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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spirestone-TW Honorable Kills
1冰拿鐵的幸福 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW120549Not updated
2我愛一條材 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW105689Not updated
3克列斯 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW66902Not updated
4帶頭仔 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW65793Not updated
5Kurth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW42379Not updated
6Totgth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW41844Not updated
7絕地凱文 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW39152Not updated
8油炸鬼 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW36862Not updated
9奪命狂呼 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW36565Not updated
10Bwm Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW33101Not updated
11絲蒂法妮 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW32506Not updated
12Theodore Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW29145Not updated
13令頁主 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW29103Not updated
14雪精 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW25647Not updated
15杰妮邦妮 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW24669Not updated
16強猛的下半身 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW24518Not updated
17Samba Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW24350Not updated
18Burth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW20210Not updated
19獸魔玩手槍 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW18916Not updated
20狄諾 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW17869Not updated
21先飛子 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW16851Not updated
22碌爺 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW14893Not updated
23紫焰之秋 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW14554Not updated
24暴力戰神 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW13702Not updated
25夢話 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW13325Not updated
26邪次 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW12954Not updated
27Zurth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW11890Not updated
28米爾頓 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW11118Not updated
29Bigjohn Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW10503Not updated
30米娜祖華域芝 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW10399Not updated
31桃莉羊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW10145Not updated
32雞丁騎士 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW9503Not updated
33Ternence Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW9344Not updated
34鬼漸愁 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW9139Not updated
35天草四郎時貞 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8904Not updated
36忘夢 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8711Not updated
37Tungsten Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8684Not updated
38神棍教父 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8590Not updated
39魔男生死鬥 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8445Not updated
40骨製品 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8413Not updated
41彌德加特 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW8146Not updated
42勝負師 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW7827Not updated
43皇翼星天 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW7490Not updated
44Soin Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW6793Not updated
45牛牛飯店 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW6136Not updated
46布丁泡芙 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5893Not updated
47惡魔火柴 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5743Not updated
48瞬意殺 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5740Not updated
49羊加熊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5687Not updated
50林友德 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5410Not updated
51根木見久 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5298Not updated
52Annada Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5259Not updated
53赫蓮娜 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5155Not updated
54卡薩諾瓦 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5137Not updated
55特洛亞斯 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW5077Not updated
56冰心沁 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW4809Not updated
57絲蔓兒 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW4696Not updated
58Letto Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW4236Not updated
59裸體滾丁床 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3947Not updated
60Chubbychubby Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3943Not updated
61黑暗的板斧 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3929Not updated
62Gungo Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3542Not updated
63妳好宅 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3523Not updated
64血瑪麗 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3410Not updated
65唔該借借 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW3119Not updated
66防禦就是攻擊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2912Not updated
67哥薩克 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2893Not updated
68日月星耀 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2813Not updated
69紅田 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2618Not updated
70鋼管女王 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2593Not updated
71冷沫 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2433Not updated
72澄陽 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2375Not updated
73神算 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2248Not updated
74大俠譚蘭教 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2098Not updated
75咬爆魚頭 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2076Not updated
76瘋狂殺生丸 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW2057Not updated
77魅惑浪漫 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1956Not updated
78阿洛罕特暗矛 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1888Not updated
79川逐遊 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1868Not updated
80一日千死 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1835Not updated
81Iamk Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1833Not updated
82恬樂沫沫 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1826Not updated
83Smallgg Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1825Not updated
84雙葉小白菜 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1801Not updated
85Murth Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1703Not updated
86被遺忘的樹 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1691Not updated
87召換獸 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1688Not updated
88Adeyang Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1585Not updated
89安格林牛 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1501Not updated
90Normanosborn Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1398Not updated
91尼奧爾德 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1354Not updated
92亞卡 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1248Not updated
93冬晴煙塵 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1136Not updated
94Sindorei Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1107Not updated
95賽薇雅菈 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1081Not updated
96杯香橙 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1036Not updated
97鍊罪 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1014Not updated
98老闆水餃三顆 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW1005Not updated
99嗜惡之箱 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW971Not updated
100如月群真 Glory ValhallaSpirestone-TW928Not updated

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