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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Un'Goro-EU Honorable Kills
1Rkm Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU369238Not updated
2Aerkaaem Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU175973Not updated
3Malasete Through my EyesUn'Goro-EU172789Not updated
4Xuzu Armee der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU158901Not updated
5Malogo Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU141773Not updated
6Chitarro Arthurs TafelrundeUn'Goro-EU127887Not updated
7Nána  Un'Goro-EU123067Not updated
8Anmut Die dunkle MachtUn'Goro-EU115004Not updated
9Fandarêl RapunzelNeuVerföhntUn'Goro-EU112583Not updated
10Schockaa  Un'Goro-EU108403Not updated
11Vándámmt  Un'Goro-EU106560Not updated
12Trollwut Die Hüter Der AllianzUn'Goro-EU105310Not updated
13Àlannah Armee der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU104719Not updated
14Brooklyn  Un'Goro-EU104644Not updated
15Freeborn swiatynia sloncaUn'Goro-EU102706Not updated
16Ohrfeige PurgatoriumUn'Goro-EU96563Not updated
17Sírodin woocoUn'Goro-EU92085Not updated
18Azusanigo  Un'Goro-EU89678Not updated
19Micronos Falling AngelsUn'Goro-EU89234Not updated
20Kuhpapa Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU86874Not updated
21Afen Bitter CoreUn'Goro-EU86226Not updated
22Vîrgel WipeforLifeUn'Goro-EU86191Not updated
23Freestylér Heroes of LightUn'Goro-EU85533Not updated
24Blutfleck BlacklistUn'Goro-EU84463Not updated
25Korodon Less QQ more PewPewUn'Goro-EU82681Not updated
26Loreía porta inferiUn'Goro-EU79836Not updated
27Finduk Semper FidelisUn'Goro-EU79193Not updated
28Metheroth  Un'Goro-EU74890Not updated
29Stormflash QQ me a riverUn'Goro-EU74167Not updated
30Laluni SchluniwunisUn'Goro-EU72669Not updated
31Kankam  Un'Goro-EU72626Not updated
32Gimplinchen Soul ReaperUn'Goro-EU70047Not updated
33Adromus WildcardsUn'Goro-EU69855Not updated
34Bloodwish Angel of DarknessUn'Goro-EU68103Not updated
35Beéfcake  Un'Goro-EU67929Not updated
36Suam Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU67551Not updated
37Grey  Un'Goro-EU67430Not updated
38Swaggêr Arathors ErbenUn'Goro-EU67212Not updated
39Mâcbéth  Un'Goro-EU67123Not updated
40Nasilia  Un'Goro-EU66235Not updated
41Youdontsay TribunalUn'Goro-EU65903Not updated
42Anomalus Grave of DignityUn'Goro-EU65314Not updated
43Haacu SpiritedAwayUn'Goro-EU64506Not updated
44Grauxy Daemonum ExercitusUn'Goro-EU63252Not updated
45Beast Krieger des LichtesUn'Goro-EU61055Not updated
46Coldbone TrinitiesUn'Goro-EU60946Not updated
47Glossylane Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU60928Not updated
48Babibel Irony of FateUn'Goro-EU60021Not updated
49Tenro Ira ObscurumUn'Goro-EU59571Not updated
50Sinnar  Un'Goro-EU59261Not updated
51Hexnich Sturmwinds RächerUn'Goro-EU56792Not updated
52Hôrx  Un'Goro-EU56735Not updated
53Devanto Ruhrpott PearlsUn'Goro-EU56679Not updated
54Großgeraten Arthurs TafelrundeUn'Goro-EU56627Not updated
55Birbona Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU56546Not updated
56Cillva  Un'Goro-EU55894Not updated
57Hassati ZenithUn'Goro-EU55190Not updated
58Dorteuns Geriatrische StationUn'Goro-EU55164Not updated
59Jessmen  Un'Goro-EU54558Not updated
60Binlieb  Un'Goro-EU54451Not updated
61Sicarii SchattenschleicherUn'Goro-EU54361Not updated
62Artume SchluniwunisUn'Goro-EU53922Not updated
63Darkxman ZenithUn'Goro-EU53572Not updated
64Moonricky Ankh MorporkUn'Goro-EU53356Not updated
65Bracho Kaisertum ÖsterreichUn'Goro-EU53115Not updated
66Servales  Un'Goro-EU52757Not updated
67Goodday Ruhm und EhreUn'Goro-EU52665Not updated
68Tawnee QuasardamaUn'Goro-EU51926Not updated
69Spúcki NoobsforeverUn'Goro-EU51907Not updated
70Khaijin Boten der GezeitenUn'Goro-EU50943Not updated
71Blighter  Un'Goro-EU50756Not updated
72Hera BlacklistUn'Goro-EU50708Not updated
73Tambut New ChronicleUn'Goro-EU50564Not updated
74Mobbele  Un'Goro-EU50255Not updated
75Zemnas  Un'Goro-EU49320Not updated
76Bartor Fire and IronUn'Goro-EU49189Not updated
77Starget Blood DragonUn'Goro-EU49162Not updated
78Sým Die GeisterkriegerUn'Goro-EU48992Not updated
79Sydgotbanned  Un'Goro-EU48774Not updated
80Rìkimaru  Un'Goro-EU48433Not updated
81Ludovic Sturmwinds RächerUn'Goro-EU48154Not updated
82Shalî The Rising HopeUn'Goro-EU48122Not updated
83Ragnaris Ruhm und EhreUn'Goro-EU47864Not updated
84Karaturo SchluniwunisUn'Goro-EU47093Not updated
85Quentint Less QQ more PewPewUn'Goro-EU46793Not updated
86Tristna  Un'Goro-EU46573Not updated
87Daecrux BlacklistUn'Goro-EU46431Not updated
88Tanaiel The Beautiful MonstersUn'Goro-EU46415Not updated
89Sléépy  Un'Goro-EU46370Not updated
90Taiwaz porta inferiUn'Goro-EU46255Not updated
91Ramier LuKaDiArUn'Goro-EU46009Not updated
92Haìhapen  Un'Goro-EU45879Not updated
93Liranaya Fürsten der FinsternisUn'Goro-EU45782Not updated
94Dippar  Un'Goro-EU45458Not updated
95Enrágé Night MuppetsUn'Goro-EU45450Not updated
96Runkelballa NoobsforeverUn'Goro-EU45195Not updated
97Kirike Es war einmalUn'Goro-EU44870Not updated
98Toumas BlacklistUn'Goro-EU44783Not updated
99Beagles  Un'Goro-EU44410Not updated
100Haltbar swiatynia sloncaUn'Goro-EU44312Not updated

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