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Terenas-US Honorable Kills
1Rickhunter  Terenas-US300096Not updated
2ßam  Terenas-US277769Not updated
3Crystotheny Opera non VerbaTerenas-US271026
4Aquaten The UnresolvedTerenas-US259581
5Kynsynna  Terenas-US241385Not updated
6Delight No Gold For YouTerenas-US237520Not updated
7Droid Healing SausagesTerenas-US236419Not updated
8Porkpie No RemorseTerenas-US226406
9Yaross  Terenas-US219587Not updated
10Dschotshot  Terenas-US214138Not updated
11Yakster Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US199098Not updated
12Destrax Divine InterventionTerenas-US186340Not updated
13Kripp  Terenas-US174831Not updated
14Nimzi Thats How We RollTerenas-US172573Not updated
15Lelira Opera non VerbaTerenas-US168752Not updated
16Tranq Lights RaidersTerenas-US162323Not updated
17Edwardgreat Opera non VerbaTerenas-US160122Not updated
18Farlite Nörtti PerheTerenas-US154362Not updated
19Jameson  Terenas-US148361Not updated
20Reska Protectors Of AzerothTerenas-US146786Not updated
21Bödybag Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US138007Not updated
22Schweiheilen HostilityTerenas-US137856
23Bluestrike Eternal KeggersTerenas-US136708
24Lorgoth Conquest EternumTerenas-US136604Not updated
25Temptriss Celestial UprisingTerenas-US136383Not updated
26Njblade The Marauders of LightTerenas-US135974Not updated
27Barook Zero ToleranceTerenas-US135159
28Kar Gladius de DeusTerenas-US134570Not updated
29Shazbat Opera non VerbaTerenas-US133743Not updated
30Lysi Gnome RavagersTerenas-US133576
31Starreye  Terenas-US133060Not updated
32Droideka Shadow of the Red BaronTerenas-US131797
33Jevski  Terenas-US129234Not updated
34Pharune Opera non VerbaTerenas-US127724Not updated
35Iniva Gnome RavagersTerenas-US127681Not updated
36Borrow Noble SoulsTerenas-US124477Not updated
37Icemoon Dire LegionTerenas-US123890Not updated
38Palji No Gold For YouTerenas-US122696Not updated
39Warpriest Gladius de DeusTerenas-US118771Not updated
40Grayshepherd OSITerenas-US117966Not updated
41Omegaone Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US117386
42Anette  Terenas-US115775Not updated
43Shamadros Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US114545
44Kerbs VortexTerenas-US114045
45Kerrodien Eternal KeggersTerenas-US113632
46Meczic The Lollypop GuildTerenas-US111046Not updated
47Xodan The GoodestTerenas-US109711
48Buyapotnub Gladius de DeusTerenas-US109347
49Cyclone Conquest EternumTerenas-US109008Not updated
50Vorlon Stehlen LifeTerenas-US108650Not updated
51Mortalice No RemorseTerenas-US108368Not updated
52Toguk  Terenas-US107521
53Knifefight Order of the GoatTerenas-US106596Not updated
54Tulathis Opera non VerbaTerenas-US106189Not updated
55Mandane Opera non VerbaTerenas-US105996Not updated
56Renzo Eternal KeggersTerenas-US105944Not updated
57Sealedfate No Gold For YouTerenas-US105568Not updated
58Dlinkin  Terenas-US105519Not updated
59Sword The UnresolvedTerenas-US105223
60Moonsbane  Terenas-US104884Not updated
61Demilas Gladius de DeusTerenas-US102315
62Constinae  Terenas-US102024Not updated
63Windblade The ForgivenTerenas-US101708Not updated
64Blueflu Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US101128
65Dragondeath  Terenas-US100062Not updated
66Manyppl THOR IS HERETerenas-US99209Not updated
67Darsen Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US97984
68Ventha  Terenas-US97889Not updated
69Geldorff Gladius de DeusTerenas-US97146
70Bghore HigHLandeRsTerenas-US96552Not updated
71Vyla Stehlen LifeTerenas-US96550Not updated
72Abrakadabra Gnome RavagersTerenas-US96286Not updated
73Gilgadrend HostilityTerenas-US93924
74Krysus Weeping AngelsTerenas-US92512
75Warlockrage DystopiaTerenas-US91406Not updated
76Raidin Not DisplayedTerenas-US89836Not updated
77Murana BlasphemyTerenas-US89431
78Takeudown BossologyTerenas-US89106Not updated
79Deerwen HoradrimTerenas-US88882
80Zerokaze Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US88638Not updated
81Xtasy  Terenas-US88550Not updated
82Beheamuth  Terenas-US87472Not updated
83Ezzandian Remnants of AncientGloryTerenas-US86060Not updated
84Sobcheck The DesecratedTerenas-US85592
84Nóis  Terenas-US85592Not updated
86Nadda Opera non VerbaTerenas-US85299Not updated
87Havoque Celestial UprisingTerenas-US84742Not updated
88Miguelus  Terenas-US84414Not updated
89Rubius Gladius de DeusTerenas-US83698Not updated
90Lightningbug Upside DownTerenas-US83653Not updated
91Malachi Stehlen LifeTerenas-US83652Not updated
92Missmarsha No Gold For YouTerenas-US83633
93Dyingbride Damians LegionTerenas-US83591Not updated
94Schweizerbar HostilityTerenas-US83586
95Mydyingbride Damians LegionTerenas-US83382Not updated
96Kanossa  Terenas-US83359Not updated
97Dominatus Opera non VerbaTerenas-US83355Not updated
98Miloughah Opera non VerbaTerenas-US82872
99Ninklesko Axis of AnarchyTerenas-US82521Not updated
100Seannagoat Eternal KeggersTerenas-US81847Not updated

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