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Turalyon-US Honorable Kills
1Lemartes Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US49548Not updated
2Dynexx Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US35544Not updated
3Adrenaal Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US29850Not updated
4Sornia Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US29339Not updated
5Fátel Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US24223Not updated
6Jaedin Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US21379Not updated
7Hawa Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US20346Not updated
8Gresirix Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US18721Not updated
9Midgethulk Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US16403Not updated
10Harbles Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US15195Not updated
11Shadowstaker Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US14588Not updated
12Jskellington Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US14493Not updated
13Nivens Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US14371Not updated
14Aznorion Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US12238Not updated
15Dabs Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US11751Not updated
16Tomasito Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US10834Not updated
17Cerelia Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US10076Not updated
18Crazyazn Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US9696Not updated
19Smitustwo Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US8130Not updated
20Serafini Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US7859Not updated
21Midgetshrek Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US6738Not updated
22Lunarstrain Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US6521Not updated
23Voxen Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US6085Not updated
24Aznguy Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US6083Not updated
25Estas Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US5902Not updated
26Mikagami Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US5866Not updated
27Gladria Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US5697Not updated
28Denestro Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US5176Not updated
29Pulsar Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4647Not updated
30Thantom Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4601Not updated
31Bewlerr Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4506Not updated
32Holyutter Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4486Not updated
33Lloyddehimos Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4470Not updated
34Fearcast Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4371Not updated
35Samik Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US4299Not updated
36swignaros Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3998Not updated
37Mönstar Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3877Not updated
38Holyazn Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3871Not updated
39Boojum Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3783Not updated
40Tinychick Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3553Not updated
41Hemaglobin Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3475Not updated
42Powerthurst Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2803Not updated
43Mikethunda Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2801Not updated
44Burnedyou Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2694Not updated
45Hunterier Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2503Not updated
46Vintersun Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2199Not updated
47Raki Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2099Not updated
48Qxe Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1923Not updated
49Cleyaken Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1759Not updated
50Luminòs Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1634Not updated
51Cattlelack Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1618Not updated
52Loadabowl Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1551Not updated
53Hydroblazér Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1501Not updated
54Resinhits Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1429
55Altrea Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1333Not updated
56Balvala Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1255Not updated
57Stoneburst Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US1170Not updated
58Sãkura Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US976Not updated
59Incendiox Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US927Not updated
60Secretaznman Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US819Not updated
61Kittycatyay Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US759Not updated
62Ponzi Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US758Not updated
63Steakfarts Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US575Not updated
64Chisle Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US519Not updated
65Deathazn Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US438Not updated
66Winnersplace Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US377Not updated
67Dehydrated Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US330Not updated
68Nidalnib Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US309Not updated
69Meateor Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US298Not updated
70Bloodlines Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US269Not updated
71Travie Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US244Not updated
72Badmoon Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US219Not updated
73Belësh Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US216Not updated
74Spaxx Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US103Not updated
75Belfire Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US93Not updated
76Sickswigx Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US75Not updated
77Swigtheridon Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US63Not updated
77Norc Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US63Not updated
79Cheesemonkey Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US42Not updated
80Brone Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US40Not updated
81Incendi Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US24Not updated
82Bartleby Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US15Not updated
83Smituswanabe Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US12Not updated
84Noriko Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US3Not updated
85Righteousbul Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2Not updated
85Belzuul Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US2Not updated
87Totototototo Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US0Not updated
87Sickestshot Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US0Not updated
87Derpaholic Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US0Not updated
87Moobel Smitus and FriendsTuralyon-US0Not updated

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