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Twilight's Hammer-EU Honorable Kills
1Palladxx OptimistsTwilight's Hammer-EU404964Not updated
2Xgemeaux  Twilight's Hammer-EU355121Not updated
3Bravë  Twilight's Hammer-EU320973Not updated
4Mahadèva LucidityTwilight's Hammer-EU309445
5Professoor  Twilight's Hammer-EU296362Not updated
6Dragén Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU276648Not updated
7Wantyou The Spectral TigerTwilight's Hammer-EU270181Not updated
8Mesan GenesisTwilight's Hammer-EU259201Not updated
9Demolex NQQBZ MUST DIETwilight's Hammer-EU228224Not updated
10Aimshot OptimistsTwilight's Hammer-EU226016
11Thegabber Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU224098
12Croger Ghost RydersTwilight's Hammer-EU223109
13Vintzilord HellasTwilight's Hammer-EU221389
14Orcoumpas Rise of DawnTwilight's Hammer-EU218834Not updated
15Tragdaras CureTwilight's Hammer-EU218222Not updated
16Goriin Cause We CanTwilight's Hammer-EU215645Not updated
17Trelomagos PRIMORDIALTwilight's Hammer-EU214888Not updated
18Scarthak DragonBornTwilight's Hammer-EU214105Not updated
19Deadpøøl Bro CodeTwilight's Hammer-EU208624Not updated
20Telix SwitchbackTwilight's Hammer-EU208214
21Celebrimbor IncinerateTwilight's Hammer-EU201035Not updated
22Geofear Twilight warriorsTwilight's Hammer-EU199917
23Jahh SequenceTwilight's Hammer-EU198346Not updated
24Tarasque ClickClickBoomTwilight's Hammer-EU194229Not updated
25Gnasse Call Bruce LeeTwilight's Hammer-EU193947
26Gromaxe Rise of DawnTwilight's Hammer-EU184519Not updated
27Cújo Just EpicTwilight's Hammer-EU183099Not updated
28Xtrilochan  Twilight's Hammer-EU182894Not updated
29Spjuver Sinister MinistryTwilight's Hammer-EU182207Not updated
30Hymir Blackshade MistTwilight's Hammer-EU181621
31Sirdeath Crusaders of Bloody HellTwilight's Hammer-EU179662
32Nío  Twilight's Hammer-EU176987Not updated
33Gojaman SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU174615Not updated
34Gazardiell  Twilight's Hammer-EU172440Not updated
35Bråkenjan Call Bruce LeeTwilight's Hammer-EU172030
36Nømercy  Twilight's Hammer-EU171920Not updated
37Saeed  Twilight's Hammer-EU170166Not updated
38Adomos The DonstersTwilight's Hammer-EU168988
39Darkstyler InfernumTwilight's Hammer-EU168955Not updated
40Myrddín Dead EternityTwilight's Hammer-EU168018Not updated
41Koprogatos Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU167256
42Greathorn FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU167041Not updated
43Borndead  Twilight's Hammer-EU161335Not updated
44Nollie Band Of BrothersTwilight's Hammer-EU160976Not updated
45Valafor Insane In The MembraneTwilight's Hammer-EU160170Not updated
46Rizzlá WHY SO SERIOUSTwilight's Hammer-EU160168Not updated
47Vendouza oOTwilight's Hammer-EU157610Not updated
48Braiille  Twilight's Hammer-EU156942Not updated
49Meffchopper Base DropzTwilight's Hammer-EU154799Not updated
50Wata Panic IncTwilight's Hammer-EU154602Not updated
51Lilnaughty ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU154265Not updated
52Hradball HarxTwilight's Hammer-EU153716Not updated
53Komos  Twilight's Hammer-EU153125Not updated
54Madboys Cylon RulesTwilight's Hammer-EU152962
55Batacchi The One True GuildTwilight's Hammer-EU151756Not updated
56Néyla SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU150892Not updated
57Niquita No ShameTwilight's Hammer-EU150478Not updated
58Lokokokakau SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU149355Not updated
59Suxmydot AwakeningTwilight's Hammer-EU148706
60Grolm Last AttemptTwilight's Hammer-EU148649
61Lashed NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU148401Not updated
62Cløød  Twilight's Hammer-EU147204Not updated
63Murbastic  Twilight's Hammer-EU146202Not updated
64Deathshocks  Twilight's Hammer-EU144600Not updated
65Cosmosblack No ShameTwilight's Hammer-EU143426Not updated
66Bloobhuman No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU143060
67Apexthia  Twilight's Hammer-EU142340Not updated
68Crazydemon Turn EvilTwilight's Hammer-EU142324Not updated
69Wipeit No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU141962
70Melchaia  Twilight's Hammer-EU141812Not updated
71Docmidnight Lost OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU141242Not updated
72Infamous Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU141213
73Toekie VígilanceTwilight's Hammer-EU140800Not updated
74Froqz  Twilight's Hammer-EU140774Not updated
75Felonis The BeastroTwilight's Hammer-EU140125
76Chillblain Modus VivendiTwilight's Hammer-EU139698Not updated
77Kabukage VoltageTwilight's Hammer-EU139644
78Merlinakos  Twilight's Hammer-EU138292Not updated
79Everdream  Twilight's Hammer-EU136566Not updated
80Psychofrenic  Twilight's Hammer-EU135716Not updated
81Bennybulá FatalityTwilight's Hammer-EU135477Not updated
82Palajävel Secret SanctumTwilight's Hammer-EU135419Not updated
83Ismedz The NephilimTwilight's Hammer-EU135141Not updated
84Neptune MelvinsTwilight's Hammer-EU134299Not updated
85Bloodlich Guardians ClanTwilight's Hammer-EU134045
86Termy Natural PerfectionTwilight's Hammer-EU133957Not updated
87Ãnimal  Twilight's Hammer-EU133119Not updated
88Shera  Twilight's Hammer-EU133116Not updated
89Bassefar  Twilight's Hammer-EU132522Not updated
90Dwanedibbly No Guns BlazingTwilight's Hammer-EU132334Not updated
91Manstein NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU132265Not updated
92Enígmá AwakeningTwilight's Hammer-EU131761
93Frostbïte Critters Gone WildTwilight's Hammer-EU131453Not updated
94Alowyn TaintedTwilight's Hammer-EU130862Not updated
95Garoula Dead EternityTwilight's Hammer-EU129908Not updated
96Ashihara FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU129750
97Silazius Old and CrankyTwilight's Hammer-EU128665Not updated
98Mckok CureTwilight's Hammer-EU128287Not updated
99Enwall Horde AssassinsTwilight's Hammer-EU128238Not updated
100Mmalite Horde AssassinsTwilight's Hammer-EU127501Not updated

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