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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Suramar-EU Honorable Kills
1Mercator Alliance UltimeSuramar-EU983012Not updated
2Badjo Les AssassinsSuramar-EU361691Not updated
3Azgull NeeD SaucissESuramar-EU337338Not updated
4Alyciã Légion des DamnésSuramar-EU307797Not updated
5Aldébarann Los Diablos Of SuramarSuramar-EU276936Not updated
6Tothoo Les Loups De KalimdorSuramar-EU255721Not updated
7Sysiphe arcadiaSuramar-EU244419Not updated
8Barenor ForsakënSuramar-EU219506Not updated
9Ponchovillar  Suramar-EU210809Not updated
10Moquette  Suramar-EU206037Not updated
11Flaubert RictusempraSuramar-EU205388Not updated
12Féetaud CalimehtarSuramar-EU198077Not updated
13Bracken Les AssassinsSuramar-EU186948Not updated
14Corten At the Heart of DarknessSuramar-EU176685Not updated
15Kalhone Les Rebelles d AzerothSuramar-EU176547Not updated
16Hagna ImhotepSuramar-EU169550Not updated
17Bosschris Ordre des TempliersSuramar-EU167120Not updated
18Khosan OxydSuramar-EU166842Not updated
19Irwiin NeeD SaucissESuramar-EU163100Not updated
20Lartimax RictusempraSuramar-EU159694Not updated
21Wantêd MahytikaSuramar-EU159131Not updated
22Filoo Les trente ans et plusSuramar-EU154378Not updated
23Feardotbye At the Heart of DarknessSuramar-EU154349Not updated
24Pipolu Ordre Sacré de CamelotSuramar-EU153685Not updated
25Orksovage euphorieSuramar-EU152944Not updated
26Souleyman OxydSuramar-EU147008Not updated
27Chaxx Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU143348Not updated
28Erézina Hell GangSuramar-EU143201Not updated
29Eldo MahytikaSuramar-EU141617Not updated
30Râkham LégendairesSuramar-EU137388Not updated
31Excalibür  Suramar-EU137354Not updated
32Gilrohel ImhotepSuramar-EU137334Not updated
33Oroque Les têtes de WowSuramar-EU136828Not updated
34Arcaw OxydSuramar-EU134615Not updated
35Ermìa At the Heart of DarknessSuramar-EU130204Not updated
36Manonfire ProméthéeSuramar-EU128865Not updated
37Missheal I am sterdamSuramar-EU127031Not updated
38Æzøløl MahytikaSuramar-EU126863Not updated
39Silkan Les Rebelles d AzerothSuramar-EU126234Not updated
40Healling Les trente ans et plusSuramar-EU125270Not updated
41ßøø  Suramar-EU125029Not updated
42Rönïn MahytikaSuramar-EU124679Not updated
43Ergoht ImhotepSuramar-EU123722Not updated
44Kadixia OxydSuramar-EU122713Not updated
45Happÿ MahytikaSuramar-EU120530Not updated
46Brolliy  Suramar-EU120385Not updated
47Centor  Suramar-EU120215Not updated
48Relentlessx MahytikaSuramar-EU119931Not updated
49Anzaanilja  Suramar-EU119285Not updated
50Kirtan Los Diablos Of SuramarSuramar-EU118110Not updated
51Høskÿ  Suramar-EU116825Not updated
52Circaete wow la menaceSuramar-EU114484Not updated
53Kalimbo MahytikaSuramar-EU112227Not updated
54Søxy SURAMAR IN DA PLACESuramar-EU111748Not updated
55Løvejøy ImhotepSuramar-EU111177Not updated
56Pkx Hell GangSuramar-EU110653Not updated
57Møükat CalimehtarSuramar-EU110502Not updated
58Voleurdevie  Suramar-EU109423Not updated
59Frâ  Suramar-EU109283Not updated
60Bohème Harmonia MundiSuramar-EU107411Not updated
61Nautïlus Les Chevaliers EternelsSuramar-EU106725Not updated
62Videngeur  Suramar-EU106181Not updated
63Eriomus RictusempraSuramar-EU105938Not updated
64Ouinouin  Suramar-EU104796Not updated
65Vorhawks ImhotepSuramar-EU103640Not updated
66Søxye  Suramar-EU103385Not updated
67Nevin CalimehtarSuramar-EU102150Not updated
68Billoul OrigoSuramar-EU102144Not updated
69Zouwani ImhotepSuramar-EU102048Not updated
70Karfax  Suramar-EU101954Not updated
71Pryide  Suramar-EU101510Not updated
72Zauquarix  Suramar-EU101470Not updated
73Zangezu ønepeaceSuramar-EU101469Not updated
74Kourskindale  Suramar-EU100287Not updated
75Nevïn CalimehtarSuramar-EU99384Not updated
76Scirocco ConsiliumSuramar-EU99047Not updated
77Liliebunny OrigoSuramar-EU99003Not updated
78Xalthor Harmonia MundiSuramar-EU97526Not updated
79Ulrach Illégitime DéfenseSuramar-EU97477Not updated
80Reckfull  Suramar-EU96717Not updated
81Pikefesse At the Heart of DarknessSuramar-EU95795Not updated
82Ðæñz MahytikaSuramar-EU95248Not updated
83Hailie  Suramar-EU94870Not updated
84Gtecrame Eternal KnightsSuramar-EU94866Not updated
85Léopup Les indomptablesSuramar-EU94623Not updated
86Bateltouille Guilde de BateltouilleSuramar-EU94512Not updated
87Flèck  Suramar-EU93920Not updated
88Redemp Les MurlocsSuramar-EU93595Not updated
89Veyron OrigoSuramar-EU93567Not updated
90Tonan Heart And HalfSuramar-EU92956Not updated
91Føst  Suramar-EU91905Not updated
92Crogars darck of warcraftSuramar-EU90923Not updated
93Ürigan CalimehtarSuramar-EU90316Not updated
94Llëa Division CarnageSuramar-EU90243Not updated
95Poloturions is a legendeSuramar-EU90054Not updated
96Isley A one againSuramar-EU89961Not updated
97Yzzie BattleSuramar-EU89943Not updated
98Lunaeï Licence IVSuramar-EU89168Not updated
99Elipse  Suramar-EU89054Not updated
100Rikrak Les AssassinsSuramar-EU88939Not updated

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