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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Honorable Kills
1Xieje  Silvermoon-EU327962Not updated
2Mattinu GenesisSilvermoon-EU327748Not updated
3Nåå  Silvermoon-EU327219Not updated
4Tanoth Colour CrewSilvermoon-EU322896Not updated
5Kill jydekompanietSilvermoon-EU303844Not updated
6Alexutzul PhoenixSilvermoon-EU299075Not updated
7Inigos MergeSilvermoon-EU297601Not updated
8Cromax CrimsonSilvermoon-EU284796Not updated
9Japie  Silvermoon-EU281414Not updated
10Zdoi FreeForceSilvermoon-EU266955Not updated
11Deathmask Common SecretSilvermoon-EU259667Not updated
12Quadoo Divine DutchiesSilvermoon-EU242895Not updated
13Tíxx Familien KejserSilvermoon-EU219354Not updated
14Ölen Sur gammal och bitterSilvermoon-EU217929Not updated
15Soapflakes ChronicSilvermoon-EU213781Not updated
16Encise Do Not DisturbSilvermoon-EU212583Not updated
17Xandõ Knights of EternitySilvermoon-EU210159Not updated
18Stonewell  Silvermoon-EU205802Not updated
19Stigkol After RedemptionSilvermoon-EU202290Not updated
20Astino InsightSilvermoon-EU193249Not updated
21Artal AnarchySilvermoon-EU185895Not updated
22Kleggenpvp Kill Alliance in pvpSilvermoon-EU184617Not updated
23Edlh Wipe scene InvestigationSilvermoon-EU178971Not updated
24Ryét  Silvermoon-EU178230Not updated
25Dobonard AnarchySilvermoon-EU177741Not updated
26Jeniawarlord AnathemaSilvermoon-EU177346Not updated
27Darnn InvinciblesSilvermoon-EU176156Not updated
28Vijaya GenesisSilvermoon-EU172873Not updated
29Blackayah After DuskSilvermoon-EU172490Not updated
30Jagonn OffspringSilvermoon-EU171836Not updated
31Edestus GenesisSilvermoon-EU171567Not updated
32Shockojambo  Silvermoon-EU171490Not updated
33Ingileif Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU166414Not updated
34Rhelyo AshkandiSilvermoon-EU164160Not updated
35Saijin DecadenceSilvermoon-EU163714Not updated
36Grímaldus Horizons EndSilvermoon-EU162948Not updated
37Drelhan Of Calamitous IntentSilvermoon-EU162791Not updated
38Fennir AerialsSilvermoon-EU162230Not updated
39Controvento Recipe of HateSilvermoon-EU160899Not updated
40Bonkérz SublimeSilvermoon-EU160706Not updated
41Mayhemforcer Darkmoon RebelsSilvermoon-EU160684Not updated
42Miumis KiksetSilvermoon-EU158694Not updated
43Ithiris True LegacySilvermoon-EU158057Not updated
44Devera ObsidiumSilvermoon-EU157965Not updated
45Hellraisered CAPS and s p a c e sSilvermoon-EU157832Not updated
46Deacoor  Silvermoon-EU156726Not updated
47Duelicious ElysiumSilvermoon-EU155971Not updated
48Kenjitao Rave or DieSilvermoon-EU155514Not updated
49Dzink AshkandiSilvermoon-EU155267Not updated
50Brucewindu RevenantSilvermoon-EU155073Not updated
51Specops LunaeSilvermoon-EU154698Not updated
52Merlinex Deathsworn ValkyriesSilvermoon-EU154235Not updated
53Maples RevenantSilvermoon-EU154134Not updated
54Funakoshi InsanitySilvermoon-EU153971Not updated
55Holysavior MeridiesSilvermoon-EU153613Not updated
56Honuris Seek and DestroySilvermoon-EU153180Not updated
57Rargor  Silvermoon-EU153018Not updated
58Radrien DecadenceSilvermoon-EU151645Not updated
59Ríordan Victorious SecretSilvermoon-EU151431Not updated
60Lourla  Silvermoon-EU149591Not updated
61Krelit AlternativesSilvermoon-EU149553Not updated
62Unitedstates MergeSilvermoon-EU146393Not updated
63Azber  Silvermoon-EU145296Not updated
64Fardy CodurSilvermoon-EU145274Not updated
65Bbina Elite OrderSilvermoon-EU144711Not updated
66Rs Light of DawnSilvermoon-EU142895Not updated
67Whirleen Regret NothingSilvermoon-EU141318Not updated
68Bartek SilenceSilvermoon-EU139969Not updated
69Wdfourty CakemanSilvermoon-EU139297Not updated
70Tetak Masters Of WarSilvermoon-EU139226Not updated
71Cealth The Red Raiding HoodSilvermoon-EU138511Not updated
72Shaenei  Silvermoon-EU138400Not updated
73Qon DragoncoreSilvermoon-EU138087Not updated
74Bufferaki  Silvermoon-EU137642Not updated
75Sendrâ PvP TrainerSilvermoon-EU137583Not updated
76Lacrimás Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU136772Not updated
77Matt  Silvermoon-EU136441Not updated
78Xhibition Victorious SecretSilvermoon-EU136396Not updated
79Khalysa ARENAJUNKIESSilvermoon-EU135895Not updated
80Exodu Angel of FurySilvermoon-EU135539Not updated
81Kayoo PhoenixSilvermoon-EU134894Not updated
82Sécil GenesisSilvermoon-EU134378Not updated
83Zeel  Silvermoon-EU132822Not updated
83Bowerade The Forgotten SoulsSilvermoon-EU132822Not updated
85Zadenna Wipe scene InvestigationSilvermoon-EU132796Not updated
86Zbieg The RenegadesSilvermoon-EU131988Not updated
87Proflex Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU131873Not updated
88Ekari JudgeSilvermoon-EU131431Not updated
89Raginx GenesisSilvermoon-EU130126Not updated
90Broly Go DefensiveSilvermoon-EU129831Not updated
91Cárcer  Silvermoon-EU129783Not updated
92Dharockster OriginSilvermoon-EU129188Not updated
93Perine RecklessSilvermoon-EU128985Not updated
94Aragatix  Silvermoon-EU128053Not updated
95Alishaabc SUBTLETYSilvermoon-EU126662Not updated
96Encolpius ReprobatesSilvermoon-EU125841Not updated
97Zrat  Silvermoon-EU125361Not updated
98Sien SilenceSilvermoon-EU125357Not updated
99Beowôlf Darkness Before DawnSilvermoon-EU124940Not updated
100Clementius  Silvermoon-EU124810Not updated

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