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Tanaris-US Honorable Kills
1Caligos Blades of WinterTanaris-US284277
2Wolfrik Keep What You KillTanaris-US274422
3Trixx Control Alt EliteTanaris-US271083Not updated
4Doggystylez  Tanaris-US203721Not updated
5Nyquill The Dark SideTanaris-US199549
6Dahtz  Tanaris-US192954Not updated
7Acapulco Tao of OdinTanaris-US186748Not updated
8Remedie The UnnamedTanaris-US186053
9Elfiya WoWTanaris-US172647
10Xhit Blades of WinterTanaris-US171156Not updated
11Flameshokk  Tanaris-US165342Not updated
12Flaymeshokk  Tanaris-US164759Not updated
13Ashebloom The Forsaken FewTanaris-US164213Not updated
14Urthshokk  Tanaris-US163637Not updated
15Frostshokk  Tanaris-US153968Not updated
16Tajackaho  Tanaris-US145697Not updated
17Ravenstavah Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US145498Not updated
18Ajustice Super Special AwesomeTanaris-US141758Not updated
19Gáry SecessionTanaris-US137840
20Sharppaw That One GuildTanaris-US137443
21Syler The UnnamedTanaris-US134043
22Redcrayon ExcellenceTanaris-US131462
23Ñecrõmancy  Tanaris-US128982Not updated
24Kwahono JadedTanaris-US128389
25Alone  Tanaris-US124023Not updated
26Mossy  Tanaris-US123773Not updated
27Althamon South of HeavenTanaris-US122834
28Deathsvice  Tanaris-US120940Not updated
29Venem  Tanaris-US120368Not updated
30Dounpanek Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US119358Not updated
31Veedar Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US117643
32Mondragon DefianceTanaris-US116910Not updated
33Turbine The UnnamedTanaris-US116840
34Prêdâtôr Edge of MadnessTanaris-US114124
35Stephan  Tanaris-US113265Not updated
36Micayla Tao of OdinTanaris-US113083Not updated
37Stabiez Righteous and WickedTanaris-US112840Not updated
38Kadir Wave of MutilationTanaris-US112171Not updated
39Mothor JadedTanaris-US111865
40Womansmash Anti Horde CoalitionTanaris-US111323Not updated
41Misslilith Tao of OdinTanaris-US111315Not updated
42Memoire iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatTanaris-US109494Not updated
43Téd  Tanaris-US108251Not updated
44Chestyleroux Binary SoloTanaris-US106978Not updated
45Dablue ProstTanaris-US106960Not updated
46Stinkyfingr  Tanaris-US106295
47Lathionis shadows knightsTanaris-US106232Not updated
48Bloodbringer SolitudeTanaris-US105750Not updated
49Vikturus ExcellenceTanaris-US105015Not updated
50Enmity Tao of OdinTanaris-US104759
51Xerochance Sanctus VoragoTanaris-US104370Not updated
52Moonglum Dark LibertyTanaris-US103631Not updated
53Profitz LiberationTanaris-US102515
54Mahah Blood AsylumTanaris-US101729Not updated
55Befael Renegade AllianceTanaris-US101608
56Sietzer LMFAOTanaris-US101087Not updated
57Kiksuyapi  Tanaris-US99852Not updated
58Ziwzo Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US98376Not updated
59Yajirobe  Tanaris-US97480Not updated
60Elanti LockDownTanaris-US96998
61Shaogorath Tao of OdinTanaris-US96958
62Xson Vermin of DeathTanaris-US95761Not updated
63Moahdeeb Living Is OptionalTanaris-US94353
64Firrosa EvasionTanaris-US93901Not updated
65Darkpassnger Candy Coated KillahzTanaris-US91419
66Bonegnawer Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US91041Not updated
67Severence Martyrdom ParadeTanaris-US90867Not updated
68Tjuice The UnnamedTanaris-US90852
69Kirboth  Tanaris-US90621Not updated
70Codemann That One GuildTanaris-US88493Not updated
71Ethomaszz JadedTanaris-US88445
72Makaveli Im Aight ThoTanaris-US87794Not updated
73Aggroexpert  Tanaris-US87415Not updated
74Eutriv  Tanaris-US86483
75Coupage  Tanaris-US86145Not updated
76When The UnnamedTanaris-US85863Not updated
77Absinth Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US85771Not updated
78Gertrut GestaltTanaris-US85717Not updated
79Kaynos Souls of the ForgottenTanaris-US85381Not updated
80Seeknstrike Farmers IncorporatedTanaris-US85373Not updated
81Cymoril RighteousTanaris-US85044Not updated
82Lockspriest  Tanaris-US83737Not updated
83Daymus Majestic DragonsTanaris-US83668Not updated
84Lastrightz  Tanaris-US83335
85Leeswarrior  Tanaris-US83306Not updated
86Sundoll SecessionTanaris-US83258
87Dumbldork LockDownTanaris-US83106
88Helman  Tanaris-US82880Not updated
89Darknektan The Dark LegacyTanaris-US82832Not updated
90Feoleets  Tanaris-US82629Not updated
91Evajäger DefianceTanaris-US82327
92Fauric Circle of LightTanaris-US82184
93Smint The Dark SideTanaris-US81719Not updated
94Mirosa Get Off My LawnTanaris-US80998Not updated
95Matog Blades of WinterTanaris-US80928Not updated
96Agnakorr Martyrdom ParadeTanaris-US80447Not updated
97Glenoagaino AbsolutionTanaris-US78355Not updated
98Mentality The Dark SideTanaris-US78076Not updated
99Archtemplar  Tanaris-US77368Not updated
100Jep Eighty SixTanaris-US76819Not updated

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