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Silvermoon-EU Honorable Kills
1Cerelïa Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU38162
2Kïwi Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU23386
3Orkbloodshed Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU18447Not updated
4Ayarea Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU18140Not updated
5Funklover Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU16898Not updated
6Holyfunk Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU13624Not updated
7Manchú Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU12095Not updated
8Alyënna Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU11260Not updated
9Barkesh Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU10401Not updated
10Tali Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU9115Not updated
11Neatan Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU9094Not updated
12Supes Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU7380Not updated
13Oldmacdo Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU7220Not updated
14Airun Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU6903Not updated
15Nakatú Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU6262Not updated
16Tjoeffie Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU4394Not updated
17Koren Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU4145Not updated
18Kyyra Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU4142Not updated
19Pupes Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU4056Not updated
20Relianon Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU3483Not updated
21Araphor Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU3362Not updated
22Zysha Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU3296Not updated
23Léneth Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU3189Not updated
24Lugaru Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2931Not updated
25Aldoron Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2733Not updated
26Solinarisa Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2434Not updated
27Pedrobxyz Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2277
28Alowÿn Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2059Not updated
29Milonia Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1927Not updated
30Korianna Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1482Not updated
31Darzix Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1407Not updated
32Korzara Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1349Not updated
33Kornea Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU887Not updated
34Alessai Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU886Not updated
35Thandriul Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU854Not updated
36Chinati Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU846Not updated
37Nyree Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU844Not updated
38Escalite Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU749Not updated
39Idéfix Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU730Not updated
40Cërelia Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU596Not updated
41Aranor Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU467Not updated
42Aldrashan Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU409Not updated
43Funq Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU371Not updated
44Evori Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU351Not updated
45Nelieel Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU309Not updated
46Drhotson Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU268Not updated
47Escalith Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU262Not updated
48Nerie Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU236Not updated
49Niodia Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU226Not updated
50Sílmeria Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU191Not updated
51Yadao Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU183Not updated
52Flaviá Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU165Not updated
53Chícknorris Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU159Not updated
54Rinsessa Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU150Not updated
55Gomni Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU133Not updated
56Nethelien Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU110Not updated
57Densei Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU105Not updated
58Weebelle Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU100Not updated
59Azzsh Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU87Not updated
60Eskie Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU34Not updated
61Numeria Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU12Not updated
62Gekido Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU10Not updated
63Weebina Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU2Not updated
64Taldia Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1Not updated
64Solinari Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU1Not updated
66Nerieth Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Neríen Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Discapwin Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Thorck Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Yodaline Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Awesomus Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Melonil Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Naprilla Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Shizennokojo Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated
66Silique Nerf StupiditySilvermoon-EU0Not updated

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