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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Honorable Kills
1Lavagurl ProgressionStormrage-US405119Not updated
2Tarazaz True TenacityStormrage-US403125Not updated
3Atsën  Stormrage-US395285Not updated
4Rêddy Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US346692Not updated
5Candies  Stormrage-US345405Not updated
6Violentqt Damaged JusticeStormrage-US343970Not updated
7Cussword Omega ImperiumStormrage-US310444Not updated
8Liyorthis Last RitezStormrage-US309205Not updated
9Moonbreezer AftershockStormrage-US303589Not updated
10Starelf The Hand of MedivhStormrage-US303009Not updated
11Rottweizer  Stormrage-US294270Not updated
12Thardiac Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US268182Not updated
13Nerji ImproviseStormrage-US268075Not updated
14Entropqt  Stormrage-US261845Not updated
15Rayen EmeritusStormrage-US261600Not updated
16Ingweh DissonanceStormrage-US259156Not updated
17Tasseàthé TantalusStormrage-US250336Not updated
18Piasa  Stormrage-US249377Not updated
19Deepcold ExilésStormrage-US249260Not updated
20Jenyavu From Broken ShoresStormrage-US245066Not updated
21Aerolar Before The FallStormrage-US242515Not updated
22Floppey OpponentStormrage-US236954Not updated
23Jamallah MaturityStormrage-US235560Not updated
24Kariuto Death JestersStormrage-US230108Not updated
25Panl OpponentStormrage-US228485Not updated
26Raxin SolutionStormrage-US227480Not updated
27Ripskope Adult SupervisionStormrage-US227130Not updated
28Elth Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US223274Not updated
29Ashtrón Never ForgetStormrage-US221925Not updated
30Mezmaron  Stormrage-US221274Not updated
31Devastation Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US220247Not updated
32Winklemyer  Stormrage-US219647Not updated
33Mavranaaim  Stormrage-US216881Not updated
34Vivix ProgressionStormrage-US211050Not updated
35Elrich Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US210367Not updated
36Tens Death JestersStormrage-US209675Not updated
37Killermcdoom Kings of the NorthStormrage-US209546Not updated
38Ivgorod It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US206301Not updated
39Broadway  Stormrage-US206111Not updated
40Seekelor Intentions of FerocityStormrage-US201623Not updated
41Repressedx  Stormrage-US201125Not updated
42Moongypsie Firecow Is DownStormrage-US200497Not updated
43Maldobarr  Stormrage-US199763Not updated
44Growingrage  Stormrage-US197408Not updated
45Matuszak MelioraStormrage-US196966Not updated
46Thuñderhamer Never ForgetStormrage-US196839Not updated
47Nothrad Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US191633Not updated
48Razbiratnoro Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US189816Not updated
49Rizeabuv Midnight MafìaStormrage-US188670Not updated
50Jekuto  Stormrage-US187495Not updated
51Duana The BasinStormrage-US187401Not updated
52Pakn  Stormrage-US187215Not updated
53Mwah Opponent IIStormrage-US186699Not updated
54Theus IntegrityStormrage-US185214Not updated
55Galletastone We Pwn HordeStormrage-US183762Not updated
56Letterbomb In Other NewsStormrage-US182836Not updated
57Wreckital  Stormrage-US181524Not updated
58Drangleic  Stormrage-US181522Not updated
59Linkkiller Stormrage DefendersStormrage-US181244Not updated
60Wayrethx FurorStormrage-US178032Not updated
61Barsky Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US177891Not updated
62Killeea  Stormrage-US176672Not updated
63Romulus  Stormrage-US176293Not updated
64Zerdonya SociopathStormrage-US175960Not updated
65Nishaf IronBrotherHoodStormrage-US175859Not updated
66Heapstack DissonanceStormrage-US175599Not updated
67Saifa Morning MayhemStormrage-US175034Not updated
68Kenshinn Fates HandStormrage-US174006Not updated
69Ritmix vodkaStormrage-US173851Not updated
70Hawlke PremeditatedStormrage-US173540Not updated
71Roelath Diablo en MusicaStormrage-US173099Not updated
72Acrylic vodkaStormrage-US172944Not updated
73Frozencandy Penance RebornStormrage-US172926Not updated
74Daargoth EximiusStormrage-US170456Not updated
75Tuk  Stormrage-US169622Not updated
76Ohgeekush  Stormrage-US167280Not updated
77Rhea D'GentlemenStormrage-US165789Not updated
78Kiotti  Stormrage-US165348Not updated
79Hitrock Storm LegionStormrage-US165236Not updated
80Ocen The Light of DawnStormrage-US164294Not updated
81Xanhohoho DominionStormrage-US163073Not updated
82Melyloss Alt TabbedStormrage-US161953Not updated
83Pizznboots Banana BoysStormrage-US159514Not updated
84Lyrielbaenre So OriginalStormrage-US159247Not updated
85Jentai CrossFireStormrage-US158514Not updated
86Jelord Fast and FuriousStormrage-US158446Not updated
87Shellbullet Wildly InappropriateStormrage-US157936Not updated
88Dayse ProgressionStormrage-US157396Not updated
89Tikken Paradigm ShiftStormrage-US157357Not updated
90Nixxy Sparkle Bunny EmpireStormrage-US157230Not updated
91Smilez UnconqueredStormrage-US156764Not updated
92Shädowdeath Midnight MafìaStormrage-US156758Not updated
93Evilkami Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US156671Not updated
94Kittn Hit It Like You Mean ItStormrage-US156454Not updated
95Spiritlight No DiceStormrage-US156435Not updated
96Galvin Death JestersStormrage-US156003Not updated
97Oliasodruin  Stormrage-US154818Not updated
98Slayerjim Rock the CasbahStormrage-US153078Not updated
99Multanis SingularìtyStormrage-US152770Not updated
100Verlac  Stormrage-US152480Not updated

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