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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Honorable Kills
1Gwen Z A OStormscale-EU761250Not updated
2Predeter Hellscreams AngelsStormscale-EU705466Not updated
3Mickstrider Scarlet ReignStormscale-EU405171Not updated
4Hokkstar AlternateStormscale-EU328090Not updated
5Îronhand  Stormscale-EU322913Not updated
6Diablous The Darkest RedStormscale-EU314145Not updated
7Unclelambo AeonStormscale-EU309317Not updated
8Fedaykin Dark TranquillityStormscale-EU306127Not updated
9Anthems RECK CITY TWITCHStormscale-EU303851Not updated
10Spede  Stormscale-EU299638Not updated
11Voltexx SanctionStormscale-EU296630Not updated
12Shiinz SemideusStormscale-EU288302Not updated
13Imyourpope The UnsponsoredStormscale-EU286075Not updated
14Hawthorn  Stormscale-EU279161Not updated
15Rokjetfjuel  Stormscale-EU275870Not updated
16Serpenta Survival Is My GameStormscale-EU272003Not updated
17Orbidayn JukedStormscale-EU271687Not updated
18Zyèx  Stormscale-EU270597Not updated
19Draxzer Sapphic IncStormscale-EU260188Not updated
20Aloneofnight DOOM SQUADStormscale-EU257648Not updated
21Psihosoft Is LazyStormscale-EU255100Not updated
22Davilol AwoLStormscale-EU253988Not updated
23Notb Midnight MayorsStormscale-EU249728Not updated
24Íblis The Big BangStormscale-EU249574Not updated
25Erevøs PvEers PvPingStormscale-EU249456Not updated
26Shimurà YåspresentStormscale-EU249032Not updated
27Olddeadrob Mystic RealmStormscale-EU244950Not updated
28Grimgott  Stormscale-EU239877Not updated
29Dozas  Stormscale-EU236727Not updated
30Valdés P R I D EStormscale-EU235589Not updated
31Wardancerdk high im hiStormscale-EU234131Not updated
32Dîspatchx Kamikaze CrewStormscale-EU232487Not updated
33Xsèn Instance RhythmStormscale-EU232457Not updated
34Caize  Stormscale-EU230778Not updated
35Ham Z A OStormscale-EU228197Not updated
36Darkist Arena On FireStormscale-EU227603Not updated
37Maybeyoû FatGnomesAreHardToKidnapStormscale-EU226246Not updated
38Whysøserious hey im avgStormscale-EU222218Not updated
39Woeoeoet AwoLStormscale-EU221035Not updated
40Peanüt LOOK MUMMY IM FAMOUSStormscale-EU217552Not updated
41Dirtydúck Tactical FacepâlmStormscale-EU217013Not updated
42Nyxel Z A OStormscale-EU214345Not updated
43Nosfuratu Legacy of the northStormscale-EU211151Not updated
44Astolfo hey im avgStormscale-EU210571Not updated
45Redhotjelly  Stormscale-EU210403Not updated
46Kinalikuzu FAIL SQUADStormscale-EU209895Not updated
47Kostrohan Super Phun ThymesStormscale-EU209628Not updated
48Riddîck MMRdcoreStormscale-EU208624Not updated
49Fåbftw Z A OStormscale-EU208435Not updated
50Shinaitsuky We pvp nakedStormscale-EU208082Not updated
51Okkidokie Helemaal van het PadjeStormscale-EU207197Not updated
52Jokobus Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU206511Not updated
53Shézy AnticsStormscale-EU205617Not updated
54Tairrieb Shh Were Huntin AlliesStormscale-EU205098Not updated
55Horderoll SanctionStormscale-EU204347Not updated
56Mirø YåspresentStormscale-EU201133Not updated
57Exilies SnapshotStormscale-EU199076Not updated
58Timzu PímpMyRNGStormscale-EU199000Not updated
59Chock AlternateStormscale-EU198892Not updated
60Wrathful I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU197409Not updated
61Praxxie PHEÑØMENONStormscale-EU196783Not updated
62Bobmaestro ShadowLegionStormscale-EU192921Not updated
63Barrascaa Blind WorldStormscale-EU190252Not updated
64Bonesbreaker  Stormscale-EU189077Not updated
65Bulletdeath HomoSapioiStormscale-EU188926Not updated
66Yeskela Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU188270Not updated
67Skimen Going NowhereStormscale-EU185765Not updated
68Stormhawk AlliancePopulationCtrlStormscale-EU185545Not updated
69Ghettodad ApogeeStormscale-EU182902Not updated
70Helløw Sunny BeachStormscale-EU182228Not updated
71Kaptenbrünk PekishStormscale-EU180854Not updated
72Guzuldar Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU179200Not updated
73Kidonama OblivionStormscale-EU178796Not updated
74Rutjake  Stormscale-EU178703Not updated
75Brumapar Few Good MenStormscale-EU177168Not updated
76Harddy shadow nightStormscale-EU176684Not updated
77Huru The Darkest RedStormscale-EU175643Not updated
78Hanabí BOYS CLUB girls keep outStormscale-EU173292Not updated
79Codyx Blind WorldStormscale-EU172445Not updated
80Coolidgé AlliancePopulationCtrlStormscale-EU170988Not updated
81Neophytè OríginStormscale-EU168316Not updated
82Shadowballs P R I D EStormscale-EU167436Not updated
83Choute BrewtalityStormscale-EU166981Not updated
84Apàche Grand GrandStormscale-EU166322Not updated
85Hugim SwornStormscale-EU166263Not updated
86Kalifá BooterangStormscale-EU165460Not updated
87Thexend RepentStormscale-EU165034Not updated
88Bamboosk The Darkest RedStormscale-EU164803Not updated
89Ùbber MetanoiaStormscale-EU163602Not updated
90Abyat SublimeStormscale-EU162948Not updated
91Nevlock PsychitudeStormscale-EU161887Not updated
92Laxsjön POPPA BLStormscale-EU161465Not updated
93Mádliß Grand RealityStormscale-EU160330Not updated
94Ventsi Looting TrainerStormscale-EU158474Not updated
95Crónos  Stormscale-EU158257Not updated
96Maizesee  Stormscale-EU157798Not updated
97Thefatcat ICECREAMStormscale-EU157438Not updated
98Kaverin ZebraStormscale-EU157294Not updated
99Stockholmz Death and GloryStormscale-EU156477Not updated
100Alarÿ  Stormscale-EU156298Not updated

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