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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Uldaman-US Honorable Kills
1Veinrazor BlackCompanyUldaman-US268767Not updated
2Totemicia ITargetablesUldaman-US245488Not updated
3Makaba Candy and a VanUldaman-US244818Not updated
4Gralbairn LookatmyPVPnessUldaman-US241811Not updated
5Toetagg Weapons of ChoiceUldaman-US193912Not updated
6Happyhour My Life For AiurUldaman-US187474Not updated
7Blazecast Down For LifeUldaman-US185578Not updated
8Daddydiamond Shield of ValorUldaman-US174435Not updated
9Guther PVPBDUldaman-US161817Not updated
10Kilgar BrokenUldaman-US160180Not updated
11Wíllárd Down For LifeUldaman-US156055Not updated
12Blackened Kharmas FistUldaman-US155878Not updated
13Hairygrogan NexusUldaman-US152364Not updated
14Deadliness HellfireUldaman-US147947Not updated
15Grim Down For LifeUldaman-US145449Not updated
16Sypholous  Uldaman-US144105Not updated
17Brizz DownfallUldaman-US143903Not updated
18Vampzilla Order of the StickUldaman-US143794Not updated
19Onetoknow Omnipotent Octopus OrderUldaman-US141536Not updated
20Massacrê Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US137537Not updated
21Dessic  Uldaman-US135651Not updated
22Captamerica  Uldaman-US130633Not updated
23Scatha In Vino VeritasUldaman-US127410Not updated
24Advè  Uldaman-US127245Not updated
25Wholycöw  Uldaman-US126771Not updated
26Slaytanic NexusUldaman-US125318Not updated
27Purebalance  Uldaman-US122240Not updated
28Theredon RoyalGoldUldaman-US121318Not updated
29Akando  Uldaman-US120903Not updated
30Ghostfayce Sinners SanctumUldaman-US119782Not updated
31Loyce NexusUldaman-US118608Not updated
32Imurfrend Shady BizznesUldaman-US116859Not updated
33Durongosk  Uldaman-US114190Not updated
34Restinpiss ÖutLawUldaman-US113127Not updated
35Gnomemaker CasualtyUldaman-US112163Not updated
36Crass  Uldaman-US111828Not updated
37Brawnhammer  Uldaman-US110689Not updated
38Silvafox Dawn of FallenUldaman-US109868Not updated
39Wootang The Joke Is On YouUldaman-US108614Not updated
40Spitting IntensityUldaman-US107970Not updated
41Ichtudirweh Down For LifeUldaman-US107348Not updated
42Månitou Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US107224Not updated
43Rogun Forty TwoUldaman-US106324Not updated
44Cowardez Kharmas FistUldaman-US105842Not updated
45Haskar Nox DementiaUldaman-US104408Not updated
46Andralex The Joke Is On YouUldaman-US103822Not updated
47Surgícal Stormwind Special ForcesUldaman-US103805Not updated
48Moonwulf InsomniaUldaman-US102897Not updated
49Unoriginal ParadoxUldaman-US102879Not updated
50Mcconor Aggression ScaleUldaman-US102690Not updated
51Deathey Intentionally Left BlankUldaman-US98493Not updated
52Jendyatan  Uldaman-US96933Not updated
53Seleucia HellfireUldaman-US95068Not updated
54Horrorwurm ÖutLawUldaman-US94611Not updated
55Citybeef  Uldaman-US94416Not updated
56Damedas Aggression ScaleUldaman-US93914Not updated
57Exanimis Candy and a VanUldaman-US93402Not updated
58Thebreeze Forty TwoUldaman-US92481Not updated
59Tankwrath RoyalGoldUldaman-US92180Not updated
60Pojama  Uldaman-US91582Not updated
61Jakey Down For LifeUldaman-US90749Not updated
62Kartushe Sacred DivinityUldaman-US90693Not updated
63Lurkey  Uldaman-US90490Not updated
64Fireballz InsomniaUldaman-US89731Not updated
65Moratis  Uldaman-US89493Not updated
66Cabin Down For LifeUldaman-US88714Not updated
67Skrapee INDEEDUldaman-US88667Not updated
68Dàrkreàlm  Uldaman-US88572Not updated
69Kaïna AuxileUldaman-US87165Not updated
70Ogor  Uldaman-US87110Not updated
71Killmenow Omnipotent Octopus OrderUldaman-US86472Not updated
72Ashrem Wicked TribeUldaman-US86443Not updated
73Ünotos Candy and a VanUldaman-US86135Not updated
74Itzmekahame OutkastUldaman-US85097Not updated
75Greyfell Last CallUldaman-US84526Not updated
76Kildara BrokenUldaman-US84366Not updated
77Capitalj  Uldaman-US84337Not updated
78Purechaøs ParadoxUldaman-US83362Not updated
79Dboone Spiorad An DíothúUldaman-US83346Not updated
80Jimlahey  Uldaman-US83088Not updated
81Tabularasa  Uldaman-US83080Not updated
82Featherchirp Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US82907Not updated
83Kattana  Uldaman-US82858Not updated
84Síns BrokenUldaman-US82779Not updated
85Creeper  Uldaman-US81795Not updated
86Sosondowah  Uldaman-US81698Not updated
87Kadon  Uldaman-US81153Not updated
88Fririon Stormwind Special ForcesUldaman-US80957Not updated
89Rambit Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US80893Not updated
90Oreus OzUldaman-US80132Not updated
91Våragar  Uldaman-US79989Not updated
92Chaoticangel The Noah ClanUldaman-US78846Not updated
93Bownersoup  Uldaman-US78688Not updated
94Dipqt  Uldaman-US78172Not updated
95Dehocka The SyndicateUldaman-US78134Not updated
96Deathstriker Knights of FortuneUldaman-US76779Not updated
97Jabin AuxileUldaman-US76595Not updated
98Alryn Sacred DivinityUldaman-US75886Not updated
99Blinki puppiesUldaman-US75444Not updated
100Fedeas BlackCompanyUldaman-US75081Not updated

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