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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Terenas-EU Honorable Kills
1Herne The FiftyTerenas-EU411079Not updated
2Isabeller Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU384665Not updated
3Firehoof PreparationTerenas-EU330378Not updated
4Gyro United KingdomsTerenas-EU301762Not updated
5Wappie  Terenas-EU244455Not updated
6Hellconquer Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU231138Not updated
7Deepdish x LegionTerenas-EU230411Not updated
8Littlehempy  Terenas-EU219211Not updated
9Velestra  Terenas-EU206134Not updated
10Copystring Never Back DownTerenas-EU196216Not updated
11Shamhat We got AggroTerenas-EU189279Not updated
12Lurna Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU187473Not updated
13Headrazor HeadhuntersTerenas-EU178152Not updated
14Dethoz Pax VobiscumTerenas-EU176567Not updated
15Pokmatiil Dies IraeTerenas-EU176213Not updated
16Universequee Shadow of LightTerenas-EU176062Not updated
17Dedr  Terenas-EU164501Not updated
18Wickedbone WolverineTerenas-EU157567Not updated
19Silmarlis HeadhuntersTerenas-EU157424Not updated
20Plumz Live to TellTerenas-EU156169Not updated
21Corriel Night WatchTerenas-EU153836Not updated
22Grindan De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU148661Not updated
23Slight Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU141908Not updated
24Morderus  Terenas-EU141409Not updated
25Meléna ParadeuxTerenas-EU140506Not updated
26Aeye PvPGodsTerenas-EU139999Not updated
27Lastroman Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU138517Not updated
28Rokag InpaktTerenas-EU138247Not updated
29Typecast  Terenas-EU137262Not updated
30Squigmaster InpaktTerenas-EU136961Not updated
31Loitsujõud Cake or PieTerenas-EU136458Not updated
32Dohment PvP RatedTerenas-EU134785Not updated
33Donfalken Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU131172Not updated
34Milheroj  Terenas-EU131053Not updated
35Roked We got AggroTerenas-EU130383Not updated
36Pandemix Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU127794Not updated
37Petri Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU127533Not updated
38Khardinal InpaktTerenas-EU127515Not updated
39Thorns Morituri Te SalutantTerenas-EU125520Not updated
40Odge DawnTerenas-EU124169Not updated
41Tulaa Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU122961Not updated
42Endawin ParadeuxTerenas-EU120158Not updated
43Evangalist Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU119880Not updated
44Drakul MMOs Before HoesTerenas-EU118875Not updated
45Balarak The VikingsTerenas-EU117942Not updated
46Machobane  Terenas-EU117241Not updated
47Eefje De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU116926Not updated
48Beholder Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU116258Not updated
49Wardan InpaktTerenas-EU112852Not updated
50Huffpuff Night WatchTerenas-EU112356Not updated
51Gumrot singulariusTerenas-EU107305Not updated
52Rhamah ExodusTerenas-EU106940Not updated
53Tritor My Day Will ComeTerenas-EU106878Not updated
54Azshbeard  Terenas-EU105894Not updated
55Kniver  Terenas-EU105705Not updated
56Bentis Rockers DelightTerenas-EU105618Not updated
57Mememoq BloodlinesTerenas-EU105301Not updated
58Wonton  Terenas-EU105272Not updated
59Kcx The VikingsTerenas-EU105214Not updated
60Lorain Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU104922Not updated
61Hallek  Terenas-EU104048Not updated
62Mennace Dies IraeTerenas-EU103304Not updated
63Carinea  Terenas-EU102581Not updated
64Fliza Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU102498Not updated
65Truck  Terenas-EU102033Not updated
66Ishayu ParadeuxTerenas-EU101904Not updated
67Erghziel We got AggroTerenas-EU100650Not updated
68Ironhelm Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU99833Not updated
69Snowcat  Terenas-EU98682Not updated
70Ibliis  Terenas-EU98652Not updated
71Silentpro Slackers IncTerenas-EU98125Not updated
72Lovacmilivoj ParadeuxTerenas-EU97544Not updated
73Astil  Terenas-EU97175Not updated
74Derangie We got AggroTerenas-EU97004Not updated
75Theadoric Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU96499Not updated
76Tregar Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU96398Not updated
77Frostbiterx PvP RatedTerenas-EU95969Not updated
78Tothan Live to TellTerenas-EU95762Not updated
79Shoemaster  Terenas-EU94522Not updated
80Hinge DawnTerenas-EU94249Not updated
81Gramaton PantheonTerenas-EU94083Not updated
82Nightspawn InpaktTerenas-EU93137Not updated
83Wilko Power RNGersTerenas-EU92701Not updated
84Thormanth  Terenas-EU92065Not updated
85Nenya HeadhuntersTerenas-EU91534Not updated
86Achilleas  Terenas-EU90750Not updated
87Pinggpongg Dragoon EvolutionTerenas-EU90645Not updated
88Misshill SwordidTerenas-EU90349Not updated
89Superial PvP RatedTerenas-EU90290Not updated
90Andydenstora The VikingsTerenas-EU88811Not updated
91Fangar Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU88643Not updated
92Smarg  Terenas-EU88431Not updated
93Naturemight  Terenas-EU88125Not updated
94Unsaidsword twentythreeTerenas-EU87921Not updated
95Artock ExodusTerenas-EU87310Not updated
96Cinameen HeadhuntersTerenas-EU86945Not updated
97Masivemo Shadow of LightTerenas-EU86888Not updated
98Bisack The VikingsTerenas-EU86788Not updated
99Jhon The RecklessTerenas-EU86066Not updated
100Strigoiu RuneTerenas-EU86044Not updated

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