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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-EU Honorable Kills
1Ypung Eternal LightThunderhorn-EU383845Not updated
2Manar RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU372487Not updated
3Bloodelf RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU349378Not updated
4Zhmowy AmbienceThunderhorn-EU318431Not updated
5Akcope Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU296746Not updated
6Mortal VindicationThunderhorn-EU282560Not updated
7Dossina AmbienceThunderhorn-EU279135Not updated
8Xilla TeamworkDKThunderhorn-EU252160Not updated
9Papoulakos S T O R MThunderhorn-EU211180Not updated
10Andreios Trojan HordeThunderhorn-EU205583Not updated
11Tóss  Thunderhorn-EU200243Not updated
12Morganchild  Thunderhorn-EU193133Not updated
13Burda World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU192279Not updated
14Totemnistra Me Myself And My GoatThunderhorn-EU192083Not updated
15Snowwy Curse These Metal HandsThunderhorn-EU187853Not updated
16Ryklav The Silver ClawThunderhorn-EU183518Not updated
17Missme AmbuscadeThunderhorn-EU182879Not updated
18Régan RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU181991Not updated
19Corrupt S T O R MThunderhorn-EU181313Not updated
20Razalgool  Thunderhorn-EU174886Not updated
21Pipeskans Me Myself And My GoatThunderhorn-EU171368Not updated
22Pefwtismenos The brothers of AzerothThunderhorn-EU164031Not updated
23Eastman Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU162770Not updated
24Agent World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU161758Not updated
25Beribeth  Thunderhorn-EU160438Not updated
26Raxto PVP GuildThunderhorn-EU159593Not updated
27Wake Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU155818Not updated
28Warganna Act Of TreasonThunderhorn-EU155649Not updated
29Gamlind  Thunderhorn-EU155611Not updated
30Monisek World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU148099Not updated
31Shizzer The Night HawksThunderhorn-EU145133Not updated
32Manymen  Thunderhorn-EU144687Not updated
33Ragnarsk Crusaders of BrumlaThunderhorn-EU143624Not updated
34Utare Guards of ThrallThunderhorn-EU143369Not updated
35Exploited Trojan HordeThunderhorn-EU142077Not updated
36Glorinka Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU136204Not updated
37Surikata Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU135788Not updated
38Precision VindicationThunderhorn-EU135507Not updated
39Mut S T O R MThunderhorn-EU135264Not updated
40Humaniggy PhalanxThunderhorn-EU133813Not updated
41Shadyprinces PhalanxThunderhorn-EU131470Not updated
42Mosler Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU130985Not updated
43Thugore The Nab PoliceThunderhorn-EU129115Not updated
44Ashantyr EpitomeThunderhorn-EU129092Not updated
45Fishemage PhalanxThunderhorn-EU127572Not updated
46Kujja Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU126570Not updated
47Coldj RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU124100Not updated
48Mouka Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU122938Not updated
49Kallibos The Silver ClawThunderhorn-EU122558Not updated
50Pathje Rox SolidThunderhorn-EU122100Not updated
51Durkka The Silver ClawThunderhorn-EU121473Not updated
52Quikzilver Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU119949Not updated
53Painlass SevenThunderhorn-EU119858Not updated
54Inthemist PhalanxThunderhorn-EU119548Not updated
55Bombjack TeamworkDKThunderhorn-EU119294Not updated
56Thing Banana RevolutionThunderhorn-EU119034Not updated
57Shantaram  Thunderhorn-EU118107Not updated
58Zonoz Plague ReloadedThunderhorn-EU117453Not updated
59Revanent MassacreThunderhorn-EU117203Not updated
60Preíst The Silver ClawThunderhorn-EU116552Not updated
61Swift  Thunderhorn-EU116499Not updated
62Shikari Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU115675Not updated
63Schimanski WaywardThunderhorn-EU115674Not updated
64Radiant Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU114360Not updated
65Okki Horde CrackersThunderhorn-EU114231Not updated
66Ayuki  Thunderhorn-EU113897Not updated
67Ager Ohniví DraciThunderhorn-EU113230Not updated
68Adelhyde  Thunderhorn-EU113025Not updated
69Firun Act Of TreasonThunderhorn-EU112417Not updated
70Zzyogozz  Thunderhorn-EU111198Not updated
71Flameonlife Vodo xThunderhorn-EU110278Not updated
72Mourgos Trojan HordeThunderhorn-EU109372Not updated
73Omeg PhalanxThunderhorn-EU108694Not updated
74Múse Made You LookThunderhorn-EU108344Not updated
75Baud ChrochtThunderhorn-EU107315Not updated
76Chrissi KUNG POWThunderhorn-EU106600Not updated
77Pharah  Thunderhorn-EU106534Not updated
78Keturah WolfGrowls CompanyThunderhorn-EU106393Not updated
79Slyless PecadoThunderhorn-EU106373Not updated
80Sasmina Bring Back KillquestsThunderhorn-EU106158Not updated
81Saila The Silver ClawThunderhorn-EU105737Not updated
82Fantana  Thunderhorn-EU105443Not updated
83Marysiue Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU105139Not updated
84Missmysoul EpitomeThunderhorn-EU105138Not updated
85Shinzu AmbuscadeThunderhorn-EU104723Not updated
86Spybladez  Thunderhorn-EU104553Not updated
87Hilbob  Thunderhorn-EU104233Not updated
88Jimako ChrochtThunderhorn-EU102938Not updated
89Ferenczi RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU102667Not updated
90Askerlund Legion Of DragonsThunderhorn-EU102013Not updated
91Crazyworm Fallen AngelsThunderhorn-EU101383Not updated
92Hoblajs World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU101131Not updated
93Fromtheshado Rox SolidThunderhorn-EU100830Not updated
94Schizofrenik  Thunderhorn-EU100576Not updated
95Urocissa  Thunderhorn-EU100394Not updated
96Azarius ReformThunderhorn-EU100336Not updated
97Oblomow FantasyThunderhorn-EU100131Not updated
98Tinúviel  Thunderhorn-EU100042Not updated
99Balacgos The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU98969Not updated
100Lilium Eternal LightThunderhorn-EU98724Not updated

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