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Staghelm-US Honorable Kills
1Örion Jelly SWAG GamingStaghelm-US295044Not updated
2Tygore Jelly SWAG GamingStaghelm-US280982
3Bullzye Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US247597
4Azelja Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US235429
5Nyarlatoteph La Communauté De LHerbeStaghelm-US230419Not updated
6Roguepatroll USDA ChoiceStaghelm-US215642Not updated
7Colbéar Always SunnyStaghelm-US201685
8Maxdamage  Staghelm-US193418Not updated
9Genovax  Staghelm-US179082Not updated
10Deathbcoming Crusaders of AzerothStaghelm-US177302Not updated
11Relaa  Staghelm-US166052Not updated
12Asylum Knights Who Say NiStaghelm-US165125Not updated
13Grenndel  Staghelm-US164861Not updated
14Morgoone  Staghelm-US163836Not updated
15Meltar SansDramaStaghelm-US158240
16Punsski  Staghelm-US157266Not updated
17Panzerune Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US155750Not updated
18Greatpally Knights Who Say NiStaghelm-US153195Not updated
19Gokey SpiritusStaghelm-US152574Not updated
20Shedd IgniteStaghelm-US150515Not updated
21Brutalistica Rest In PiecesStaghelm-US148152
22Fishtrips Always SunnyStaghelm-US147224Not updated
23Brutaltius SansDramaStaghelm-US147191Not updated
24Drewmiller  Staghelm-US143341Not updated
25Givernewt Faith Of The FallenStaghelm-US142722
26Kazzragore Darkness EternalStaghelm-US141786Not updated
27Mithar DragonfireStaghelm-US141292Not updated
28Eandrw The LegacyStaghelm-US140895
29Darkestvoid Darkness EternalStaghelm-US140697Not updated
30Reckoner S Key GamingStaghelm-US139508Not updated
31Solit  Staghelm-US132125Not updated
32Meekalee MisdirectedStaghelm-US130544Not updated
33Fashbinder Frozen DoomStaghelm-US125237
34Kìlaz BerserkFuryStaghelm-US120617Not updated
35Jerramie Adult SwimStaghelm-US120223
36Gorgonzada Darkness EternalStaghelm-US118054Not updated
37Baalmoloch La Communauté De LHerbeStaghelm-US117659Not updated
38Garumako Clan PlaidStaghelm-US115894
39Adamas The Obscene JestersStaghelm-US114945Not updated
40Thera  Staghelm-US114801Not updated
41Throatcutter Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US114449Not updated
42Dreadlockz  Staghelm-US114413
43Mupyra USDA ChoiceStaghelm-US114312Not updated
44Roctheris Jelly SWAG GamingStaghelm-US113536Not updated
45Pacpriest Dark Storm RidersStaghelm-US113433Not updated
46Cronan NESStaghelm-US112762Not updated
47Rokoshan  Staghelm-US111874Not updated
48Loganholmes DragonfireStaghelm-US110639Not updated
49Devilinside Sinister HeroesStaghelm-US110311Not updated
50Alwayzsilent MisdirectedStaghelm-US109720Not updated
51Chezii  Staghelm-US109400Not updated
52Severä  Staghelm-US108968Not updated
53Melcroma Children of ChaosStaghelm-US108040Not updated
54Rastla Knights of NothingStaghelm-US107584Not updated
55Autospellock  Staghelm-US105668Not updated
56Incindiary JuggernautStaghelm-US105502Not updated
57Xmen Knights Who Say NiStaghelm-US105001Not updated
58Elrayox The Red BranchStaghelm-US104716
59Randyrocks  Staghelm-US104007Not updated
60Pape  Staghelm-US101641Not updated
61Perkdawg Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US101276
62Bîgpun FTMStaghelm-US100820Not updated
63Tuon Acta Non VerbaStaghelm-US99724Not updated
64Kátáná  Staghelm-US99721Not updated
65Creamygudnes The Red BranchStaghelm-US98041Not updated
66Derrice  Staghelm-US97877Not updated
67Vipurr Adult SwimStaghelm-US97169
68Casivaa SunderStaghelm-US97121Not updated
69Healnu VagrantsStaghelm-US96816Not updated
70Lokoshkan Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US96638
71Bezzerk IgniteStaghelm-US96576Not updated
72Sycosis Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US95743
73Summerrose Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US93906
74Druidacc Legends of PokerStaghelm-US92860Not updated
75Prahfit  Staghelm-US92782Not updated
76Minj Ratchets and HatchetsStaghelm-US92697Not updated
77Dalor InfidelityStaghelm-US92671Not updated
78Tdurty Insanity IncStaghelm-US92551Not updated
79Cyndis IgniteStaghelm-US92162
80Cyphor Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US91681
81Ñecromancer  Staghelm-US91489Not updated
82Michikohime Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US90839
83Sorrowsong  Staghelm-US90664Not updated
84Tengen  Staghelm-US89633Not updated
85Dalgn OriginStaghelm-US89343Not updated
86Carthy Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US88643Not updated
87Lilronger Darkness EternalStaghelm-US87900Not updated
88Coiin Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US87150
89Piperjohnn Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US86882
90Wasabiroll Conquerors of AzerothStaghelm-US86165Not updated
91Nèrve Jelly SWAG GamingStaghelm-US85830Not updated
92Joelle I Heart SekíStaghelm-US85116Not updated
93Fishtank Always SunnyStaghelm-US84865Not updated
94Darkomenn Acta Non VerbaStaghelm-US84628Not updated
95Revengedk Vanquish RebornStaghelm-US83849
96Thiings Explosive EffluviumStaghelm-US83164Not updated
97Panzersmash Elemental OblivionStaghelm-US82931Not updated
98Rudyoo Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US82709Not updated
99Titam Fluffy BunniesStaghelm-US81662Not updated
100Aterno Order Of DestinyStaghelm-US81416Not updated

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