Les Anges PrivésVarimathras-EU206497Not updated
3Nelphi ParadoxeVarimathras-EU163594Not updated
4Wìnry N E X TVarimathras-EU133086Not updated
5Thenetore Minuit Moins DixVarimathras-EU127123Not updated
6Grinta Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU107731Not updated
7Donxos N E X TVarimathras-EU106585Not updated
8Vongraal ange mi demonVarimathras-EU106242Not updated
9Ginjï Blood LinkVarimathras-EU106212Not updated
10Zem  Varimathras-EU106094Not updated
11Õtõs SynergieVarimathras-EU104426Not updated
12Khalyne SunreaverVarimathras-EU101586Not updated
13Dorä ThunderstormVarimathras-EU100616Not updated
14Mannimarco Lex aeternaVarimathras-EU99730Not updated
15Inøri Makers of LegendsVarimathras-EU93761Not updated
16Rets  Varimathras-EU93566Not updated
17Illuyne Le Potager InfernalVarimathras-EU93393Not updated
18Aristonn N E X TVarimathras-EU92669Not updated
19Oneiroi Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU91566Not updated
20Chadokaï NabeulbeukDungeonVarimathras-EU89588Not updated
21Dæva Støp Rage Gø WipeVarimathras-EU89157Not updated
22Redbuffle Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU87160Not updated
23Cartoush oO Players Vs Player OoVarimathras-EU86676Not updated
24Hanniri N E X TVarimathras-EU85581Not updated
25Vasx  Varimathras-EU82942Not updated
26Snyppers Héros mais pas tropVarimathras-EU82497Not updated
27Gohandal  Varimathras-EU80675Not updated
28Haleakala ÉrédarVarimathras-EU77656Not updated
29Cortuny Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU75479Not updated
30Laredoutable Rayon SoleilVarimathras-EU74856Not updated
31Akileø Wipe OdysseyVarimathras-EU74611Not updated
32Nesarn ParadoxeVarimathras-EU74358Not updated
33Scäpi RebìrthVarimathras-EU73433Not updated
34Aslor Lux In TenebrisVarimathras-EU73234Not updated
35Liudmila Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU72398Not updated
36Ixiøn  Varimathras-EU70159Not updated
37Pamika  Varimathras-EU70062Not updated
38Gypse  Varimathras-EU69976Not updated
39Funkibili  Varimathras-EU69901Not updated
40Sheittan  Varimathras-EU68853Not updated
41Giali  Varimathras-EU65569Not updated
42Ef Wanted før VHVarimathras-EU64430Not updated
43Asscreed  Varimathras-EU64009Not updated
44Zaaz Kun LaiVarimathras-EU63674Not updated
45Chantepy les princes du néantVarimathras-EU63503Not updated
46Ooqpidonoo  Varimathras-EU63104Not updated
47Jorocket The kings of the hordeVarimathras-EU62022Not updated
48Rooxanne  Varimathras-EU61461Not updated
49Toumoü  Varimathras-EU61063Not updated
50Mallyciah Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU60956Not updated
51Ataly No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU60797Not updated
52Truejeff  Varimathras-EU60399Not updated
53Nìnã La Confrérie ÉcarlateVarimathras-EU60295Not updated
54Veracruz ange mi demonVarimathras-EU59758Not updated
55Mândy  Varimathras-EU59602Not updated
56Ardath N E X TVarimathras-EU59537Not updated
57Killermax Gardiens Du RenouveauVarimathras-EU58881Not updated
58Fondevalien Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU58566Not updated
59Alorina  Varimathras-EU57721Not updated
60Kzaphyr Blood LinkVarimathras-EU57690Not updated
61Jeyrri  Varimathras-EU57151Not updated
62Ohmi L Ordre Des DruidesVarimathras-EU56631Not updated
63Althiya Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU56526Not updated
64Rhazel cyberpunkVarimathras-EU56502Not updated
65Cállate Héros mais pas tropVarimathras-EU56072Not updated
66Volkane  Varimathras-EU55428Not updated
67Exøtica  Varimathras-EU55338Not updated
68Valgarr RACLURES OF AZEROTHVarimathras-EU55005Not updated
69Littletong MurmurVarimathras-EU54985Not updated
70Poumpam Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU54942Not updated
71Lauriena Les BarbouzesVarimathras-EU54932Not updated
72Lutador  Varimathras-EU53992Not updated
73Djej ParadoxeVarimathras-EU53586Not updated
74Tøødør  Varimathras-EU53497Not updated
75Razback ÉchoVarimathras-EU53457Not updated
76Frôstiz oO Players Vs Player OoVarimathras-EU53053Not updated
77Kromatik Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU52866Not updated
78Nazgad  Varimathras-EU52770Not updated
79Zax Blood LinkVarimathras-EU52399Not updated
80Malwasùl ParadoxeVarimathras-EU51982Not updated
81Della  Varimathras-EU51952Not updated
82Atsumaa Blood LinkVarimathras-EU51840Not updated
83Balthazâr  Varimathras-EU51484Not updated
84Albertlevert Council of AbaddonVarimathras-EU51086Not updated
85Wïllow  Varimathras-EU51060Not updated
86Sartu  Varimathras-EU50905Not updated
87Elishâ  Varimathras-EU50573Not updated
88Pêrl  Varimathras-EU48963Not updated
89Pänöramîx  Varimathras-EU48526Not updated
90Ticku  Varimathras-EU48339Not updated
91Hannïri N E X TVarimathras-EU48297Not updated
92Mycotoxine Héros mais pas tropVarimathras-EU48293Not updated
93Bloodfeist  Varimathras-EU48265Not updated
94Løove  Varimathras-EU47478Not updated
95Osîs oO Players Vs Player OoVarimathras-EU46940Not updated
96Hannirï N E X TVarimathras-EU46903Not updated
97Monostatos Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU46592Not updated
98Arthrox Blood LinkVarimathras-EU46400Not updated
99Sacapéheme  Varimathras-EU45864Not updated
100Sofrèsh Dark SymphonyVarimathras-EU45707Not updated

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