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Uther-US Honorable Kills
1Daskreg ÆtherUther-US415636
2Bampowboom ÆtherUther-US337534
3Silverwitch Warriors of WollongongUther-US318565
4Andymak Collected SoulsUther-US312137Not updated
5Mauii Peaceful ViolenceUther-US309074
6Daeroth Edge of InsanityUther-US306158Not updated
7Zindolek AußenseiterUther-US275778
8Delacalle ÆtherUther-US258055
9Mojoy ÆtherUther-US248453
10Gankstá T R O L L C A P P E DUther-US208566Not updated
11Corfu  Uther-US208248Not updated
12Gravion VigilanceUther-US207762
13Jackstroud MeltdownUther-US206545
14Biggy Valhalla LegionUther-US203263Not updated
15Palydyn The UnwantedUther-US197850Not updated
16Prober The Blood of HellscreamUther-US196061
17Interlol  Uther-US192152Not updated
18Xarthe Soulless SavagesUther-US184711Not updated
19Jòshy Consumed by HatredUther-US180817
20Sixforty  Uther-US179790Not updated
21Rimefang The StonecuttersUther-US173513Not updated
22Reserved The Blood of HellscreamUther-US171178Not updated
23Wuzntme T R O L L C A P P E DUther-US169847Not updated
24Swoopallday  Uther-US168762Not updated
25Yamiko RelentlessUther-US167868Not updated
26Skidette The UnwantedUther-US166694Not updated
27Gnomee  Uther-US164580
28Tedeydonza Victorias SeacretUther-US161450
29Öjö  Uther-US161108Not updated
30Spumoni Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US160364Not updated
31Bearmaniacs Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US159292Not updated
32ßodacious MoonshadowUther-US158138
33Valriya Røcket ScienceUther-US157786
34Evilcore Peaceful ViolenceUther-US152132
35Conjudd Family FirstUther-US151080
36Alkazard Akai SoubiUther-US150184Not updated
37Javabee  Uther-US150007Not updated
38Nazarioz RisenUther-US149668Not updated
39Jondolar Akai SoubiUther-US149286Not updated
40Serpents Total Protonic ReversalUther-US146692Not updated
41Boldin HavokUther-US146484Not updated
42Infiniti  Uther-US145653Not updated
43Slugonaut The Blood of HellscreamUther-US142481Not updated
44Rijoys Akai SoubiUther-US142384Not updated
45Valdoran Family FirstUther-US140383
46Vol ÆtherUther-US134068Not updated
47Retsdoow LethalUther-US133226
48Ashani Collected SoulsUther-US132428
49Deltatracker Vanguard EliteUther-US132335
50Holyshyte MoonshadowUther-US131259
51Ronagorn  Uther-US128306Not updated
52Whitner VigilanceUther-US128004
53Methie  Uther-US127395Not updated
54Dustuharm Collected SoulsUther-US127214
55Thoringil Valhalla LegionUther-US126976Not updated
56Wildgirl Victorias SeacretUther-US126884
57Truckstick  Uther-US125686Not updated
58Kikadar AußenseiterUther-US125372Not updated
59Artaro Fort ModusUther-US123561Not updated
60Arrmora Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US121028
61Faronelol Ghosts of RetributionUther-US120884Not updated
62Weorthan ÆtherUther-US120821Not updated
63Xolotl ImproviseUther-US117648Not updated
64Win  Uther-US117587Not updated
65Liqur  Uther-US117247Not updated
66Radeko  Uther-US117203Not updated
67Twobits InsomniaUther-US116307Not updated
68Microstoma FF Horde EditionUther-US115675Not updated
69Alecxander  Uther-US114851Not updated
70Dochøliday Ghosts of RetributionUther-US114653
71Gukk Akai SoubiUther-US113742
72Darziwdorl Legacy of PainUther-US113393
73Daniella A New AdventureUther-US113184Not updated
74Thalenia Ring of ValorUther-US111932Not updated
75Kieaira NAKED ROGUEUther-US111796Not updated
76Snippies  Uther-US111302Not updated
77Cannotaim Dark Dragon MinistryUther-US110447Not updated
78Trondheim Consumed by HatredUther-US110056Not updated
79Greencan The GuffUther-US109683Not updated
80Killers Knights of MayhemUther-US109526
81Ginø Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US109260Not updated
82Zorkar Ring of ValorUther-US109029Not updated
83Longhorned Necrotic FaithUther-US108218
84Mosdef InsomniaUther-US108126
85Scotopia Safe HavenUther-US108003Not updated
86Randomheroz  Uther-US107536Not updated
87Maggots  Uther-US107035Not updated
88Signify  Uther-US106368Not updated
89Grenno Graveyard ExpressUther-US105487
90Shissa Consumed by HatredUther-US105077
91Arion  Uther-US104486Not updated
92Myzeel Dragons DenUther-US104410
93Maysi beezy we aint no nerdsUther-US103939Not updated
94Ambrosius InsomniaUther-US103671Not updated
95Drukel Vanguard EliteUther-US103299
96Sockelleon The Blueberry BrigadeUther-US103133
97Illiyanna AscensumUther-US103105Not updated
98Luke beezy we aint no nerdsUther-US102550Not updated
99Ahhdarkness Chapter ZeroUther-US102190
100Xizak  Uther-US101964Not updated

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