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Silvermoon-EU Honorable Kills
1Leatha Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU32421Not updated
2Hoilir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU28008Not updated
3Krazyhorse Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU24075Not updated
4Flamerun Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU20340Not updated
5Stabstorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU19483Not updated
6Fluvanna Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU14580Not updated
7Aureka Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU14310Not updated
8Soira Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU13612Not updated
9Miksutusmaxi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU12888Not updated
10Ejdeer Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU12528Not updated
11Austenkate Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU12241Not updated
12Sawyër Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU10212Not updated
13Martinî Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU9089Not updated
14Neekerí Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU9004Not updated
15Runkleman Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU8311Not updated
16Mcbean Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU7770Not updated
17Veridium Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU7703Not updated
18Sqwidger Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU7631Not updated
19Sjukdom Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6947Not updated
20Maneschijn Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6859Not updated
21Regex Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6688Not updated
22Emoir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6487Not updated
23Asaviour Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6249Not updated
24Deathhackk Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU6148Not updated
25Orpheous Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5877Not updated
26Thunderdawm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5741Not updated
27Drshammy Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5710Not updated
28Mslolwtf Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5704Not updated
29Feredon Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5678Not updated
30Armaada Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5675Not updated
31Dogkit Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5671Not updated
32ßlackbeard Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5542Not updated
33Preisst Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5509Not updated
34Udbÿ Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5239Not updated
35Lifflan Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5226Not updated
36Nojus Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5109Not updated
37Severax Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU5056Not updated
38Landstorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4934Not updated
39Pradda Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4905Not updated
40Daagz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4824Not updated
41Jammz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4710Not updated
42Schizoyack Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4650Not updated
43Rezalu Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4606Not updated
44Deathofblade Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4421Not updated
45Viespats Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4270Not updated
46Hozanko Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4125Not updated
47Rasage Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4097Not updated
48Êlement Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU4003Not updated
49Mcpawn Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3939Not updated
50Volcheq Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3907Not updated
51Bláckfángs Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3785Not updated
52Mysteryghost Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3779Not updated
53Glaive Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3665Not updated
54Barrakus Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3556Not updated
55Dorlogh Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3497Not updated
56Larsenyess Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3373Not updated
57Ivanovà Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU3073Not updated
58Angryvaffel Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2794Not updated
59Illaza Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2755Not updated
60Nodrea Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2746Not updated
61Miléan Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2701Not updated
62Arconic Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2685Not updated
63ßlacklabel Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2487Not updated
64Terragoz Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2423Not updated
65Xanthic Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2277Not updated
66Lovelessgirl Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2269Not updated
67Dranyi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2194Not updated
68Wwjdlol Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2146Not updated
69Caladra Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU2091Not updated
70Buzan Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1992Not updated
71Vodkastorm Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1950Not updated
72Knaveparty Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1934Not updated
73Izzako Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1903Not updated
74Skuldugger Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1883Not updated
75Hazanko Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1852Not updated
76Brappie Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1809Not updated
77Elizià Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1738Not updated
78Grinmir Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1716Not updated
79Kaeleth Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1698Not updated
80Bueller Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1683Not updated
81Vexious Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1622Not updated
82Lysiela Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1541Not updated
83Missionary Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1488Not updated
84Holyylightt Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1477Not updated
85Walipi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1436Not updated
86Dufresne Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1421Not updated
87Brauny Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1411Not updated
88Sanctivia Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1405Not updated
89Nolifê Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1376Not updated
90Mondragon Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1282Not updated
91Haiyze Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1200Not updated
92Clotharius Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1166Not updated
93Sktpeterlól Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1155Not updated
94Shadoth Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1115Not updated
95Wanezzi Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1104Not updated
96Grándpa Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1086Not updated
97Ouiwa Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1082Not updated
98Warnlord Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1066Not updated
99Srrate Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1048Not updated
100Daweh Souls of RedemptionSilvermoon-EU1029Not updated

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