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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thaurissan-US Honorable Kills
1Thesandman MystiqueThaurissan-US328093Not updated
2Smacdan Hordes Last StandThaurissan-US316614Not updated
3Shamorai  Thaurissan-US228815Not updated
4Æthelred  Thaurissan-US202221Not updated
5Wolfcrie InvictaThaurissan-US199335Not updated
6Wutsgood CounterbalanceThaurissan-US199159Not updated
7Menrva  Thaurissan-US198113Not updated
8Drya Defender Of The AllianceThaurissan-US194548Not updated
9Yoonique Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US193009Not updated
10Treehuggin Shotty NotThaurissan-US188566Not updated
11Jodaa  Thaurissan-US186847Not updated
12Hario  Thaurissan-US184878Not updated
13Atoz  Thaurissan-US184660Not updated
14Happyfear  Thaurissan-US178185Not updated
15Uguu HojuThaurissan-US176654Not updated
16Julz  Thaurissan-US175910Not updated
17Okse  Thaurissan-US162559Not updated
18Nachomacho  Thaurissan-US159861Not updated
19Alisiur ExhumedThaurissan-US155890Not updated
20Ázraél  Thaurissan-US151895Not updated
21Heipy Fayth IIThaurissan-US149917Not updated
22Rageofheals Defender Of The AllianceThaurissan-US149335Not updated
23Sedate CounterbalanceThaurissan-US148319Not updated
24Czeazarkek The Omega TitansThaurissan-US147317Not updated
25Tabbycup Rainbow Muffin BrigadeThaurissan-US145802Not updated
26Peonlife AuroraThaurissan-US144149Not updated
27Canii  Thaurissan-US142883Not updated
28Strongie Last AttemptThaurissan-US142619Not updated
29Bendahara LanunThaurissan-US140324Not updated
30Rhusta  Thaurissan-US140170Not updated
31Pinkizpunk OpposedThaurissan-US139556Not updated
32Pokkwai  Thaurissan-US139144Not updated
33Prish Geng KapakThaurissan-US138174Not updated
34Doomancer The Screaming ChickensThaurissan-US137507Not updated
35Disposition Commercial BreakThaurissan-US137368Not updated
36Serafiel Too geared for girlsThaurissan-US136596Not updated
37Okay Defender Of The AllianceThaurissan-US135334Not updated
38Crandor The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US133791Not updated
39Jeter Knight StalkersThaurissan-US131769Not updated
40Deiis QuantumThaurissan-US130966Not updated
41Newvegas CounterbalanceThaurissan-US128935Not updated
42Weider Litany of FuryThaurissan-US127448Not updated
43Birkhoff DefaultThaurissan-US127400Not updated
44Daenex TribunalThaurissan-US126952Not updated
45Jemblast GalaxyThaurissan-US125759Not updated
46Holes  Thaurissan-US125598Not updated
47Hussywhoha  Thaurissan-US125026Not updated
48Deathcoffin The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US124992Not updated
49Kaladen Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US123779Not updated
50Hanshi ChromeThaurissan-US122386Not updated
51Robinn  Thaurissan-US120512Not updated
52Lok RedEyeThaurissan-US120212Not updated
53Madrip The Omega TitansThaurissan-US118140Not updated
54Enyx Helloo Kitty Death SquadThaurissan-US117924Not updated
55Zez  Thaurissan-US117812Not updated
56Langsuir Crazy Eighty EightThaurissan-US117373Not updated
57Celebia  Thaurissan-US116859Not updated
58Vittore VivaceThaurissan-US113569Not updated
59Stormzz QuantumThaurissan-US112550Not updated
60Javad EndlessFuryThaurissan-US111921Not updated
61Lemontee Lux AeternaThaurissan-US111890Not updated
62Soulsbane MUHVThaurissan-US111239Not updated
63Uglykal Last AttemptThaurissan-US110912Not updated
64Unknôwn  Thaurissan-US109479Not updated
65Crucifixus QuantumThaurissan-US109451Not updated
66Varuga Last AttemptThaurissan-US109442Not updated
67Scottymac EndlessFuryThaurissan-US108490Not updated
68Lofatmilk  Thaurissan-US107973Not updated
69Kenissa AcéThaurissan-US107854Not updated
70Yakason Knight StalkersThaurissan-US107612Not updated
71Cannicus Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US107497Not updated
72Nyutrol  Thaurissan-US107097Not updated
73Thediabolic MystiqueThaurissan-US107013Not updated
74Qingwa VivaceThaurissan-US106680Not updated
75Maedhros  Thaurissan-US106227Not updated
76Smacklicious QuantumThaurissan-US105930Not updated
77Royalbloodxo XcelsiorThaurissan-US105135Not updated
78Nitesedge The League of LunaticsThaurissan-US105045Not updated
79Darkvista  Thaurissan-US104656Not updated
80Cóttónonpòò ScarThaurissan-US104397Not updated
81Minny Last AttemptThaurissan-US103790Not updated
82Battusai RevelationThaurissan-US103177Not updated
83Anyways RevenanceThaurissan-US103103Not updated
84Deathxing  Thaurissan-US102927Not updated
85Blackseed  Thaurissan-US102475Not updated
86Evannå  Thaurissan-US102437Not updated
87Footprints Aussie OiThaurissan-US101916Not updated
88Potholè Shotty NotThaurissan-US101808Not updated
89Esseh Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US101558Not updated
90Joons Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US101343Not updated
91Napster hybrëëdThaurissan-US100564Not updated
92Yin QuantumThaurissan-US100223Not updated
93Gootsjr The FallenThaurissan-US100051Not updated
94Kyubi  Thaurissan-US99937Not updated
95Joarniel Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US99528Not updated
96Caronde  Thaurissan-US99269Not updated
97Shui is BeastThaurissan-US99238Not updated
98Rador Defender Of The AllianceThaurissan-US99182Not updated
99Sezer OMG ULEHThaurissan-US99174Not updated
100Chookiie  Thaurissan-US98308Not updated

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