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Stormscale-EU Honorable Kills
1Daphneodera PVP IncStormscale-EU92006Not updated
2Slapmesoft PVP IncStormscale-EU69955Not updated
3Tancey PVP IncStormscale-EU63177Not updated
4Frugrim PVP IncStormscale-EU57911Not updated
5Pinno PVP IncStormscale-EU35219Not updated
6Sostone PVP IncStormscale-EU31871Not updated
7Ossenhaas PVP IncStormscale-EU30948Not updated
8Tabaee PVP IncStormscale-EU28812Not updated
9Grówler PVP IncStormscale-EU26771Not updated
10Tabbii PVP IncStormscale-EU25289Not updated
11Aurõrá PVP IncStormscale-EU25157Not updated
12Omensmoke PVP IncStormscale-EU20435Not updated
13Faklove PVP IncStormscale-EU18822Not updated
14Sourz PVP IncStormscale-EU18821Not updated
15Tanzz PVP IncStormscale-EU17067Not updated
16Zaithy PVP IncStormscale-EU15025Not updated
17Pvpwner PVP IncStormscale-EU14439Not updated
18Stopwhining PVP IncStormscale-EU14249Not updated
19Øverpowered PVP IncStormscale-EU14224Not updated
20Taboe PVP IncStormscale-EU13990Not updated
21Warò PVP IncStormscale-EU13341Not updated
22Faktank PVP IncStormscale-EU12652Not updated
23Amrita PVP IncStormscale-EU12354Not updated
24Gotaeighty PVP IncStormscale-EU12061Not updated
25Amaril PVP IncStormscale-EU12016Not updated
26Fzzii PVP IncStormscale-EU11252Not updated
27Tabii PVP IncStormscale-EU9819
28Fzzy PVP IncStormscale-EU9678Not updated
29Sowi PVP IncStormscale-EU8562Not updated
30Puipui PVP IncStormscale-EU8225Not updated
31Tòny PVP IncStormscale-EU8147Not updated
32Deadlybruv PVP IncStormscale-EU8019Not updated
33Ío PVP IncStormscale-EU7245Not updated
34Nuxillion PVP IncStormscale-EU6780Not updated
35Isbjoern PVP IncStormscale-EU6532Not updated
36Pijaquissu PVP IncStormscale-EU6396Not updated
37Elki PVP IncStormscale-EU6184Not updated
38Daéváx PVP IncStormscale-EU5975Not updated
39Heîneken PVP IncStormscale-EU5846Not updated
40Morzâw PVP IncStormscale-EU5414Not updated
41Nerfin PVP IncStormscale-EU4948Not updated
42Sfikse PVP IncStormscale-EU4751
43Gotchu PVP IncStormscale-EU4211Not updated
44Skurlog PVP IncStormscale-EU4194Not updated
45Snokii PVP IncStormscale-EU4088Not updated
46Shikarí PVP IncStormscale-EU3910Not updated
47Milku PVP IncStormscale-EU3902Not updated
48Fenigor PVP IncStormscale-EU3648Not updated
49Zblàdes PVP IncStormscale-EU3224Not updated
50Palareaper PVP IncStormscale-EU3070Not updated
51Swagsponge PVP IncStormscale-EU2622Not updated
52Zipzapper PVP IncStormscale-EU2610Not updated
53Thornbur PVP IncStormscale-EU1800Not updated
54Orillion PVP IncStormscale-EU1287Not updated
55Kashka PVP IncStormscale-EU1178Not updated

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