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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-US Honorable Kills
1Coledar The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US832914Not updated
2Brud ResetThunderhorn-US295431Not updated
3Psiserrat ZenThunderhorn-US254549Not updated
4Warringtaun Lobster BroodThunderhorn-US228647Not updated
5Fatherraider Twist of FateThunderhorn-US221313Not updated
6Xterminator  Thunderhorn-US207344Not updated
7Lamachetes OmertaThunderhorn-US206026Not updated
8Aub  Thunderhorn-US202757Not updated
9Midnightfire GquitThunderhorn-US201939Not updated
10Gralto ResetThunderhorn-US192033Not updated
11Etheros DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US189627Not updated
12Turín ResetThunderhorn-US188018Not updated
13Noface TormentThunderhorn-US177486Not updated
14Orthx  Thunderhorn-US177071Not updated
15Redmanopiee ReverentThunderhorn-US174374Not updated
16Ayumi Knights of the BlackroseThunderhorn-US171722Not updated
17Gungsumi Moving TargetsThunderhorn-US166467Not updated
18Mctaggart Dragons of New AvalonThunderhorn-US157595Not updated
19Mireen  Thunderhorn-US155624Not updated
20Onehitter Chaos TheoryThunderhorn-US152797Not updated
21Fauzzie Lights OutThunderhorn-US152761Not updated
22Pattonson Rest In PiecesThunderhorn-US152265Not updated
23Dragonbyte DragoonThunderhorn-US151632Not updated
24Rothulis The RandomThunderhorn-US150567Not updated
25Whysper Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US147260Not updated
26Sidvicious World FuneralThunderhorn-US145776Not updated
27Rodmann  Thunderhorn-US142344Not updated
28Demonslayer  Thunderhorn-US141673Not updated
29Flanke  Thunderhorn-US141045Not updated
30Goldston  Thunderhorn-US137651Not updated
31Arv Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US136251Not updated
32Scyllairia World FuneralThunderhorn-US135999Not updated
33Lightsgrace Pain SuppressionThunderhorn-US135564Not updated
34Avendesora DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US133055Not updated
35Ahamo The Narrow PathThunderhorn-US131746Not updated
36Bludvain Pariahs of the HordeThunderhorn-US130878Not updated
37Wesdiaz Lights OutThunderhorn-US129733Not updated
38Annabelle  Thunderhorn-US128841Not updated
39Dragove  Thunderhorn-US127677Not updated
40Coffen DogsOfWarThunderhorn-US127002Not updated
41Innia  Thunderhorn-US126698Not updated
42Naam  Thunderhorn-US126476Not updated
43Baadger By His StripesThunderhorn-US126467Not updated
44Tandrahar TormentThunderhorn-US124818Not updated
45Krow Lobster BroodThunderhorn-US122605Not updated
46Luckly TormentThunderhorn-US122497Not updated
47Mcoleeny Valhalla DoormenThunderhorn-US122398Not updated
48Barov Lights OutThunderhorn-US122280Not updated
49Dominicanrep Credo NosThunderhorn-US121583Not updated
50Mysticshado The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US120820Not updated
51  Thunderhorn-US119855Not updated
52Chantico Pain SuppressionThunderhorn-US118624Not updated
53Gebbeth The Short Bus MafiaThunderhorn-US118279Not updated
54Ephixa Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US118159Not updated
55Polyn  Thunderhorn-US116892Not updated
56Killorder Invalid TargetThunderhorn-US114565Not updated
57Deralic eZsThunderhorn-US114401Not updated
58Vympel Invalid TargetThunderhorn-US113788Not updated
59Lothalil  Thunderhorn-US113764Not updated
60Hasty The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US113479Not updated
61Sechyphrix  Thunderhorn-US113077Not updated
62Corellon Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US112920Not updated
63Sharona TormentThunderhorn-US112527Not updated
64Kittarra  Thunderhorn-US112108Not updated
65Mythor Pain SuppressionThunderhorn-US112069Not updated
66Wiff The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US111720Not updated
67Lowkee Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US111448Not updated
68Lunea  Thunderhorn-US110298Not updated
69Deielora Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US109908Not updated
70Meadows Twilight AllianceThunderhorn-US109902Not updated
71Zmarley FusionThunderhorn-US109246Not updated
72Larkat  Thunderhorn-US109145Not updated
73Alorik TormentThunderhorn-US109073Not updated
74Lucker TormentThunderhorn-US108133Not updated
75Lafitte The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US107843Not updated
76Grendall ReverentThunderhorn-US107778Not updated
77Emnok Narrow PathThunderhorn-US106908Not updated
78Sickler TormentThunderhorn-US106344Not updated
79Strohme Mavi MillionairesThunderhorn-US105715Not updated
80Dennisobell Metal MilitiaThunderhorn-US104767Not updated
81Misdora FusionThunderhorn-US103607Not updated
82Frontosa The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US103288Not updated
83Grält ResetThunderhorn-US102907Not updated
84Khelban  Thunderhorn-US102718Not updated
85Madhealzdude TormentThunderhorn-US102101Not updated
86Palic CamelotThunderhorn-US101331Not updated
87Littledwarf  Thunderhorn-US101078Not updated
88Rorlann Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US100765Not updated
89Kíllbone  Thunderhorn-US100533Not updated
90Kupo Lights OutThunderhorn-US100405Not updated
91Plexis Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US99821Not updated
92Noata  Thunderhorn-US98129Not updated
93Jaheira Pain SuppressionThunderhorn-US96981Not updated
94Warc WickedThunderhorn-US96952Not updated
95Dirtyredneck The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US96950Not updated
96Grahroller The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US96577Not updated
97Akyowindz The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US96477Not updated
98Gabanger  Thunderhorn-US95104Not updated
99Linnor Gods ôf WarThunderhorn-US94791Not updated
100Loveableme  Thunderhorn-US94567Not updated

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