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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Honorable Kills
1Redfinshadow AvalerionStormrage-EU352633Not updated
2Himura ShivaStormrage-EU266077Not updated
3Seîryu Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU262130Not updated
4Ngebe  Stormrage-EU251657Not updated
5Windey AvalerionStormrage-EU221922Not updated
6Grobokop MercilessStormrage-EU220441Not updated
7Ripskins AuroraStormrage-EU212553Not updated
8Dryzzt Titan SoldiersStormrage-EU212269Not updated
9Driazzt Titan SoldiersStormrage-EU212141Not updated
10Esyraa Alliance SecurityStormrage-EU210640Not updated
11Morva SilencedStormrage-EU206060Not updated
12Peppino  Stormrage-EU200916Not updated
13Ringwraith GenesisStormrage-EU199055Not updated
14Nebula Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU195518Not updated
15Provedor Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU186720Not updated
16Modrak Bad LuckStormrage-EU178277Not updated
17Sardònyx Futures EndStormrage-EU171407Not updated
18Shadowmage AuroraStormrage-EU170883Not updated
19Dragoom The Old TimersStormrage-EU170426Not updated
20Kaza  Stormrage-EU169071Not updated
21Styyx  Stormrage-EU169061Not updated
22Magigurl SolsticeStormrage-EU167292Not updated
23Lydianite SolsticeStormrage-EU163590Not updated
24Azassin InsaniacsStormrage-EU161830Not updated
25Holycasso ScoutsStormrage-EU161059Not updated
26Stcue  Stormrage-EU157055Not updated
27Alexander ZealStormrage-EU156124Not updated
28Prue AuroraStormrage-EU152391Not updated
29Hyperion XistanceStormrage-EU152057Not updated
30Araon  Stormrage-EU151617Not updated
31Undur Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU151094Not updated
32Torbalan Evil DeadStormrage-EU150477Not updated
33Neoxc Zemsta KrecikaStormrage-EU147163Not updated
34Inglorion  Stormrage-EU145198Not updated
35Sonnyblue Nessun DormaStormrage-EU145024Not updated
36Siyana Mountains of ZoomStormrage-EU144578Not updated
37Ransan ShivaStormrage-EU144540Not updated
38Evildaveh KodeNStormrage-EU144118Not updated
39Brorzan IllustriousStormrage-EU143860Not updated
40Shamatíc IllustriousStormrage-EU143712Not updated
41Remeron Bound in BloodStormrage-EU143059Not updated
42Drakonfire Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU138126Not updated
43Lakeaxel Hell FollowsStormrage-EU138099Not updated
44Bladud Grom Hellscreams EliteStormrage-EU136647Not updated
45Dueydo  Stormrage-EU136610Not updated
46Christadecay Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU135390Not updated
47Dumpandchase JotCStormrage-EU134535Not updated
48Zombileena SolsticeStormrage-EU134241Not updated
49Krzywy Teatr CieniStormrage-EU133731Not updated
50Jindail AmicusStormrage-EU130809Not updated
51Vekten Shów No MercyStormrage-EU130002Not updated
52Sidescroller  Stormrage-EU129994Not updated
53Mildred Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU128991Not updated
54Killbe Heroes IncStormrage-EU126518Not updated
55Firbre RoninStormrage-EU126408Not updated
56Lhani Dark LightStormrage-EU125793Not updated
57Lotonero DamnationStormrage-EU124827Not updated
58Odasus Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU123439Not updated
59Leatherhead RoninStormrage-EU121385Not updated
60Girion AuroraStormrage-EU121365Not updated
61Chillow OathbreakersStormrage-EU121175Not updated
62Dïva STORM RAIDERStormrage-EU120888Not updated
63Gámbito IllustriousStormrage-EU119300Not updated
64Lum GenesisStormrage-EU117870Not updated
65Doktorx ParallaxStormrage-EU117864Not updated
66Toadtoe  Stormrage-EU117482Not updated
67Puppeteér  Stormrage-EU117257Not updated
68Nomadius The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU115897Not updated
69Kassi AuroraStormrage-EU115880Not updated
70Icestein ParadigmaStormrage-EU115226Not updated
71Benib AvalerionStormrage-EU114994Not updated
72Kinli JoonbeStormrage-EU114987Not updated
73Xalan Its not Brain SurgeryStormrage-EU114550Not updated
74Homerekka AvalerionStormrage-EU113935Not updated
75Jefer Middle EastStormrage-EU113030Not updated
76Fireice AvalerionStormrage-EU112263Not updated
77Kazue SeventhStormrage-EU112059Not updated
78Postpwnd Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU112029Not updated
79Babyfacekill Evil DeadStormrage-EU111828Not updated
80Novack  Stormrage-EU111714Not updated
81Stkiller Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU111528Not updated
82Pantherar  Stormrage-EU110804Not updated
83Simens Sacred WillStormrage-EU110015Not updated
84Raguoc Cerberus GuardStormrage-EU108532Not updated
85Noldorimbor AvalerionStormrage-EU107932Not updated
86Toph Wombles Of The WorldStormrage-EU107239Not updated
87Cis FlameOnStormrage-EU106692Not updated
88Talonos PretereoStormrage-EU106580Not updated
89Rurka Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU106564Not updated
90Haydenwkqt IllustriousStormrage-EU106005Not updated
91Mulley Player of the MonthStormrage-EU105918Not updated
92Rogosifredi Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU105470Not updated
93Alixas  Stormrage-EU105351Not updated
94Pithia Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU105211Not updated
95Dreamtusk DamnationStormrage-EU105191Not updated
96Pikalina DamnationStormrage-EU105162Not updated
97Babau Mist of fearStormrage-EU104406Not updated
98Ysellian  Stormrage-EU103644Not updated
99Fazdar  Stormrage-EU102890Not updated
100Zippra StormwolvesStormrage-EU102649Not updated

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