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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stonemaul-US Honorable Kills
1Autonomy UEStonemaul-US457715Not updated
2Nightraven  Stonemaul-US278042Not updated
3Beezlebop Stands in FireStonemaul-US237779Not updated
4Nixonboy  Stonemaul-US236157Not updated
5Breill  Stonemaul-US204211Not updated
6Seventizz UEStonemaul-US201221Not updated
7Brandizzle YOUR BUMMEDStonemaul-US199102Not updated
8ßîshüp  Stonemaul-US182692Not updated
9Nassir RoadkillStonemaul-US175037Not updated
10Mogrem Decapitated PenguinsStonemaul-US172557Not updated
11Pewpew ResurgenceStonemaul-US171839Not updated
12Grito  Stonemaul-US169245Not updated
13Duress UEStonemaul-US167354Not updated
14Katin  Stonemaul-US166542Not updated
15Ragious Final RitesStonemaul-US164729Not updated
16Kaynos SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US164295Not updated
17Varcon WrathStonemaul-US164028Not updated
18Blitzed EGOStonemaul-US161527Not updated
19Snow UEStonemaul-US159227Not updated
20Tyranis Suicide KingsStonemaul-US153638Not updated
21Punkii UEStonemaul-US153244Not updated
22Jaad  Stonemaul-US152932Not updated
23Numerounos  Stonemaul-US152512Not updated
24Talnivarr Final AscensionStonemaul-US150161Not updated
25Rsblitzkrieg UEStonemaul-US144479Not updated
26Shinanigans VigilanceStonemaul-US144286Not updated
27Czår Final AscensionStonemaul-US143266Not updated
28Evanarden Bloody PhoenixStonemaul-US141612Not updated
29Chaeson Super MarioStonemaul-US138933Not updated
30Popsickle Super MarioStonemaul-US138857Not updated
31Kåjun  Stonemaul-US137523Not updated
32Sadfacebob JamSquadStonemaul-US137306Not updated
33Soulfringé Outer HeavenStonemaul-US136954Not updated
34Moonspirit GoodGameStonemaul-US135017Not updated
35Boxi No Kingslayer HereStonemaul-US134618Not updated
36Kriswalken Final AscensionStonemaul-US134502Not updated
37Loista  Stonemaul-US134226Not updated
38Rettubkcud Totally UnbreakableStonemaul-US133560Not updated
39Ellenatural Final AscensionStonemaul-US132306Not updated
40Deity Team ReaperStonemaul-US131798Not updated
41Candlehead  Stonemaul-US131341Not updated
42Proxsy  Stonemaul-US131297Not updated
43Vannahelsing Deadly IntentStonemaul-US131044Not updated
44Hausy Armchair AthletesStonemaul-US130298Not updated
45Skorra Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US130182Not updated
46Ommok  Stonemaul-US128730Not updated
47Tharaigne  Stonemaul-US128261Not updated
48Cringe  Stonemaul-US127990Not updated
49Akheena  Stonemaul-US127707Not updated
50Haulk Suicide KingsStonemaul-US127005Not updated
51Titamar Butterfly EffectStonemaul-US126937Not updated
52Aniselas AbaddonStonemaul-US126600Not updated
53Spacenucca  Stonemaul-US126545Not updated
54Summerfire Soldiers of Divine FuryStonemaul-US124407Not updated
55Sweeps One Shot At GloryStonemaul-US124003Not updated
56Kabbu No Kingslayer HereStonemaul-US123486Not updated
57Skittlles  Stonemaul-US123144Not updated
58Pudzilla  Stonemaul-US123096Not updated
59Bathrezz Leet ForceStonemaul-US122406Not updated
60Twiceshy  Stonemaul-US121754Not updated
61Ajact Outer HeavenStonemaul-US120555Not updated
62Trýpt Super MarioStonemaul-US120062Not updated
63Mallakii InsidiousStonemaul-US119493Not updated
64Kharini InsidiousStonemaul-US119333Not updated
65Star Leet ForceStonemaul-US118949Not updated
66Bingham Final AscensionStonemaul-US118738Not updated
67Thatgirllivn Carnage BootcampStonemaul-US118194Not updated
68Belvedeer SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US117607Not updated
69Dodgethiz ArchetypeStonemaul-US116327Not updated
70Ekhi VigilanceStonemaul-US115382Not updated
71Titrim Butterfly EffectStonemaul-US114715Not updated
72Cirsium Bad MojoStonemaul-US114449Not updated
73Indow V A N Q U I S HStonemaul-US114127Not updated
74Duski SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US113578Not updated
75Fiftyonecent  Stonemaul-US113374Not updated
76Pick Dulce BellumStonemaul-US113234Not updated
77Gimarok ResurgenceStonemaul-US111574Not updated
78Stonecowld Final AscensionStonemaul-US111330Not updated
79Tange Raiders of the Lost OrcStonemaul-US111075Not updated
80Muerteosura  Stonemaul-US110887Not updated
81Tambe Big TaurenStonemaul-US110150Not updated
82Kìddo  Stonemaul-US109518Not updated
83Shrimps Super MarioStonemaul-US109476Not updated
84Chappell  Stonemaul-US108974Not updated
85Maggotfist DefianceStonemaul-US108714Not updated
86Escape FallenStonemaul-US108646Not updated
87Tuvan  Stonemaul-US108525Not updated
88Nakaio  Stonemaul-US108136Not updated
89Jijo God of WarStonemaul-US107293Not updated
90Jinginki  Stonemaul-US106661Not updated
91Deftonez FallenStonemaul-US105937Not updated
92Herbydave Remaining AnonymousStonemaul-US105810Not updated
93Mithrin Stands in FireStonemaul-US105644Not updated
94Warelf  Stonemaul-US105133Not updated
95Zedlep Super MarioStonemaul-US104754Not updated
96Drdeathstick The Nefarious FewStonemaul-US104614Not updated
97Palastine Kill Carebears On SightStonemaul-US103767Not updated
98Imissmyname ResurgenceStonemaul-US102810Not updated
99Mythíx CheckmateStonemaul-US102612Not updated
100Gorelazra Final AscensionStonemaul-US102045Not updated

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