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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-EU Honorable Kills
1Icèd RéqiuemStormreaver-EU337767Not updated
2Joloel Dark RitualStormreaver-EU316592Not updated
3Buktz Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU314785Not updated
4Hazal Arctic VikingsStormreaver-EU298651Not updated
5Shanden Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU284542Not updated
6Zam Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU279733Not updated
7Zombirela Undercity Motor ClubStormreaver-EU258819Not updated
8Leviculus Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU255078Not updated
9Thinq Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU254648Not updated
10Yeòn  Stormreaver-EU253218Not updated
11Zup  Stormreaver-EU251236Not updated
12Thecruncher  Stormreaver-EU251069Not updated
13Zsiana VäkívaltakuntaStormreaver-EU244712Not updated
14Saverok ArisenStormreaver-EU240041Not updated
15Todgér RegulatorsStormreaver-EU228590Not updated
16Satanzangel IlluminatiStormreaver-EU228209Not updated
17Bauk The MagnificentStormreaver-EU218730Not updated
18Espéranza IumentumStormreaver-EU203928Not updated
19Flickons hey im amateurStormreaver-EU196160Not updated
20Kimmó VeriveljetStormreaver-EU195353Not updated
21Acrophis Vigil FrigorisStormreaver-EU190721Not updated
22Seagul DisharmonyStormreaver-EU188156Not updated
23Tranqúl Life AfterStormreaver-EU184810Not updated
24Chilvary Still DeepStormreaver-EU181233Not updated
25Shefty  Stormreaver-EU179213Not updated
26Faded MinorityStormreaver-EU175787Not updated
27Avylo  Stormreaver-EU175364Not updated
28Indymoanz BLOOD ELFS SUXX BIG TIMEStormreaver-EU173340Not updated
29Raatelija Hate CrewStormreaver-EU167190Not updated
30Zeglig MissclickStormreaver-EU166573Not updated
31Krebosh TrolltygStormreaver-EU165648Not updated
32Zetzek GinnungaStormreaver-EU160190Not updated
33Nelch  Stormreaver-EU160144Not updated
34Abrakadabris TrolltygStormreaver-EU158702Not updated
35Kessu PerditionStormreaver-EU157425Not updated
36Sniperj  Stormreaver-EU154279Not updated
37Undeadned The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU151841Not updated
38Sjyk The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU150451Not updated
39Celany ColourStormreaver-EU147159Not updated
40Dúke PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMASStormreaver-EU146894Not updated
41Trinii Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU146815Not updated
42Zerics TrolltygStormreaver-EU145394Not updated
43Monkss EbriusStormreaver-EU144107Not updated
44Alabrq  Stormreaver-EU143544Not updated
45Chumara Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU142875Not updated
46Drefe ZeroProgressStormreaver-EU142259Not updated
47Joelßitar TrolltygStormreaver-EU142093Not updated
48Lambda DisharmonyStormreaver-EU141720Not updated
49Stevensmòóth The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU140919Not updated
50Madkap Steady diet of NothingStormreaver-EU140037Not updated
51Pliskens RegulatorsStormreaver-EU139751Not updated
52Nizoci Drunken Rooster GamingStormreaver-EU138796Not updated
53Söttelström ZeroProgressStormreaver-EU138010Not updated
54Zellii Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU137856Not updated
55Moonspamm BLOOD ELFS SUXX BIG TIMEStormreaver-EU137653Not updated
56Maggma EbriusStormreaver-EU137198Not updated
57Joji the Light of DawnStormreaver-EU136866Not updated
58Obivieres  Stormreaver-EU136751Not updated
59Lihakaira koira mastoonStormreaver-EU135909Not updated
60Beraru Dark RitualStormreaver-EU135829Not updated
61Zivux  Stormreaver-EU135816Not updated
62Dogsmack Steady diet of NothingStormreaver-EU134822Not updated
63Yngvarr The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU134196Not updated
64Ákuma  Stormreaver-EU134181Not updated
65Sumis Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU133251Not updated
66Kridi hey im amateurStormreaver-EU133056Not updated
67Rowes ColourStormreaver-EU132849Not updated
68Morzol Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU132437Not updated
69Maulwar RAJAStormreaver-EU132073Not updated
70Bis Power of WillStormreaver-EU131646Not updated
71Natasha EbriusStormreaver-EU131562Not updated
72Jusee SchweinStormreaver-EU131334Not updated
73Kridmane  Stormreaver-EU131064Not updated
74Bontho es ygösel ja globaliiStormreaver-EU130149Not updated
75Zilakka ArkunkantajatStormreaver-EU130082Not updated
76Blizer EliittiStormreaver-EU129502Not updated
77Quiz The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU129345Not updated
78Siskibaba Valkoiset MitsutStormreaver-EU129329Not updated
79Wyndorf  Stormreaver-EU129059Not updated
80Ikm Evil InsideStormreaver-EU128651Not updated
81Mdgz Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU128487Not updated
82Zivu  Stormreaver-EU127521Not updated
83Ultimate EbriusStormreaver-EU127151Not updated
84Thedoku  Stormreaver-EU126505Not updated
85Kàlel  Stormreaver-EU126348Not updated
86Tirre The IllyriansStormreaver-EU126298Not updated
87Huský ZeroProgressStormreaver-EU125544Not updated
88Tybza Optional House RulesStormreaver-EU125278Not updated
89Shamatic ArisenStormreaver-EU125220Not updated
90Prellee PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMASStormreaver-EU124154Not updated
91Haldür  Stormreaver-EU124153Not updated
92Mansikkainen Hullua olla paskaStormreaver-EU123999Not updated
93Velshin ColourStormreaver-EU123161Not updated
94Dumbu  Stormreaver-EU123008Not updated
95Jókér E V E R F R O S TStormreaver-EU122870Not updated
96Pimeähuora  Stormreaver-EU122420Not updated
97Forsa Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU122117Not updated
98Juolujuho Valkoiset MitsutStormreaver-EU121911Not updated
99Fallaxisalli ColourStormreaver-EU121878Not updated
100Tuoppí OR RIOTStormreaver-EU121852Not updated

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