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The Forgotten Coast-US Honorable Kills
1Kinthas  The Forgotten Coast-US315099Not updated
2Zherneboh  The Forgotten Coast-US282115Not updated
3Babylonia Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US281023
4Kairow Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US262017Not updated
5Blinkythebad At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US240309Not updated
6Chewi Original Horde AssassinThe Forgotten Coast-US206981Not updated
7Westane  The Forgotten Coast-US199637Not updated
8Smokadin Warlords of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US188843Not updated
9Rappidfire Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US183896Not updated
10Bloodhunger Rated and HatedThe Forgotten Coast-US176775
11Inglorion Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US175935Not updated
12Ludelil SHOTS FIREDThe Forgotten Coast-US175245Not updated
13Thejöker Knights of DawnThe Forgotten Coast-US165597Not updated
14Octavial  The Forgotten Coast-US157219Not updated
15Grtrthansevo Champions of ConquestThe Forgotten Coast-US157111Not updated
16Honsuplow Punch and PieThe Forgotten Coast-US150864Not updated
17Windstrom Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US148187
18Loraj Order of ChaosThe Forgotten Coast-US147669
19Kilnn Rated MThe Forgotten Coast-US147630Not updated
20Bubblebooey DelusionThe Forgotten Coast-US146536Not updated
21Armyófòne Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US144459
22Flowcontrol  The Forgotten Coast-US144060
23Fråy Into Hell and BackThe Forgotten Coast-US143425Not updated
24Pyrous  The Forgotten Coast-US143115Not updated
25Sweetsaucé ArkThe Forgotten Coast-US142960Not updated
26Stewpadasso  The Forgotten Coast-US141005Not updated
27Granypanties  The Forgotten Coast-US139847Not updated
28Cletteus Blood BrotherThe Forgotten Coast-US139531Not updated
29Evita Rain of Ninja StarsThe Forgotten Coast-US138121Not updated
30Dankyou  The Forgotten Coast-US135449Not updated
31Fàllenangel  The Forgotten Coast-US134403Not updated
32Checkursix Salient SovereigntyThe Forgotten Coast-US133340Not updated
33Quietstorm  The Forgotten Coast-US133265Not updated
34Seus PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US132958Not updated
35Yipyap  The Forgotten Coast-US130965Not updated
36Vanillex YEH BOI METhe Forgotten Coast-US128825Not updated
37Muffinslol  The Forgotten Coast-US127555Not updated
38Elricsr Dirty Little SecretThe Forgotten Coast-US126101Not updated
39Zetsumeii  The Forgotten Coast-US126000Not updated
40Cclp DRIVENThe Forgotten Coast-US125417Not updated
41Rockice  The Forgotten Coast-US125378
42Fadee  The Forgotten Coast-US124965Not updated
43Gravepyre  The Forgotten Coast-US123659
44Rical SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US122179Not updated
45Leafless  The Forgotten Coast-US118130Not updated
46Kinkow Dirty Little SecretThe Forgotten Coast-US114538
47Balthézar  The Forgotten Coast-US113895Not updated
48Batistagirl PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US112969Not updated
49Icerainbow  The Forgotten Coast-US111006Not updated
50Juggalette Ferengi AcquisitionThe Forgotten Coast-US110797Not updated
51Jokernose PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US109161
52Jinsing Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US109078
53Fungswag The AsylumThe Forgotten Coast-US108338Not updated
54Cigarillo  The Forgotten Coast-US108144Not updated
55Ikilledyou  The Forgotten Coast-US108129Not updated
56Ahriqt SolamnicThe Forgotten Coast-US107089
57Xiaoee SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US104690Not updated
58Sanctaa  The Forgotten Coast-US103031Not updated
59Weltz YEH BOI METhe Forgotten Coast-US102980Not updated
60Tillman Rated MThe Forgotten Coast-US102792Not updated
61Cofus Forgotten KingsThe Forgotten Coast-US102491Not updated
62Jenkaja  The Forgotten Coast-US102268Not updated
63Treeja  The Forgotten Coast-US102096Not updated
64Sinkitten Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US101572Not updated
65Fixedluck  The Forgotten Coast-US100473Not updated
66Emptycup SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US100186Not updated
67Nickmenza Knights of DawnThe Forgotten Coast-US99715Not updated
68Odesso OutliersThe Forgotten Coast-US98916Not updated
69Canibilizeu  The Forgotten Coast-US98791Not updated
70Ráizo  The Forgotten Coast-US98494Not updated
71Cojâ Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US97254
72Clobbrsaurus Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US96571
73Esalya  The Forgotten Coast-US95787Not updated
74Williewilson Knights of DawnThe Forgotten Coast-US95371Not updated
75Meld Celtic BrotherhoodThe Forgotten Coast-US95211Not updated
76Uzulock  The Forgotten Coast-US94685Not updated
77Hèathen  The Forgotten Coast-US94542Not updated
78Çç SHOTS FIREDThe Forgotten Coast-US94176Not updated
79Sgtblade Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US94103
80Truflite Super HighThe Forgotten Coast-US93460Not updated
81Rainfree SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US93405Not updated
82Dreamzz SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US92713Not updated
83Cagednaga jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US92514Not updated
84Gamblle InsomniaThe Forgotten Coast-US92284Not updated
85Orion Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US91711
86Mirasoso  The Forgotten Coast-US91473Not updated
87Kekkin Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US91288Not updated
88Sporc  The Forgotten Coast-US91269Not updated
89Xdocta Ferengi AcquisitionThe Forgotten Coast-US91022Not updated
90Eaval InsomniaThe Forgotten Coast-US90752Not updated
91Rosepink At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US90697Not updated
92Pathema Van Dam We Are GoodThe Forgotten Coast-US90658Not updated
93Sunami PwnbrokersThe Forgotten Coast-US90403Not updated
94Kaluri AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US90367
95Truoutdprjx Disciples of TruthThe Forgotten Coast-US90066Not updated
96Kenweas PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US89142Not updated
97Bluesativa  The Forgotten Coast-US88715Not updated
98Tyche SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US88184Not updated
99Sofakingop  The Forgotten Coast-US87789Not updated
100Deadbugger  The Forgotten Coast-US87577Not updated

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