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Thrall-US Honorable Kills
1Viett IntentThrall-US382515Not updated
2Zirlancelot  Thrall-US369148Not updated
3Dehavilland SeireiThrall-US362533Not updated
4Zeelaraj The Silent CircleThrall-US358096
5Sinkave  Thrall-US321679
6Vainless VengèanceThrall-US283503
7Kebka KILLTHEMEThrall-US278825
8Suzzieqq End of DaysThrall-US275298
9Fatbelly Disciples of RedemptionThrall-US271014
10Renaitre IntentThrall-US270798
11Nishiko AscentThrall-US266865Not updated
12Makaba Take it to The ForumsThrall-US244357Not updated
13Galthand SeireiThrall-US237697
14Enzu Freelance RaiderThrall-US236652Not updated
15Brendie Is Clearly AwesomeThrall-US224253
16Ulord  Thrall-US223900
17Irunaway VandalismThrall-US222551Not updated
18Bando AscentThrall-US194800Not updated
19Kyríc Capt Morgans CrewThrall-US188319
20Earnor AscentThrall-US188091
21Philyon Phase IllThrall-US187464
22Rallybox Illuminati OrderThrall-US185192
23Libretto IntentThrall-US183200
24Liptonz RemorseThrall-US178475
25Ricketts RemorseThrall-US175748
26Firecobra  Thrall-US175066
27Eigoo The Silent CircleThrall-US171678
28Chaoticzero IntentThrall-US171663
29Awaka DNAThrall-US170186
30Sikwidit Sweet VictoryThrall-US169129
31Buttforê RemorseThrall-US167112
32Greyyoung Return to HonorThrall-US166893
33Sneekeys Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US165501
34Polygazm  Thrall-US165230Not updated
35Alarmed WarForgedThrall-US161739Not updated
36Cylrin The Shadow of DeathThrall-US160843Not updated
37Miande Spirits WithinThrall-US160491Not updated
38Dootzx AscentThrall-US157686
39Nazzgul Rodent RebellionThrall-US157677Not updated
40Earthshokk SwarmThrall-US155635
41Norganon Sparkle MotionThrall-US153174
42Leitka  Thrall-US151925Not updated
43Phsyko RegulatørsThrall-US149328
44Deadsexxy Zero NegativeThrall-US149139Not updated
45Comatose Noob NightmaresThrall-US148984
46Sezmu Sweet VictoryThrall-US145933
47Mathusela Draconic OrderThrall-US144289
48Serenial CorrosiveThrall-US143597
49Xmaker  Thrall-US143440Not updated
50Cbears AscentThrall-US142946Not updated
51Squíd  Thrall-US142766Not updated
52Darcfrost KILLTHEMEThrall-US142606
53Vhei Lordaeron UniversityThrall-US141696Not updated
54Fashaw LumosThrall-US141242
55Scorchr RefinedThrall-US139682
56Boorcake Distinct AdvantageThrall-US139222Not updated
57Opiumyumm VortexThrall-US139218Not updated
58Cherrywaves  Thrall-US137942Not updated
59Timéx The Silent CircleThrall-US136857Not updated
60Scootaloõ  Thrall-US136327Not updated
61Zenedär LunácyThrall-US136003
62Huufal VengèanceThrall-US135979
63Sliceøflife QuestThrall-US135178Not updated
64Baje Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US133524
65Thwørr Viação FumetaThrall-US132922
66Johndel RemorseThrall-US132862Not updated
67Vorder  Thrall-US132684Not updated
68Driftsoul VantageThrall-US132090Not updated
69Krenshar F T AThrall-US131909
70Holyevil Has CookiesThrall-US131637Not updated
71Jaddar VoxThrall-US131445Not updated
72Hellsdeacon Refugees of LightbringerThrall-US130743
73Equilla En OblivionemThrall-US130181
74Hornedone AscentThrall-US130080Not updated
75Guzzlle Red EyeThrall-US129821
76Morghor  Thrall-US128487
77Bobbymoons AssociatedThrall-US128212Not updated
78Gooniegoogoo NakamaThrall-US127700
79Sloppyshot  Thrall-US127334Not updated
80Iceicebabyy  Thrall-US127199Not updated
81Loftwick S U R G EThrall-US126982
82Dtox Paradise FoundThrall-US126844
83Lillehavfrue S U R G EThrall-US124676Not updated
84Samurijack Sweet VictoryThrall-US124586
85Mohinder  Thrall-US123548Not updated
86Aurellian Phoenix AscensionThrall-US122533Not updated
87Poízon  Thrall-US122463Not updated
88Cribb IntentThrall-US122418
89Flameout Registry ErrorThrall-US121883
90Rÿän BØSSThrall-US121810Not updated
91Mïley  Thrall-US120515Not updated
92Axira HonorboundThrall-US120321Not updated
93Shoshanah SequelThrall-US120131Not updated
94Thimblelina Reign in PowerThrall-US120074
95Rotaj AscentThrall-US119760Not updated
96Kasador  Thrall-US119736Not updated
97Alcomenow Succession of QuantitiesThrall-US119441Not updated
98Tranzformr RemorseThrall-US119255Not updated
99Nobody Enlightened DarkThrall-US119177
100Aleryus VenomousThrall-US119170Not updated

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