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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-EU Honorable Kills
1Edwiina Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU224835Not updated
2Dies Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU193192Not updated
3Lajle Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU186573Not updated
4Ðiablesse Memento MortiSpinebreaker-EU176776Not updated
5Rabadus Spinebreaker UnitedSpinebreaker-EU175464Not updated
6Nervous The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU163082Not updated
7Kanoka  Spinebreaker-EU157127Not updated
8Crawly De FactoSpinebreaker-EU154105Not updated
9Dassilva Twilight SlayersSpinebreaker-EU136980Not updated
10Gorlohvat Horde Royal GuardsSpinebreaker-EU136579Not updated
11Nocs PlayboysSpinebreaker-EU133778Not updated
12Dàrkener  Spinebreaker-EU131129Not updated
13Girinis LTU HeroesSpinebreaker-EU115885Not updated
14Vitalor EQSpinebreaker-EU113031Not updated
15Ghabee Future meSpinebreaker-EU111706Not updated
16Nìtro Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU108877Not updated
17Jaxarms AzotSpinebreaker-EU108713Not updated
18Garaorg Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU108555Not updated
19Vic GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU107689Not updated
20Senap Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU103597Not updated
21Victox World EclipseSpinebreaker-EU103024Not updated
22Asharalyn  Spinebreaker-EU97805Not updated
23Dabear ignorSpinebreaker-EU97609Not updated
24Odhen  Spinebreaker-EU94330Not updated
25Mossynoass IRISHPRIDESpinebreaker-EU92954Not updated
26Ague Team WastedSpinebreaker-EU91461Not updated
27Itsjustme VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU91098Not updated
28Teneketor De FactoSpinebreaker-EU89658Not updated
29Zìmìa De FactoSpinebreaker-EU89608Not updated
30Noxìus  Spinebreaker-EU89191Not updated
31Baxterr  Spinebreaker-EU87494Not updated
32Siiaan Memento MortiSpinebreaker-EU85865Not updated
33Droodiy LaldSpinebreaker-EU84856Not updated
34Erugar HaTeD BuT RaTeDSpinebreaker-EU84704Not updated
35Ginazan  Spinebreaker-EU83381Not updated
36Deepsb  Spinebreaker-EU82833Not updated
37Aristotelis RejectedSpinebreaker-EU82594Not updated
38Romelus RejectedSpinebreaker-EU79030Not updated
39Nouenof The DenSpinebreaker-EU78240Not updated
40Coldhate Dude where is my charSpinebreaker-EU78047Not updated
41Exectus  Spinebreaker-EU77446Not updated
42Akiria LaldSpinebreaker-EU75959Not updated
43Aazavorn Twilight SlayersSpinebreaker-EU75802Not updated
44Prehot The InfectionSpinebreaker-EU75511Not updated
45Finkël Pulp FactionSpinebreaker-EU75395Not updated
46Stoney RejectedSpinebreaker-EU75247Not updated
47Anven Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU75117Not updated
48Yuhi RejectedSpinebreaker-EU74587Not updated
49Baislen GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU73837Not updated
50Dráko  Spinebreaker-EU73503Not updated
51Daemir EQSpinebreaker-EU72458Not updated
52Exlotar SyStem ThORtureSpinebreaker-EU71167Not updated
53Ferra All StarzSpinebreaker-EU69422Not updated
54Mogolara De FactoSpinebreaker-EU69322Not updated
55Hornet  Spinebreaker-EU68920Not updated
56Itsari NostalgicSpinebreaker-EU68858Not updated
57Mantas The Eternal StruggleSpinebreaker-EU68628Not updated
58Xcerety HomageSpinebreaker-EU67627Not updated
59Emrorion LaldSpinebreaker-EU67616Not updated
60Epwunia HaTeD BuT RaTeDSpinebreaker-EU67336Not updated
61Jaram  Spinebreaker-EU67316Not updated
62Abadonna De FactoSpinebreaker-EU67257Not updated
63Buffadin HomageSpinebreaker-EU66894Not updated
64Zleera  Spinebreaker-EU66459Not updated
65Quinsvk De FactoSpinebreaker-EU66421Not updated
66Dasha Rigor MortisSpinebreaker-EU65797Not updated
67Jelica Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU65435Not updated
68Timea The Eternal StruggleSpinebreaker-EU64985Not updated
69Utrotad Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU64519Not updated
70Deadwhisper The Eternal StruggleSpinebreaker-EU64128Not updated
71Snakepilsner Team WastedSpinebreaker-EU63941Not updated
72Kostolomac HaTeD BuT RaTeDSpinebreaker-EU63905Not updated
73Nightmarion The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU63851Not updated
74Bruuta Faïry TailSpinebreaker-EU63804Not updated
75Albix The DenSpinebreaker-EU63702Not updated
76Nitrius World EclipseSpinebreaker-EU63649Not updated
77Skaraben Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU63400Not updated
78Bagheshwar  Spinebreaker-EU63125Not updated
79Nyahbinghi SwenglishSpinebreaker-EU62821Not updated
80Dunei EQSpinebreaker-EU62180Not updated
81Aliyaah The Four SistersSpinebreaker-EU62011Not updated
82Pålis R A WSpinebreaker-EU61957Not updated
83Luksor GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU61900Not updated
83Cajones Raiders of GlorySpinebreaker-EU61900Not updated
85Sandgreendk Highwind LegacySpinebreaker-EU61788Not updated
86Stregar The Eternal StruggleSpinebreaker-EU60776Not updated
87Lungila ignorSpinebreaker-EU60162Not updated
88Edda  Spinebreaker-EU59887Not updated
89Oragh Dude where is my charSpinebreaker-EU59803Not updated
90Lunarpriest Faïry TailSpinebreaker-EU59483Not updated
91Orochimaruu  Spinebreaker-EU59320Not updated
92ßeeastie Tears of ßloodSpinebreaker-EU59156Not updated
93Keyns MysticSpinebreaker-EU58074Not updated
94Slowcut D O M I N A T O R SSpinebreaker-EU57808Not updated
95Dannus  Spinebreaker-EU57798Not updated
96Rayorb  Spinebreaker-EU57759Not updated
97Strasnomlat The Unknown SoldierSpinebreaker-EU57321Not updated
98Laddi  Spinebreaker-EU56862Not updated
99Kandemir Why so SeriousSpinebreaker-EU56292Not updated
100Groggnogg HaTeD BuT RaTeDSpinebreaker-EU56210Not updated

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