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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-US Honorable Kills
1Ab Group TherapyThrall-US108941Not updated
2Neidermeyer Group TherapyThrall-US79189Not updated
3Jonnybads Group TherapyThrall-US72893Not updated
4Shanko Group TherapyThrall-US63510Not updated
5Wucream Group TherapyThrall-US58719Not updated
6Makerz Group TherapyThrall-US56772Not updated
7Burtreynolds Group TherapyThrall-US52775Not updated
8Grievor Group TherapyThrall-US47912Not updated
9Jonnybeards Group TherapyThrall-US43986Not updated
10Therealmex Group TherapyThrall-US37213Not updated
11Jawniebads Group TherapyThrall-US35282Not updated
12Töad Group TherapyThrall-US34598Not updated
13Wyald Group TherapyThrall-US34495Not updated
14Drusyn Group TherapyThrall-US26435Not updated
15Warmhugs Group TherapyThrall-US26423Not updated
16Grievir Group TherapyThrall-US25707Not updated
17Lethim Group TherapyThrall-US23996Not updated
18Shamwichez Group TherapyThrall-US22486Not updated
19Stonies Group TherapyThrall-US21422Not updated
20Gotzips Group TherapyThrall-US18254Not updated
21Johnss Group TherapyThrall-US18011Not updated
22Ticklestab Group TherapyThrall-US17197Not updated
23Legölos Group TherapyThrall-US15998Not updated
24Katie Group TherapyThrall-US15119Not updated
25Eraggonn Group TherapyThrall-US13290Not updated
26Toadette Group TherapyThrall-US11998Not updated
27Dooming Group TherapyThrall-US11240Not updated
28Zenumtin Group TherapyThrall-US9162Not updated
29Suffokateqt Group TherapyThrall-US8751Not updated
30Jawniesads Group TherapyThrall-US8404Not updated
31Casken Group TherapyThrall-US7930Not updated
32Trappinqt Group TherapyThrall-US7831Not updated
33Vergilus Group TherapyThrall-US7222Not updated
34Sillà Group TherapyThrall-US6976Not updated
35Shamasaurous Group TherapyThrall-US6707Not updated
36Truden Group TherapyThrall-US6500Not updated
37Sarasen Group TherapyThrall-US6114Not updated
38Cious Group TherapyThrall-US5376Not updated
39Spartansz Group TherapyThrall-US4752Not updated
40Axisomni Group TherapyThrall-US4731Not updated
41Trudyn Group TherapyThrall-US4657Not updated
42Chuggins Group TherapyThrall-US4510Not updated
43Nokokokoko Group TherapyThrall-US4501Not updated
44Thewaterboy Group TherapyThrall-US4330Not updated
45Suffyqt Group TherapyThrall-US4238Not updated
46Wububbles Group TherapyThrall-US3927Not updated
47Rhythms Group TherapyThrall-US3909Not updated
48Ennik Group TherapyThrall-US3872Not updated
49Nex Group TherapyThrall-US3404Not updated
50Tdrex Group TherapyThrall-US3355Not updated
51Ak Group TherapyThrall-US3228Not updated
52Puntiac Group TherapyThrall-US3113Not updated
53Holydargon Group TherapyThrall-US2948Not updated
54Raidyn Group TherapyThrall-US2783Not updated
55Rhymes Group TherapyThrall-US2439Not updated
56Trudey Group TherapyThrall-US2302Not updated
57Dagdah Group TherapyThrall-US1974Not updated
58Cd Group TherapyThrall-US1519Not updated
59Ragavash Group TherapyThrall-US1156Not updated
60Eramage Group TherapyThrall-US1090Not updated
61Suffocateqt Group TherapyThrall-US951Not updated
62Mootras Group TherapyThrall-US835Not updated
63Eralock Group TherapyThrall-US755Not updated
64Tychllos Group TherapyThrall-US632Not updated
65Taypally Group TherapyThrall-US589Not updated
66Skankadyn Group TherapyThrall-US524Not updated
67Sathorin Group TherapyThrall-US475Not updated
68Loadabull Group TherapyThrall-US442Not updated
69Olddrunk Group TherapyThrall-US390Not updated
70Totemstroka Group TherapyThrall-US364Not updated
71Suffokatelol Group TherapyThrall-US233Not updated
72Suffokate Group TherapyThrall-US217Not updated
73Grievar Group TherapyThrall-US201Not updated
74Lahealsha Group TherapyThrall-US191Not updated
75Purpkoolaid Group TherapyThrall-US179Not updated
76Prolapsedlol Group TherapyThrall-US169Not updated
77Jaidyn Group TherapyThrall-US158Not updated
78Axisomtree Group TherapyThrall-US156Not updated
78Suffokatepls Group TherapyThrall-US156Not updated
80Cromulent Group TherapyThrall-US140Not updated
81Tdsword Group TherapyThrall-US131Not updated
82Grievur Group TherapyThrall-US122Not updated
83Neide Group TherapyThrall-US113Not updated
84Corkus Group TherapyThrall-US93Not updated
85Daiba Group TherapyThrall-US92Not updated
86Cerevisiae Group TherapyThrall-US90Not updated
87Suffybb Group TherapyThrall-US86Not updated
88Neido Group TherapyThrall-US76Not updated
89Geriatricjon Group TherapyThrall-US68Not updated
89Vynloras Group TherapyThrall-US68Not updated
91Stdiease Group TherapyThrall-US59Not updated
92Necrocious Group TherapyThrall-US40Not updated
93Illidyn Group TherapyThrall-US22Not updated
94Axisomnii Group TherapyThrall-US17Not updated
95Tdwindrex Group TherapyThrall-US11Not updated
96Delicious Group TherapyThrall-US7Not updated
97Tdcorruption Group TherapyThrall-US6Not updated
98Swanepoel Group TherapyThrall-US5Not updated
99Tdispatch Group TherapyThrall-US4Not updated
100Hanniex Group TherapyThrall-US2Not updated

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