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Twisting Nether-EU Honorable Kills
1Aagaard LottoTwisting Nether-EU100594Not updated
2Kitkát LottoTwisting Nether-EU66397
3Plantro LottoTwisting Nether-EU59752Not updated
4Phaze LottoTwisting Nether-EU42876
5Genetika LottoTwisting Nether-EU38268Not updated
6Radiostyrdx LottoTwisting Nether-EU31293
7Rngcrack LottoTwisting Nether-EU29050
8Sickrogue LottoTwisting Nether-EU24151
9Vivovix LottoTwisting Nether-EU17384Not updated
10Finnk LottoTwisting Nether-EU15417
11Heatless LottoTwisting Nether-EU12725
12Epicballz LottoTwisting Nether-EU11941
13Ôkami LottoTwisting Nether-EU11048Not updated
14Beatsbyebe LottoTwisting Nether-EU10894
15Heálshock LottoTwisting Nether-EU9868Not updated
16Fearyou LottoTwisting Nether-EU8537Not updated
17Flòw LottoTwisting Nether-EU8157
18Infinìty LottoTwisting Nether-EU7896
19Torntuska LottoTwisting Nether-EU7456Not updated
20Hellrip LottoTwisting Nether-EU7118
21Sydelina LottoTwisting Nether-EU6532
22Anthas LottoTwisting Nether-EU6527Not updated
22Dolorus LottoTwisting Nether-EU6527
24Affect LottoTwisting Nether-EU6360
25Achareat LottoTwisting Nether-EU6285
26Tbm LottoTwisting Nether-EU5803Not updated
27Aristot LottoTwisting Nether-EU5388Not updated
28Uzgrim LottoTwisting Nether-EU4958Not updated
29Freshey LottoTwisting Nether-EU4883
30Eowoa LottoTwisting Nether-EU4398
31Tooney LottoTwisting Nether-EU4146
32Slims LottoTwisting Nether-EU3691Not updated
33Blamzl LottoTwisting Nether-EU3656Not updated
34Fratzi LottoTwisting Nether-EU3554Not updated
35Amylolwut LottoTwisting Nether-EU3298
36Bloodsworn LottoTwisting Nether-EU3217Not updated
37Madnèss LottoTwisting Nether-EU3150Not updated
38Muertan LottoTwisting Nether-EU2959Not updated
39Igor LottoTwisting Nether-EU2519
40Tyranny LottoTwisting Nether-EU1960Not updated
41Amylolwat LottoTwisting Nether-EU1930
42Xorxor LottoTwisting Nether-EU1702
43Plato LottoTwisting Nether-EU1573
44Flowana LottoTwisting Nether-EU1435
45Rosselina LottoTwisting Nether-EU1417Not updated
46Jorach LottoTwisting Nether-EU1367
47Azra LottoTwisting Nether-EU1191Not updated
48Freshie LottoTwisting Nether-EU1116
48Shinefather LottoTwisting Nether-EU1116Not updated
50Mynameisebe LottoTwisting Nether-EU946Not updated
51Zergitall LottoTwisting Nether-EU928Not updated
52Socraloo LottoTwisting Nether-EU830Not updated
53Mantuz LottoTwisting Nether-EU718
54Beppu LottoTwisting Nether-EU638Not updated
55Deathsworn LottoTwisting Nether-EU605
56Alkanphil LottoTwisting Nether-EU477
57Ghostbaron LottoTwisting Nether-EU380
58Freshye LottoTwisting Nether-EU323
59Infinitdruid LottoTwisting Nether-EU299Not updated
60Fearmè LottoTwisting Nether-EU266
61Anylinda LottoTwisting Nether-EU230
62Unrealboom LottoTwisting Nether-EU188
63Bloodblast LottoTwisting Nether-EU155Not updated
64Harga LottoTwisting Nether-EU106Not updated
65Briest LottoTwisting Nether-EU102
66Smooteh LottoTwisting Nether-EU80
67Burni LottoTwisting Nether-EU66Not updated
68Unrealheals LottoTwisting Nether-EU57Not updated
69Oshu LottoTwisting Nether-EU39Not updated
70Mica LottoTwisting Nether-EU36
71Sentic LottoTwisting Nether-EU27Not updated
72Laguz LottoTwisting Nether-EU11Not updated
73Spookes LottoTwisting Nether-EU7
74Redvsblue LottoTwisting Nether-EU3Not updated
74Ulyssess LottoTwisting Nether-EU3
76Proetus LottoTwisting Nether-EU2Not updated
77Goldrinn LottoTwisting Nether-EU1Not updated
78Lightningpew LottoTwisting Nether-EU0Not updated
78Tijas LottoTwisting Nether-EU0Not updated
78Unrealmonk LottoTwisting Nether-EU0Not updated
78Freshyy LottoTwisting Nether-EU0
78Ashwood LottoTwisting Nether-EU0
78Lishieh LottoTwisting Nether-EU0
78Músa LottoTwisting Nether-EU0
78Grizzlymatt LottoTwisting Nether-EU0

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