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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Honorable Kills
1Cripp Feel the SPIRITThrall-EU480577Not updated
2Caramón DeadlyShadowThrall-EU346678Not updated
3Denko TaoThrall-EU346381Not updated
4Minimex BrainlagThrall-EU324209Not updated
5Lillehoff PeremptorThrall-EU321536Not updated
6Nycth Remote ControlledThrall-EU307345Not updated
7Veresa  Thrall-EU299657Not updated
8Âlínâ I Hirntot IThrall-EU296177Not updated
9Nuhor I N F Î N I T ØThrall-EU286136Not updated
10Tsicksens DEVICEThrall-EU275440Not updated
11Albarion  Thrall-EU273797Not updated
12Finestgift Freunde der NachtThrall-EU262595Not updated
13Rengor  Thrall-EU250529Not updated
14Rivah W H FThrall-EU241141Not updated
15Ghostcatcher Drakkar NoirThrall-EU235917Not updated
16Lèthe  Thrall-EU235644Not updated
17Malusis Feel the SPIRITThrall-EU228227Not updated
18Vergajin VerdandiThrall-EU210778Not updated
19Hylander Level UPThrall-EU210748Not updated
20Bélphegor sixLEFTThrall-EU210544Not updated
21Bellyache Blacktooth Grin ClanThrall-EU209379Not updated
22Loerk Memento MoriThrall-EU208437Not updated
23Trója  Thrall-EU205129Not updated
24Zinrok PeremptorThrall-EU203507Not updated
25Kayola enCoreThrall-EU197579Not updated
26Mahtab ImpulsThrall-EU197151Not updated
27Hâsret Last TimeThrall-EU192408Not updated
28Kalkôs The DesperadosThrall-EU186108Not updated
29Massatom  Thrall-EU184535Not updated
30Silvi Canus ravus pantheraThrall-EU184262Not updated
31Emilbus  Thrall-EU180937Not updated
32Kerli senseThrall-EU179284Not updated
33Braxxtan Ashes to AshesThrall-EU176883Not updated
34Flexer LanisterThrall-EU175817Not updated
35Nakato Steakhouse OrgrimmarThrall-EU172960Not updated
36Northernlite NeroThrall-EU172441Not updated
37Denilson DamagecontrolThrall-EU172301Not updated
38Dampframmé Friends ReloadedThrall-EU170477Not updated
39Razulak Bound on pick upThrall-EU170212Not updated
40Shout Arta AmacitiaThrall-EU168045Not updated
41Sog I Hirntot IThrall-EU167419Not updated
42Giulina InDivexThrall-EU165843Not updated
43Muhkuhshimâ GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU165833Not updated
44Penetrantia StadtreinigungThrall-EU164724Not updated
45Paiku EuphoriéThrall-EU164235Not updated
46Quxlîke FrequencyThrall-EU163718Not updated
47Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU163069Not updated
48Tator AgnosticFrontThrall-EU162126Not updated
49Thorghram Freunde der NachtThrall-EU161889Not updated
50Rooney suspectThrall-EU161266Not updated
51Rainbowrose CookieMonsterzThrall-EU160055Not updated
52Avim Gremio de ExitoThrall-EU159775Not updated
53Frozenangle Saints and SinnersThrall-EU159328Not updated
54Margak Lonely WulfsThrall-EU159133Not updated
55Alyciá  Thrall-EU158613Not updated
56Ilysh OrcestraThrall-EU158542Not updated
57Croìl DieÖSTERREICHISCHENReglaThrall-EU157446Not updated
58Shibu last senseThrall-EU157301Not updated
59Jägerette Such a ThingThrall-EU156611Not updated
60Tîrîgôn Umbrella CorporationsThrall-EU153869Not updated
61Bakaryu  Thrall-EU153855Not updated
62Shîbby DEVICEThrall-EU153674Not updated
63Draagos excítareThrall-EU152410Not updated
64Rionaa  Thrall-EU151719Not updated
65Gordos  Thrall-EU150962Not updated
66Noxtarius W H FThrall-EU150081Not updated
67Giganteus Canus ravus pantheraThrall-EU149356Not updated
68Orgathacram SUN TZU The Art of WarThrall-EU149130Not updated
69Rugull  Thrall-EU148688Not updated
70Mahkah Sweet and EasyThrall-EU148372Not updated
71Humongolous TouchThrall-EU146802Not updated
72Draco NeroThrall-EU145991Not updated
73Andophia No DiscussionThrall-EU145806Not updated
74Leger W H FThrall-EU145331Not updated
75Numidion ZerstörungswahnThrall-EU143762Not updated
76Martyrium  Thrall-EU143544Not updated
77Aresara ErrørThrall-EU143525Not updated
78Pajota Core of SodsThrall-EU143202Not updated
79Tynor  Thrall-EU143096Not updated
80Nightingal ElítísmThrall-EU142965Not updated
81Taook StadtreinigungThrall-EU142502Not updated
82Eibel TouchThrall-EU142403Not updated
83Hollyfell Dicio de MortisThrall-EU142209Not updated
84Joéna S E a FThrall-EU141547Not updated
85Tábatabei DEVICEThrall-EU141520Not updated
86Drecorek SelectedThrall-EU141221Not updated
87Naahmah is wetThrall-EU141010Not updated
88Nazca Hell RatsThrall-EU141006Not updated
89Putridpile MalignitasThrall-EU139945Not updated
90Superffh  Thrall-EU139813Not updated
91Mabuse SolanumThrall-EU139388Not updated
92Tríxsí DEVICEThrall-EU139370Not updated
93Feimata ImpulsThrall-EU139340Not updated
94Recluse Remote ControlledThrall-EU139267Not updated
95Kintharo KatzenclubThrall-EU138658Not updated
96Ulrik the big bang damageThrall-EU138383Not updated
97Coiz W H FThrall-EU138241Not updated
98Komplice In FlagrantiThrall-EU138155Not updated
99Nijel IndissolubilesThrall-EU136940Not updated
100Dhakert Revenge of DarknessThrall-EU136785Not updated

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