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The Maelstrom-EU Honorable Kills
1Bonboon ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU131047Not updated
2Bonbonera ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU91063Not updated
3Aladdîn ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU52216Not updated
4Drfeelgood ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU42748Not updated
5Skuz ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU30367Not updated
6Seveer ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU28567Not updated
7Fatganker ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU23998Not updated
8Kethal ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU19845Not updated
9Feverz ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU18677Not updated
10Mínime ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU18564Not updated
11Skùzzy ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU17417Not updated
12Ammeg ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU17396Not updated
13Robbsz ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU15918Not updated
14Bjoncé ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU14807Not updated
15Alarziz ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU13373Not updated
16Demandred ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU12679Not updated
17Delib ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU12346Not updated
18Palmouron ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU11924Not updated
19Sillvane ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU10906Not updated
20Nigeldearth ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU10583Not updated
21Vuel ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU10194Not updated
22Skuzzÿ ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU9620Not updated
23Chocohooters ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU9439Not updated
24Hangoristte ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU9224Not updated
25Zarrla ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU8665Not updated
26Lotsofbones ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU8532Not updated
27Zachód ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU7683Not updated
28Maloka ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU7290Not updated
29Tyrilas ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6910Not updated
30Littlepuny ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6873Not updated
31Eeone ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6702Not updated
32Tardhuntard ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6587Not updated
33Galifrey ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6581Not updated
34Daymo ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6548Not updated
35Vengénce ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6431Not updated
36Nigelia ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU6397Not updated
37Nemesomel ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU5819Not updated
38Wakos ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU5497Not updated
39Behamot ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU5371Not updated
40Warmonger ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU5154Not updated
41Slimganker ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU4988Not updated
42Tün ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU4616Not updated
43Lului ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU3959Not updated
44Alisya ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU3375Not updated
45Neckro ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU3033Not updated
46Skuzzylol ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2917Not updated
47Légénd ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2598Not updated
48Epioné ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2580Not updated
49Eligor ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2326Not updated
50Gnofearlol ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2124Not updated
51Feverr ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2078Not updated
52Tuatha ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2052Not updated
53Eesix ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU2034Not updated
54Chango ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1997Not updated
55Dudeimrude ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1688Not updated
56Idonia ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1409Not updated
57Eefour ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1335Not updated
58Burningbabe ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1275Not updated
59Abellana ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1143Not updated
60Eetwo ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU881Not updated
61Eethree ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU754Not updated
62Lillitu ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU637Not updated
63Charlise ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU626Not updated
64ßert ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU535Not updated
65Zalamon ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU428Not updated
66Nightra ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU331Not updated
67Kelga ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU315Not updated
68Udast ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU161Not updated
69Søte ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU145Not updated
70Elestra ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU68Not updated
71Necroniks ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU51Not updated
72Wardius ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU41Not updated
73Naerwen ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU13Not updated
74Cirrhus ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU4Not updated
75Melaniea ResoluteThe Maelstrom-EU1Not updated

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