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Shattered Hand-US Honorable Kills
1Yunique  Shattered Hand-US373566
2Ltrainizzle Tru Tank DoggzShattered Hand-US323329Not updated
3Nordix  Shattered Hand-US303756Not updated
4Pascal Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US300863
5Meatballzz EnclaveShattered Hand-US280915
6Joobie Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US262734Not updated
7Smallpox  Shattered Hand-US256802Not updated
8Termoonator ShamelessShattered Hand-US246459
9Vernia AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US236658
10Jodah Does Not Respect YouShattered Hand-US226519Not updated
11Exr  Shattered Hand-US222566Not updated
12Kodii SentinelShattered Hand-US218278
13Kurac Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US215877Not updated
14Culmination DeathDealerShattered Hand-US210802Not updated
15Rockwell ProfessionalsShattered Hand-US199272Not updated
16Doggfather The ShatteredShattered Hand-US195323Not updated
17Wuffle TyrannyShattered Hand-US186479
18Suffocation  Shattered Hand-US185212Not updated
19Critlock DeathDealerShattered Hand-US183584
20Rhadamir  Shattered Hand-US178164Not updated
21Zugmaster ApophasisShattered Hand-US174462
22Vemo  Shattered Hand-US168707
23Bloodoman  Shattered Hand-US165939Not updated
24Lizzy TyrannyShattered Hand-US165751
25Magetrainer Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US163339
26Lizzeh  Shattered Hand-US156915Not updated
27Omní Servants of JusticeShattered Hand-US153640Not updated
28Hammocksleep  Shattered Hand-US152989Not updated
29Kaekae Cuties ClubShattered Hand-US151090Not updated
30Themagee  Shattered Hand-US148766Not updated
31Foolish TyrannyShattered Hand-US148734Not updated
32Khaniitus MACHO MADNESSShattered Hand-US147503
33Verbotën SavagësShattered Hand-US147068
34Moirain EnclaveShattered Hand-US142955
35Anthropos Raiding RobotsShattered Hand-US142892Not updated
36Bolide Outer HeavenShattered Hand-US142765Not updated
37Manolis Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US142002
38Valzen XpiredShattered Hand-US140367Not updated
39Rakeem  Shattered Hand-US139706Not updated
40Zaider EnrageShattered Hand-US139696Not updated
41Mixx EgoShattered Hand-US138805Not updated
42Backside Disciples of the BladeShattered Hand-US135642Not updated
43Mongocactus  Shattered Hand-US134881Not updated
44Rondak Ye Ole HangmenShattered Hand-US134654
45Kelsey  Shattered Hand-US132220Not updated
46Hedshot GôôdluckShattered Hand-US130248Not updated
47Kinas  Shattered Hand-US130010Not updated
48Rumps Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US129085Not updated
49Yunix ANBUShattered Hand-US128481Not updated
50Borëd Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US128322Not updated
51Stillmatic MACHO MADNESSShattered Hand-US128088Not updated
52Meks  Shattered Hand-US127582Not updated
53Hurtntime  Shattered Hand-US127147Not updated
54Clinch DeathDealerShattered Hand-US126644Not updated
55Genoxide Tru Tank DoggzShattered Hand-US126528Not updated
56Asprin Panther ModernsShattered Hand-US126340Not updated
57Chairforce Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US125515Not updated
58Guily EvadeShattered Hand-US124832Not updated
59Grapefruits Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US124675
60Dvc TyrannyShattered Hand-US123674Not updated
61Íflízzlè EvadeShattered Hand-US122255
62Ruffle PoundTownShattered Hand-US122232
63Zeuslord Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US121557
64Nekrolos  Shattered Hand-US121464Not updated
65Phobia DeceptionShattered Hand-US121248Not updated
66Ahasver Panther ModernsShattered Hand-US120776Not updated
67Nivez DeceptionShattered Hand-US120406Not updated
68Memoo We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US119593
69Chewemup  Shattered Hand-US119583Not updated
70Tub Christian GamersShattered Hand-US119424Not updated
71Yurq ApophasisShattered Hand-US117223Not updated
72Aelwen StrugglinShattered Hand-US117020Not updated
73Chicagø Midwest MafiaShattered Hand-US117016Not updated
74Crazydragoon ShamelessShattered Hand-US115491
75Nsane  Shattered Hand-US114348Not updated
76Zodicus Guild of VampzShattered Hand-US114314Not updated
77Foops EvadeShattered Hand-US114172
78Suli Fossils of WarShattered Hand-US114146Not updated
79Glimps ChimeraShattered Hand-US113883Not updated
80Toxicmonster FoundationShattered Hand-US113204Not updated
81Dirtbaggin EnclaveShattered Hand-US113172
82Rondardlol EvadeShattered Hand-US112739Not updated
83Eref TyrannyShattered Hand-US112618
84Forcelord  Shattered Hand-US111009Not updated
85Anubizz Outlaw StarShattered Hand-US110958Not updated
86Danks ProfessionalsShattered Hand-US110850Not updated
87Eloràhnahimi Plays NakedShattered Hand-US110843Not updated
88Búffy EnclaveShattered Hand-US110623
89Drloveless  Shattered Hand-US110576Not updated
90Mcdank Minor ThreatShattered Hand-US110449Not updated
91Dons Thrall's FinestShattered Hand-US109316Not updated
92Clothkiller night elf mohawkShattered Hand-US108863Not updated
93Luzio Warriors of the LightShattered Hand-US108563Not updated
94Arathene Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US108369Not updated
95Johnychimpo The MyrmidonsShattered Hand-US108350Not updated
96Tigeer  Shattered Hand-US108015
97Malazarr  Shattered Hand-US106823Not updated
98Luaktar  Shattered Hand-US106600Not updated
99Hugsankisses TyrannyShattered Hand-US105969
100Killüa Darkspear TribeShattered Hand-US105589

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