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Silver Hand-US Honorable Kills
1Jocko Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US342512
2Straiker The War CouncilSilver Hand-US340983
3Gunn The War CouncilSilver Hand-US245910Not updated
4Cyclone Handle ItSilver Hand-US230260Not updated
5Baug AsylummSilver Hand-US220007Not updated
6Draenon Dramatis PersonaeSilver Hand-US177006Not updated
7Towel  Silver Hand-US175015Not updated
8Mozartian RelentlessSilver Hand-US173328
9Rawne The Ironsong TribeSilver Hand-US169706Not updated
10Regz KumitaeSilver Hand-US165985Not updated
11Waldir BloodboundSilver Hand-US160517Not updated
12Lukia The ValiantSilver Hand-US155702
13Looseleaf  Silver Hand-US154297Not updated
14Lukahn  Silver Hand-US154290Not updated
15Pugsy Knights of the MarianasSilver Hand-US152797
16Lovvy BlameRollSilver Hand-US149206Not updated
17Ghostshiv We Have IssuesSilver Hand-US148836Not updated
18Christine Luminescent RadianceSilver Hand-US148767Not updated
19Rakkir Nu TirSilver Hand-US146838
20Thrallusson Pact of WarSilver Hand-US145740
21Zoma Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US144997
22Mudgrizzly Head Hunters IncSilver Hand-US144851
23Nookevassa The MulishaSilver Hand-US144682
24Arcinon Pact of WarSilver Hand-US136174Not updated
25Friskeh RelentlessSilver Hand-US134898
26Malkayne The MulishaSilver Hand-US133416Not updated
27Mojojoee The CoalitionSilver Hand-US132207Not updated
28Carnall Conclave of ShadowsSilver Hand-US131618Not updated
29Kilborn BEST SECRET INDA SOUTHSilver Hand-US130214Not updated
30Hakunee ExodusSilver Hand-US129879Not updated
31Angeleca Alliance GuardSilver Hand-US129386
32Atomichealer  Silver Hand-US127764Not updated
33Verwuster Razors EdgeSilver Hand-US127199Not updated
34Crunkley The Silver GuardSilver Hand-US127168Not updated
35Tracerz Luminescent RadianceSilver Hand-US126270Not updated
36Murathe The War CouncilSilver Hand-US125897
37Smallfoot Bought the FarmSilver Hand-US125411Not updated
38Vacantheart  Silver Hand-US125012Not updated
39Joneleth The War CouncilSilver Hand-US123666Not updated
40Hellzeth BloodboundSilver Hand-US123579Not updated
41Acelow Shadow RunnersSilver Hand-US122200Not updated
42Lugaidh Once AgainSilver Hand-US121996Not updated
43Agennemon Changing TidesSilver Hand-US121847Not updated
44Cosain The ValiantSilver Hand-US121085Not updated
45Hellzix  Silver Hand-US120983Not updated
46Paxroma Pact of WarSilver Hand-US120854Not updated
47Burns Caelestis TemplaresSilver Hand-US120654
48Cirithungol No DramaSilver Hand-US118730Not updated
49Zagrid ExodusSilver Hand-US118674
50Drayko The MulishaSilver Hand-US118388Not updated
51Jonisjenkins Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US117600Not updated
52Jellyphish OOPS INCSilver Hand-US116075Not updated
53Coryrzon  Silver Hand-US115852Not updated
54Floorboard RelentlessSilver Hand-US115426
55Panamared Dark EmpireSilver Hand-US114948Not updated
56Victreebel  Silver Hand-US114763Not updated
57Cynthiapain GlitteratiSilver Hand-US114192
58Starlear BlameRollSilver Hand-US114141
59Dizzyspell  Silver Hand-US113835Not updated
60Danielena Red CrusadeSilver Hand-US113591
61Eternalmoon  Silver Hand-US113280Not updated
62Buhamut Champions of BorealisSilver Hand-US112869Not updated
63Otheuym Pact of WarSilver Hand-US112458Not updated
64Sorya  Silver Hand-US111139Not updated
65Tayjor Nu TirSilver Hand-US109988
66Banivisa Hrafn WarbandSilver Hand-US109945Not updated
67Thaed Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US109902
68Zublious Sanctuary of the ErrantSilver Hand-US109384
69Tellurian Pact of WarSilver Hand-US108465Not updated
70Krotarr Sanctuary of the ErrantSilver Hand-US107788
71Cbabes  Silver Hand-US106985Not updated
72Phideauxe IridescentSilver Hand-US106890
73Qwin AsylummSilver Hand-US105896Not updated
74Caulfield The War CouncilSilver Hand-US105101
75Sigma The ValiantSilver Hand-US104908
76Hausser Pact of WarSilver Hand-US104409Not updated
77Semajb ExodusSilver Hand-US104217Not updated
78Tracii Defenders of the RealmSilver Hand-US101862Not updated
79Sephonia  Silver Hand-US101664Not updated
80Cuddhelm  Silver Hand-US99946Not updated
81Malvidar StormSilver Hand-US99456Not updated
82Mavelwin The ValiantSilver Hand-US98386Not updated
83Theris RelentlessSilver Hand-US98016Not updated
84Zenykah  Silver Hand-US97919Not updated
85Kokomala Handle ItSilver Hand-US97841Not updated
86Nightfallen Dragon LordSilver Hand-US97026Not updated
87Tugun StormSilver Hand-US96932
88Syraelina BloodboundSilver Hand-US95836
89Solkanar The War CouncilSilver Hand-US95481Not updated
90Twoto Demon KnightsSilver Hand-US94829Not updated
91Jaguwar Once AgainSilver Hand-US94405Not updated
92Khalabraxis  Silver Hand-US94227Not updated
93Talut Howl of TerrorSilver Hand-US94155
94Mihos Nu TirSilver Hand-US93796
95Thekal Silver Hand SentinelsSilver Hand-US93723Not updated
96Littlegiant BlameRollSilver Hand-US93108
97Arjan GødspeedSilver Hand-US92318
98Dromith Nu TirSilver Hand-US91856Not updated
99Shallow The MulishaSilver Hand-US91199Not updated
100Holylife Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US90849

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