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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Spirestone-US Honorable Kills
1Jamíe Kill ém AllSpirestone-US320569
2Hmong Army of the DeserterSpirestone-US309901
3Topflight PolaritySpirestone-US257428
4Vaneke AddictionSpirestone-US250088
5Nafuu  Spirestone-US249755
6Nightviper ConfluxSpirestone-US226645
7Theodros e x i l eSpirestone-US222055Not updated
8Llily KinetikSpirestone-US216837Not updated
9Marowit Hooligans IncSpirestone-US205925Not updated
10Windfüry Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US205681
11Nightryder AddictionSpirestone-US172821
12Mimmick Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US169842
13Danaowns Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US163646Not updated
14Dieux Keyboard WarriorsSpirestone-US159918Not updated
15Aeriane Keep CalmSpirestone-US159779
16Jettia AddictionSpirestone-US159186Not updated
17Peligroso DeathrowSpirestone-US151621Not updated
18Azsol Squirrels In My PantsSpirestone-US141804Not updated
19Tiddleebitt  Spirestone-US141182Not updated
20Krona No TimeSpirestone-US139818
21Jaden Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US137799
22Flëxo AdaptSpirestone-US136837Not updated
23Evasion Keep CalmSpirestone-US135100
24Bubbalupine AddictionSpirestone-US133374Not updated
25Twoteeth  Spirestone-US133178Not updated
26Arawell  Spirestone-US131402Not updated
27Mindsmoothie Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US131273Not updated
28Kontrollert Mea CulpaSpirestone-US130965Not updated
29Nightspyre BrutalitySpirestone-US128885
30Stabasaurus ConvictionSpirestone-US128138Not updated
31Ampower Zero ToleranceSpirestone-US127756Not updated
32Arlyth AddictionSpirestone-US125174
33Gan  Spirestone-US124027Not updated
34Lyxriah e x i l eSpirestone-US123712Not updated
35Abyssizm Fat CampSpirestone-US123267Not updated
36Urmath  Spirestone-US122657Not updated
37Neojetsu Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US122580
38Littless Midnight SocietySpirestone-US120356Not updated
39Calikonger  Spirestone-US120015Not updated
40Devassa tysSpirestone-US119817Not updated
41Monkgunk DeathrowSpirestone-US119721Not updated
42Elmerfud Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US118115Not updated
43Avaleuse  Spirestone-US117646Not updated
44Slayne QuietSilenceSpirestone-US117505Not updated
45Hokez BitsGoneBadSpirestone-US116942Not updated
46Supersworn Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US115257Not updated
47Bolian RagedSpirestone-US115139Not updated
48Tiegee The FulcrumSpirestone-US114588Not updated
49Navi Late Night RaidersSpirestone-US114313Not updated
50Rakija Keyboard WarriorsSpirestone-US113469Not updated
51Imjen Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US113008Not updated
52Tullip SuperFriendzSpirestone-US112275Not updated
53Dankstar  Spirestone-US112241Not updated
54Stínkfist Mea CulpaSpirestone-US112134Not updated
55Azusachan  Spirestone-US111808Not updated
56Jonnyfive  Spirestone-US111801Not updated
57Justwoo  Spirestone-US111481Not updated
58Nicolbolas OathSpirestone-US111439Not updated
59Mossae Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US110710Not updated
60Inoh CasualtySpirestone-US110551Not updated
61Shekina  Spirestone-US110174Not updated
62Metalmasterj The FewSpirestone-US109555Not updated
63Truuth FracturedSpirestone-US109430Not updated
64Rainkento P E R D I T I O NSpirestone-US108520Not updated
65Anggurr Jade KnightsSpirestone-US108202Not updated
66Suççubus  Spirestone-US107819Not updated
67Djliquid  Spirestone-US107414Not updated
68Ceewhya InevitableSpirestone-US106983Not updated
69Blackgoku Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US106951Not updated
70Heffner  Spirestone-US106877Not updated
71Pmw Mea CulpaSpirestone-US106395Not updated
72Blastbone AddictionSpirestone-US106332Not updated
73Irshaman  Spirestone-US105312Not updated
74Biggnz  Spirestone-US105009Not updated
75Dethcythe  Spirestone-US104545Not updated
76Cìndy ZeroSpirestone-US103599Not updated
77Getacho e x i l eSpirestone-US103538Not updated
78Yef  Spirestone-US103097Not updated
79Fatkid InevitableSpirestone-US102756Not updated
80Cheep AddictionSpirestone-US102084Not updated
81Brindlebriar DeathrowSpirestone-US100978Not updated
82Dätsik  Spirestone-US100671Not updated
83Syns The Aggro CragSpirestone-US100327Not updated
84Sinnhartha Pizza WarriorsSpirestone-US100218Not updated
85Whitéboi AvengersSpirestone-US99877Not updated
86Monchaca BitsGoneBadSpirestone-US98195Not updated
87Jippo  Spirestone-US98144Not updated
88Rainwhispers TORMENTSpirestone-US97675Not updated
89Gt  Spirestone-US97529Not updated
90Sunspot e x i l eSpirestone-US97437Not updated
91Skellington  Spirestone-US97357Not updated
92Sempiternal The Aggro CragSpirestone-US97220Not updated
93Juliete Lux AeternaSpirestone-US96946Not updated
94Tsukiyomi AddictionSpirestone-US96658Not updated
95Harleq Dirty KaraokeSpirestone-US96136Not updated
96Grunthrock  Spirestone-US95999Not updated
97Whiteghost DelusionSpirestone-US95947Not updated
98Diziet Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US95811Not updated
99Eartaker  Spirestone-US95738Not updated
100César  Spirestone-US95365Not updated

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