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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Skywall-US Honorable Kills
1Traxx TherapySkywall-US393713Not updated
2Silvira YO SOY FIESTASkywall-US273028Not updated
3Tonan BattlescarredSkywall-US268537Not updated
4Sufob  Skywall-US220368Not updated
5Torag Riot OfficerSkywall-US212272Not updated
6Kaiyne TherapySkywall-US199044Not updated
7Blyte TimesinkSkywall-US192042Not updated
8Smokyz Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US190927Not updated
9Kageyoshi C H A O SSkywall-US189632Not updated
10Vampyrr PsychosocialSkywall-US189375Not updated
11Goldenmagee DRACONIC VIVEXSkywall-US185862Not updated
12Gilaron Mature Pro GamersSkywall-US177005Not updated
13Dtwosteel Witness ProtectionSkywall-US173753Not updated
14Critneyspear KnightsabreSkywall-US170246Not updated
15Kokorico TimesinkSkywall-US167635Not updated
16Larkvayne HARMONYSkywall-US161777Not updated
17Warner Corrupted DestinySkywall-US160519Not updated
18Soot  Skywall-US158948Not updated
19Ibanezz TimesinkSkywall-US157071Not updated
20Icemanblue Global AddictionSkywall-US156569Not updated
21Jathren Crusaders of the nightSkywall-US155558Not updated
22Prepuce KnightsabreSkywall-US152156Not updated
23Pyst  Skywall-US150639Not updated
24Kashii AudacitySkywall-US145350Not updated
25Bodo InsanítySkywall-US144971Not updated
26Bullsofwar RelevantSkywall-US144917Not updated
27Lowchin DamnationSkywall-US142230Not updated
28Sarwhin C H A O SSkywall-US141651Not updated
29Wildavian Squirrels Gone WildSkywall-US140148Not updated
30Deadsexi TimesinkSkywall-US139414Not updated
31Visionic Witness ProtectionSkywall-US138621Not updated
32Highshin FreeloadersSkywall-US137794Not updated
33Monseratt Fighting HarpiesSkywall-US137792Not updated
34Tehjewler TherapySkywall-US136375Not updated
35Singlemalt TimesinkSkywall-US135314Not updated
36Paulbuyon  Skywall-US126595Not updated
37Dirtylove Mediocrity in MotionSkywall-US126518Not updated
38Valandran Be Your True MindSkywall-US125927Not updated
39Dragoran HARMONYSkywall-US125837Not updated
40Iceanna Light BrigadeSkywall-US125331Not updated
41Grummore  Skywall-US124194Not updated
42Escalante The Dark DisciplesSkywall-US123308Not updated
43Flyingspirit  Skywall-US121109Not updated
44Mikk Shadow LordsSkywall-US120935Not updated
45Xeltavian OsmosisSkywall-US120746Not updated
46Rahaman  Skywall-US120453Not updated
47Cloctavus  Skywall-US119430Not updated
48Holydelete Fighting HarpiesSkywall-US119376Not updated
49Nellathal OsmosisSkywall-US118166Not updated
50Kittycatcat PowerslavesSkywall-US117988Not updated
51Eebok ÆNIMASkywall-US117825Not updated
52Themender  Skywall-US114696Not updated
53Cue TimesinkSkywall-US113382Not updated
54Senomar TimesinkSkywall-US113272Not updated
55Glenfin  Skywall-US112840Not updated
56Smoky Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US111819Not updated
57Tinkabela  Skywall-US111038Not updated
58Spaceheater  Skywall-US110524Not updated
59Rinar Abandoned KnightsSkywall-US110384Not updated
60Crysknife Keepers of the MushroomSkywall-US107637Not updated
61Azzgrel TimesinkSkywall-US107574Not updated
62Thad Damage IncorporatedSkywall-US106098Not updated
63Wilds PAY IT FORWARDSkywall-US104913Not updated
64Mindgames Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US104223Not updated
65Darude TimesinkSkywall-US103993Not updated
66Neloran BathorySkywall-US103259Not updated
67Allthesame Skywall SentinelsSkywall-US102720Not updated
68Pathfndr  Skywall-US101976Not updated
69Zetterberg  Skywall-US101242Not updated
70Llisae AudacitySkywall-US100887Not updated
71Zappy RequiemSkywall-US100381Not updated
72Ruthiebutt Name Change LaterSkywall-US99280Not updated
73Olang Light BrigadeSkywall-US99099Not updated
74Kurugane YO SOY FIESTASkywall-US98842Not updated
75Karsyn  Skywall-US98586Not updated
76Festilence RelevantSkywall-US98473Not updated
77Oubi DamnationSkywall-US98468Not updated
78Demetor Almost SaneSkywall-US98072Not updated
79Elaatia  Skywall-US97760Not updated
80Alâmo ParthenogenesisSkywall-US97473Not updated
81Wenzel Relax and Take NotesSkywall-US97286Not updated
82Sampson Ruddy MysteriousSkywall-US96020Not updated
83Protocòl TimesinkSkywall-US95776Not updated
84Nodricii Fighting HarpiesSkywall-US95671Not updated
85Chaoticmagic Fighting HarpiesSkywall-US95630Not updated
86Bushsbuddy Seven Day BanSkywall-US95482Not updated
87Blacknasty Name Change LaterSkywall-US93780Not updated
88Kaluun  Skywall-US93722Not updated
89Lagz Seven Day BanSkywall-US93540Not updated
90Zurky Purely PvPSkywall-US92993Not updated
91Shanlarra Be Your True MindSkywall-US92978Not updated
92Smoe  Skywall-US91877Not updated
93Ragecharger Wòlf PáckSkywall-US91735Not updated
94Twerk Mediocrity in MotionSkywall-US91596Not updated
95Everdeity RelevantSkywall-US91573Not updated
96Braford  Skywall-US91413Not updated
97Ricebear Bear with meSkywall-US91324Not updated
98Elesana Crusaders of the nightSkywall-US91203Not updated
99Dethfromafar Eon Red ApocalypseSkywall-US91149Not updated
100Javi  Skywall-US90583Not updated

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