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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sunstrider-EU Honorable Kills
1Linesman SynergizeSunstrider-EU314899Not updated
2Merlinlock ValhallSunstrider-EU261331Not updated
3Ferdi High as a Pandaren KiteSunstrider-EU241093Not updated
4Dudski BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU224379Not updated
5Marolec  Sunstrider-EU218567Not updated
6Marcushazen Silver RavensSunstrider-EU218305Not updated
7Múlivitamin Believe The HypeSunstrider-EU206906Not updated
8Plumka High as a Pandaren KiteSunstrider-EU194745Not updated
9Holywhat Chaos TherapySunstrider-EU193910Not updated
10Gremmory Nox Noctis VigiloSunstrider-EU189513Not updated
11Jackidaniels MaleSunstrider-EU186991Not updated
12Cocce Kung Fu PandarenSunstrider-EU176720Not updated
13Psychosmtc  Sunstrider-EU172759Not updated
14Outofmind Shenanigans IncSunstrider-EU165774Not updated
15Wentigo CorruptionSunstrider-EU159417Not updated
16Pureblue Ignorance is BlissSunstrider-EU156083Not updated
17Lysdal  Sunstrider-EU152897Not updated
18Givpie Bloody DisorderSunstrider-EU152370Not updated
19Dönicken Plz mom one more hourSunstrider-EU151762Not updated
20Nugget Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU148949Not updated
21Ferditwo BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU148361Not updated
22Ztridh SerendipitySunstrider-EU145103Not updated
23Kalika HumbleSunstrider-EU141852Not updated
24Lensai ChaldkydriSunstrider-EU140429Not updated
25Infamy the LodgeSunstrider-EU139341Not updated
26Sozkovo LegacySunstrider-EU138740Not updated
27Kinkimono Group TwoSunstrider-EU138055Not updated
28Cojy Moral DecaySunstrider-EU137223Not updated
29Fëdor InfidelsSunstrider-EU136438Not updated
30Smeket EGDASunstrider-EU136356Not updated
31Ámelia Highly CensoredSunstrider-EU135865Not updated
32Bamhot Chaotic DreamsSunstrider-EU134889Not updated
33Kornflake Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU132656Not updated
34Nemoriel AphorismSunstrider-EU131886Not updated
35Illyrian VeteransSunstrider-EU131873Not updated
36Rmp BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU131570Not updated
37Morphling  Sunstrider-EU130755Not updated
38Infedy  Sunstrider-EU129596Not updated
39Saymore Chaos TherapySunstrider-EU128567Not updated
40Artorath Moral DecaySunstrider-EU128506Not updated
41Yautja The Grumpy GoblinSunstrider-EU126883Not updated
42Loosefur  Sunstrider-EU126723Not updated
43Bethmc Texs SlagsSunstrider-EU124052Not updated
44Thürin In The MixSunstrider-EU121192Not updated
45Killuminati InfidelsSunstrider-EU121171Not updated
46Kaminski After DarkSunstrider-EU121145Not updated
47Demonrow Line of SightSunstrider-EU119857Not updated
48Skilliz WarmongersSunstrider-EU117434Not updated
49Zoulex IM A WHALE OROOAOROOASunstrider-EU116796Not updated
50Kudru The Devils RejectSunstrider-EU115802Not updated
51Myttarn Plz mom one more hourSunstrider-EU115430Not updated
52Leion Silver RavensSunstrider-EU114297Not updated
53Warley Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU113954Not updated
54Valnor Invisible Pink UnicornSunstrider-EU113947Not updated
55Nediyo Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU112726Not updated
56Orggo Angels off DeathSunstrider-EU112373Not updated
57Fézy Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU112299Not updated
58Aruc Olympen AllstarsSunstrider-EU111576Not updated
59Flovmand The CômpanySunstrider-EU111255Not updated
60Mixl Bloody DisorderSunstrider-EU111037Not updated
61Malicus Moral DecaySunstrider-EU110698Not updated
62Tyrenicus TribeSunstrider-EU110041Not updated
63Avitohol  Sunstrider-EU109221Not updated
64Kazuke EmoSunstrider-EU108875Not updated
65Hellzombi  Sunstrider-EU108715Not updated
66Grago BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU108657Not updated
67Barbarros Led ZeppelinSunstrider-EU108360Not updated
68Vazleen Oblivion AscendantsSunstrider-EU107246Not updated
69Nuc MythicSunstrider-EU106835Not updated
70Braywin  Sunstrider-EU106650Not updated
71Axekalibur Super CerealSunstrider-EU106457Not updated
72Chunkmiester Silver RavensSunstrider-EU106343Not updated
73Killerzombie BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU105986Not updated
74Sinebrychoff BOCTOKSunstrider-EU105250Not updated
75Exayle ShatteredSunstrider-EU105123Not updated
76Erevos Moral DecaySunstrider-EU104736Not updated
77Geharet  Sunstrider-EU104700Not updated
78Diaar Nulli SecundusSunstrider-EU104487Not updated
79Sekel KultapossukerhoSunstrider-EU103876Not updated
80Sjelkon Army of hordesSunstrider-EU103422Not updated
81Barathor Silver RavensSunstrider-EU103161Not updated
82Shärk Armed and LoadedSunstrider-EU102936Not updated
83Amaymon Celestial DarknessSunstrider-EU102922Not updated
84Ike RescueSunstrider-EU102774Not updated
85Prettybeast  Sunstrider-EU102450Not updated
86Letalis BOCTOKSunstrider-EU102262Not updated
87Pameela ShatteredSunstrider-EU101440Not updated
88Pocahontas Wasted PenguinzSunstrider-EU101263Not updated
89Kretzor The Devils RejectSunstrider-EU100967Not updated
90Roflmal CryMoreSunstrider-EU100657Not updated
91Akumã JUS PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTHSunstrider-EU99339Not updated
92Rng  Sunstrider-EU98946Not updated
93Shágger Wasted PenguinzSunstrider-EU98490Not updated
94Wárriory  Sunstrider-EU97404Not updated
95Shadowbreth  Sunstrider-EU97230Not updated
96Luandinho DoktorsSunstrider-EU97213Not updated
97Naustro EmpireSunstrider-EU97201Not updated
98Scorponok FairytaleSunstrider-EU95660Not updated
99Willybounce  Sunstrider-EU94697Not updated
100Arioss EclipseSunstrider-EU94071Not updated

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