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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Honorable Kills
1Nishabusiwo  Tichondrius-US881362Not updated
2Rabblerouser HavenTichondrius-US540771Not updated
3Sleeve VendettaTichondrius-US527953Not updated
4Quarantìne In The CloudsTichondrius-US520188Not updated
5Aukee RBG HEROTichondrius-US509258Not updated
6Deathmaker AccelerateTichondrius-US502432Not updated
7Homeyclaus BulldozerTichondrius-US461028Not updated
8Wiccaz PvP NETWORKTichondrius-US453042Not updated
9Yangman TriumphTichondrius-US446184Not updated
10Houniao UnrestTichondrius-US405956Not updated
11Gladiator AcuityTichondrius-US401590Not updated
12Vaosan WILL WIPE YOU ON GALVTichondrius-US380255Not updated
13Demersal AwakeningTichondrius-US373288Not updated
14Revengeful  Tichondrius-US371999Not updated
15Hariv  Tichondrius-US359786Not updated
16Pallystrasza AJTichondrius-US352860Not updated
17Cozmetix The BloodlineTichondrius-US352608Not updated
18Douja WILL WIPE YOU ON GALVTichondrius-US343605Not updated
19Stifle  Tichondrius-US338373Not updated
20Esgobarr InsomniaTichondrius-US337247Not updated
21Dopeboymagic oh god its themTichondrius-US319313Not updated
22Leoneriasdk RefinedTichondrius-US319249Not updated
23Oneblood  Tichondrius-US317410Not updated
24Bluelabel  Tichondrius-US314407Not updated
25Nubtag  Tichondrius-US308248Not updated
26Pedahzur SELECT geeks FROM WoWTichondrius-US306961Not updated
27Encrypt  Tichondrius-US306918Not updated
28Stinkfairy WreckageTichondrius-US305055Not updated
29Goodgrl  Tichondrius-US303182Not updated
30Rusy  Tichondrius-US301386Not updated
31Creepin  Tichondrius-US299256Not updated
32Taune Endgame TheoryTichondrius-US298303Not updated
33Blindirl  Tichondrius-US297104Not updated
34Johnnycurse High Warlord or GTFOTichondrius-US294871Not updated
35Chillpills  Tichondrius-US293784Not updated
36Tokyosexmole  Tichondrius-US287340Not updated
37Smuggla Three Stars and a SunTichondrius-US286765Not updated
38Tzeenzch  Tichondrius-US282231Not updated
39Luem Most dominant everTichondrius-US280598Not updated
40Zipzo Hashtag Yolo SwagTichondrius-US278679Not updated
41Massacrez In The CloudsTichondrius-US275025Not updated
42Numberonez  Tichondrius-US272439Not updated
43Kíko  Tichondrius-US271188Not updated
44Spookyspider Kîll On SîghtTichondrius-US270188Not updated
45Billins AJTichondrius-US269868Not updated
46Santiago Lost LegendsTichondrius-US269756Not updated
47Mistirious AJTichondrius-US267599Not updated
48Rootntootin Deadly SinnersTichondrius-US266818Not updated
49Savex Most dominant everTichondrius-US266764Not updated
50Aprilxo  Tichondrius-US266760Not updated
51Rynrok  Tichondrius-US264854Not updated
52Tbagginns Destroy Erase ImproveTichondrius-US264342Not updated
53Darkangel LIKE HELLOTichondrius-US262899Not updated
54Snalydo Law and Order WSGTichondrius-US262132Not updated
55Kremzeek DiscreteTichondrius-US260906Not updated
56Verdon  Tichondrius-US260488Not updated
57Mufasaprime Mufasaprime Beard SquadTichondrius-US259423Not updated
58Atencion  Tichondrius-US259248Not updated
59Art Dont get mad get GladTichondrius-US258566Not updated
60Endemik APÉXTichondrius-US258063Not updated
61Percrushin AinurTichondrius-US258006Not updated
62Feeltheboost Allegiance to DarknessTichondrius-US257617Not updated
63Ginóbili Wrong TargetTichondrius-US257034Not updated
64Shòótz AJTichondrius-US254145Not updated
65Bigshawt WreckageTichondrius-US253831Not updated
66Berzirk Lost LegendsTichondrius-US252098Not updated
67Tinh  Tichondrius-US251810Not updated
68Killazilla  Tichondrius-US251293Not updated
69Gotchaá Dont CC me broTichondrius-US246811Not updated
70Tìzzy BattlehammerTichondrius-US246129Not updated
71Shram PhamousTichondrius-US246026Not updated
72Trulylolly CRITSgoneWILDTichondrius-US245831Not updated
73Siñz  Tichondrius-US245007Not updated
74Reverze In The CloudsTichondrius-US244369Not updated
75Bãx BattlehammerTichondrius-US241796Not updated
76Imphamous PhamousTichondrius-US241008Not updated
77Ragaro Lost LegendsTichondrius-US239673Not updated
78Etchéd Keepin it ClassicTichondrius-US238307Not updated
79Zuese  Tichondrius-US238113Not updated
80Fuzzion  Tichondrius-US237936Not updated
81Edgwin NonConsensual PvPTichondrius-US237012Not updated
82Emdr I PvP ITichondrius-US234055Not updated
83Ârt  Tichondrius-US232802Not updated
84Ponykiller  Tichondrius-US231965Not updated
85Tundrus Deadly SinnersTichondrius-US231531Not updated
86Gimmiick AccelerateTichondrius-US231507Not updated
87Zaud GodhandTichondrius-US231458Not updated
88Swizel  Tichondrius-US229976Not updated
89Kilray WAR MACHINETichondrius-US229544Not updated
90Domiñgo DEAGLE RUSH BTichondrius-US229199Not updated
91Morgane ContingencyTichondrius-US226670Not updated
92Cheerbleeder HarmoniumTichondrius-US226122Not updated
93Spìke SkullTichondrius-US225914Not updated
94Zachopolis WAR MACHINETichondrius-US225765Not updated
95Grapenutz Knights of ShadowTichondrius-US224547Not updated
96Eppic  Tichondrius-US223420Not updated
97Kindría ProfaneTichondrius-US222217Not updated
98Shadowae Deaths BarterTichondrius-US222069Not updated
99Aenzuul Assassins SquadTichondrius-US221876Not updated
100Aztecaa  Tichondrius-US221424Not updated

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