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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-EU Honorable Kills
1Kainein  Turalyon-EU313619Not updated
2Jimmyboy Project AnarchyTuralyon-EU277728Not updated
3Signum PureTuralyon-EU267637Not updated
4Maggil Absolute VictoryTuralyon-EU261925Not updated
5Rollingbones theblobbetsTuralyon-EU257940Not updated
6Demonvinuk Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU254355Not updated
7Dwarp OasisTuralyon-EU252325Not updated
8Bloem  Turalyon-EU234931Not updated
9Frere AscensionTuralyon-EU233410Not updated
10Boogollum theblobbetsTuralyon-EU232285Not updated
11Anorxiaa  Turalyon-EU228455Not updated
12Malagant TheExilesTuralyon-EU221751Not updated
13Enlrot NocturamaTuralyon-EU209592Not updated
14Darkslayer Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU208653Not updated
15Jito TranscendentTuralyon-EU206550Not updated
16Jinnoh  Turalyon-EU202438Not updated
17Kenbtdk DOBsTuralyon-EU202279Not updated
18Coolgúy  Turalyon-EU193505Not updated
19Eyesofhate GalacticaTuralyon-EU192340Not updated
20Mepokeyoudie  Turalyon-EU192210Not updated
21Geovannie NovaTuralyon-EU190677Not updated
22Scotsangel RúthlessTuralyon-EU190582Not updated
23Grizlyadams NovaTuralyon-EU189312Not updated
24Purebred The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU183084Not updated
25Darkyone Project AnarchyTuralyon-EU179182Not updated
26Talantio The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU178032Not updated
27Chitara  Turalyon-EU174234Not updated
28Skyshroud The Night ShiftTuralyon-EU161861Not updated
29Pïpz PureTuralyon-EU161486Not updated
30Eloius Just Good FriendsTuralyon-EU160692Not updated
31Peterpedro Cold FusionTuralyon-EU159969Not updated
32Brocki Gods of WarTuralyon-EU155991Not updated
33Lyavanna Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU154632Not updated
34Mad Dark Passion PlayTuralyon-EU154629Not updated
35Roosje Gatemasters of HellTuralyon-EU151877Not updated
36Dinnin Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU150491Not updated
37Sepph RevolutionTuralyon-EU147216Not updated
38Foxxie ProgensTuralyon-EU146695Not updated
39Daisymoon  Turalyon-EU145204Not updated
40Astrid ProgensTuralyon-EU145070Not updated
41Burple TheExilesTuralyon-EU144788Not updated
42Deathwish The Twisted Dragon CultTuralyon-EU143765Not updated
43Hox House of ProudmooreTuralyon-EU143531Not updated
44Ruxpin VideonastYTuralyon-EU143036Not updated
45Wippie Prime GuardTuralyon-EU142462Not updated
46Hallunda The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU141314Not updated
47Seethe PureTuralyon-EU136987Not updated
48Sák VisionTuralyon-EU136592Not updated
49Schweine DysfunctionalTuralyon-EU134535Not updated
50Shamanie AscensionTuralyon-EU134480Not updated
51Zenzul The Last WatchTuralyon-EU134026Not updated
52Jeeb Money money moneyTuralyon-EU131798Not updated
53Nyxeris  Turalyon-EU130865Not updated
54Wyred  Turalyon-EU128032Not updated
55Malissa The Eternal AllianceTuralyon-EU127435Not updated
56Boomkin AscensionTuralyon-EU126869Not updated
57Nola  Turalyon-EU126524Not updated
58Baramunk  Turalyon-EU125765Not updated
59Bruttan Travelling NerdsTuralyon-EU124675Not updated
60Jopriestess AscensionTuralyon-EU124574Not updated
61Tapet The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU124403Not updated
62Vams Absolute VictoryTuralyon-EU124357Not updated
63Warlink The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU123446Not updated
64Peaceful AscensionTuralyon-EU122393Not updated
65Píox PureTuralyon-EU121553Not updated
66Benedetta Legendary MastersTuralyon-EU120511Not updated
67Trashy IFfoundPLZreturnTOtheINNTuralyon-EU120134Not updated
68Pipslol  Turalyon-EU118952Not updated
69Pirat pvcTuralyon-EU118389Not updated
70Corupted Frost ChaosTuralyon-EU117665Not updated
71Worthless  Turalyon-EU117169Not updated
72Bucher RevolutionTuralyon-EU117128Not updated
73Killalot The NephilimTuralyon-EU116817Not updated
74Aerandur PureTuralyon-EU116346Not updated
75Bloodymåry PureTuralyon-EU116127Not updated
76Thefox The Alpha and The OmegaTuralyon-EU116010Not updated
77Garbagemage PureTuralyon-EU115358Not updated
78Martzy Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU115302Not updated
79Ysólda Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU115122Not updated
80Onogor NovaTuralyon-EU114618Not updated
81Nippers  Turalyon-EU114354Not updated
82Manbearpíg TDOTuralyon-EU113095Not updated
83Equinoxe The Night ShiftTuralyon-EU112980Not updated
84Rikus  Turalyon-EU112884Not updated
85Elorith AG Praetorian GuardTuralyon-EU111644Not updated
86Boweagle The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU111639Not updated
87Deneos  Turalyon-EU110317Not updated
88Niak The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU110027Not updated
89Howi MMTuralyon-EU109781Not updated
90Docco DysfunctionalTuralyon-EU109737Not updated
91Roux Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU109198Not updated
92Bloodraven The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU108169Not updated
93Woorm Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU106497Not updated
94Voodoomagic GalacticaTuralyon-EU106464Not updated
95Drovian PureTuralyon-EU106374Not updated
96Kirio RevolutionTuralyon-EU106230Not updated
97Whitepaw MMTuralyon-EU105914Not updated
98Sindorie AscensionTuralyon-EU105573Not updated
99Melliz The TalamascaTuralyon-EU105459Not updated
100Xfusion The Celtic CultTuralyon-EU105448Not updated

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