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Shattered Hand-EU Honorable Kills
1Saturn TwistedShattered Hand-EU386187
2Una TwistedShattered Hand-EU302255
3Wandella TwistedShattered Hand-EU298914Not updated
4Jimmyeh KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU295897
5Draculla TwistedShattered Hand-EU282657
6Samotraki Skull SquadronShattered Hand-EU259889Not updated
7Bergrisstt TwistedShattered Hand-EU229925
8Harul TwistedShattered Hand-EU217122
9Orphéus  Shattered Hand-EU207078
10Bonewiz  Shattered Hand-EU205746Not updated
11Crimè Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU200558
12Wagnard A Fish Full of DollarsShattered Hand-EU193968Not updated
13Posthuman TwistedShattered Hand-EU190882Not updated
14Tinkle Paradise LostShattered Hand-EU190377Not updated
15Haxòr ETT JÄVLA DANSBANDShattered Hand-EU187559Not updated
16Kershuk KorpiklaaniShattered Hand-EU185821
17Fidikolobo UnlimitedShattered Hand-EU185452Not updated
18Murmeli KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU183504
19Wizzardman Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU182023
20Yono Valhalla awaitsShattered Hand-EU178775Not updated
21Tigerh E V OShattered Hand-EU175941Not updated
22Morbent BATTERYShattered Hand-EU170660
23Mommy TwistedShattered Hand-EU168346
24Nimlothir Raccoon Kill SquadShattered Hand-EU165671
25Redday TwistedShattered Hand-EU165535Not updated
26Tecmoninja  Shattered Hand-EU162203Not updated
27Zharn  Shattered Hand-EU158610Not updated
28Gordon Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU153843
29Boozz TwistedShattered Hand-EU151463
30Skippy TwistedShattered Hand-EU149649
31Fragshot  Shattered Hand-EU148953Not updated
32Zeldris  Shattered Hand-EU148148Not updated
33Tjecken Strawtown WarriorsShattered Hand-EU147978Not updated
34Baagatoov IndefiniteShattered Hand-EU147294
35Gudfisken ShadeShattered Hand-EU147278Not updated
36Embraser LocomotionShattered Hand-EU146705Not updated
37Kaffa  Shattered Hand-EU146646Not updated
38Jexs TwistedShattered Hand-EU145414
39Eyeless SolstormShattered Hand-EU141770
40Raikouzero Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU141049Not updated
41Mojjén  Shattered Hand-EU140862Not updated
42Teetzlol Free PerksShattered Hand-EU140341Not updated
43Plott UpnorthShattered Hand-EU140326
44Olivimos  Shattered Hand-EU139555Not updated
45Oversized TwistedShattered Hand-EU139495
46Voicc StargateShattered Hand-EU138511Not updated
47Kainda Paradise LostShattered Hand-EU138115Not updated
48Maddnes Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU137216
49Okerz EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU135533Not updated
50Ava Paradise LostShattered Hand-EU135097Not updated
51Enm E V OShattered Hand-EU134934Not updated
52Nawky VictusShattered Hand-EU134874
53Ærren VictusShattered Hand-EU134589
54Senka Paradise LostShattered Hand-EU134331Not updated
55Nwn dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU132864
56Oonlyone  Shattered Hand-EU132066Not updated
57Bosseior ExtaticShattered Hand-EU131628Not updated
58Chowyunfat Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU131320
59Enyian Paradise LostShattered Hand-EU131304Not updated
60Kkyou E V OShattered Hand-EU131193Not updated
61Ocija  Shattered Hand-EU130251Not updated
62Inkk  Shattered Hand-EU129678Not updated
63Belgrim ViciousShattered Hand-EU129452Not updated
64Direzakarum Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU128659
65Ilairoth Dark AlignmentShattered Hand-EU128096
66Magens Horde och StyvShattered Hand-EU127131
67Shuran  Shattered Hand-EU126884Not updated
68Everetty No RegretsShattered Hand-EU125933Not updated
69Durathor Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU124581
70Naazhul  Shattered Hand-EU124553Not updated
71Customize VictusShattered Hand-EU124202Not updated
72Moshpitz  Shattered Hand-EU123959Not updated
73Umulius THE MIDNIGHT MAFFIAShattered Hand-EU123643Not updated
74Sjongavita PINK TACOShattered Hand-EU122961
75Remio Fried RiceShattered Hand-EU122764Not updated
76Lúlius ETHERShattered Hand-EU122018
77Omfieh Smokin AcesShattered Hand-EU121985Not updated
78Beefdork Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU121979
79Gligamesh E V OShattered Hand-EU121624Not updated
80Holdsister  Shattered Hand-EU121618Not updated
81Tarsakh E V OShattered Hand-EU121243Not updated
82Bereadytocry Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU121216
83Vrath BATTERYShattered Hand-EU120726
84Sared O N L YShattered Hand-EU119834Not updated
85Lemonz  Shattered Hand-EU118582Not updated
86Royalmango  Shattered Hand-EU118282Not updated
87Izee TwistedShattered Hand-EU118065Not updated
88Wraithorn  Shattered Hand-EU117511Not updated
89Rockbar Valhalla awaitsShattered Hand-EU117255Not updated
90Seul D A W NShattered Hand-EU115849Not updated
91Excalibar dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU115360
92Magfo TwistedShattered Hand-EU115138Not updated
93Headthief D A W NShattered Hand-EU115077Not updated
94Foulgora LOKAShattered Hand-EU114661Not updated
95Meddek Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU114625
96Glorygoat  Shattered Hand-EU114608Not updated
97Monkhaazz Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU114484
98Clifton BATTERYShattered Hand-EU114466Not updated
99Arrøwhead Kärlek och RespektShattered Hand-EU114157Not updated
100Stormleaf Aurora BorealisShattered Hand-EU113719Not updated

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