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Shattered Halls-US Honorable Kills
1Pezos MANTRAShattered Halls-US277043
2Elohssanau Order of the HordeShattered Halls-US201624Not updated
3Valfranz GetMadYouBadShattered Halls-US182857
4Icestarr EclïpseShattered Halls-US176178
5Katyberry SWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGShattered Halls-US173408Not updated
6Feran OmenShattered Halls-US169987Not updated
7Tontapwns BLaCkWaTeR PvPShattered Halls-US165228Not updated
8Randoom Dade CountyShattered Halls-US163434
9Faithful ShadowalkersShattered Halls-US157672Not updated
10Sleeves  Shattered Halls-US154317Not updated
11Sofina  Shattered Halls-US153035Not updated
12Thunderstick Hells RebellionShattered Halls-US149180Not updated
13Bmxernluz The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US147538Not updated
14Grievette  Shattered Halls-US147206Not updated
15Oxxie  Shattered Halls-US146929Not updated
16Seyroon  Shattered Halls-US146266Not updated
17Doggx  Shattered Halls-US145845
18Underpaid Golden QuestShattered Halls-US139803Not updated
19Jameshenry FogOfWarShattered Halls-US137880
20Colosie VelocityShattered Halls-US132710
21Walonor FogOfWarShattered Halls-US132348Not updated
22Coldethyl  Shattered Halls-US130407Not updated
23Plutto Fortis ConsortiumShattered Halls-US127639Not updated
24Moonblue Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US124824
25Tytum Schindlers Ignore ListShattered Halls-US123893Not updated
26Kaeria BloodseekersShattered Halls-US120684Not updated
27Inmygarage OmenShattered Halls-US117252Not updated
28Misscreant Operation WakE n BakEShattered Halls-US117010
29Cirrill Knights of KhaosShattered Halls-US115494Not updated
30Feroshus Easily DistractedShattered Halls-US114060Not updated
31Silvernight Easy CompanyShattered Halls-US111439Not updated
32Hardmrjangle SWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGSWAGShattered Halls-US111061
33Moshpits  Shattered Halls-US110064Not updated
34Tamlyn  Shattered Halls-US108459Not updated
35Wbuck New AllianceShattered Halls-US107309
36Thanas DecimationShattered Halls-US106838Not updated
37Dizzydk unified PvP klanShattered Halls-US103695Not updated
38Deathclutch  Shattered Halls-US103482Not updated
39Rankoneirl Stormwinds GuardiansShattered Halls-US103344Not updated
40Zarniwoop EpícShattered Halls-US102947Not updated
41Belrath BlackDawnShattered Halls-US102407
42Jesabella  Shattered Halls-US102328Not updated
43Kathissana Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US102230Not updated
44Abraxxas  Shattered Halls-US101369Not updated
45Borñ R Kelly Pvpd On MeShattered Halls-US101343Not updated
46Executing  Shattered Halls-US101012Not updated
47Intns EclïpseShattered Halls-US100832
48Azmodaeus knights of misfitsShattered Halls-US100801Not updated
49Gorloklok SynergyShattered Halls-US100333Not updated
50Keyneron Order of the HordeShattered Halls-US96509Not updated
51Priere BloodstormShattered Halls-US95146Not updated
52Baltu love to smoke upShattered Halls-US94928Not updated
53Yoshimitu Easily DistractedShattered Halls-US94709Not updated
54Baelstrom BloodthirstyShattered Halls-US94350Not updated
55Bulloc  Shattered Halls-US94343Not updated
56Casber  Shattered Halls-US92791Not updated
57Drmedic  Shattered Halls-US90878Not updated
58Ganse BLaCkWaTeR PvPShattered Halls-US90575Not updated
59Afalse MANTRAShattered Halls-US90179Not updated
60Eschauta Easily DistractedShattered Halls-US88831Not updated
61Quickslìce Irish DrunksShattered Halls-US88216Not updated
62Snoozy  Shattered Halls-US88110Not updated
63Ørk  Shattered Halls-US87987Not updated
64Iberaku  Shattered Halls-US87548Not updated
65Cutnail  Shattered Halls-US87433Not updated
66Zhaden RouseShattered Halls-US86544Not updated
67Freeranged PvP IncorporatedShattered Halls-US86274
68Joseyywales  Shattered Halls-US85412Not updated
69Romeo Horde NationShattered Halls-US85209Not updated
70Mythn  Shattered Halls-US84312Not updated
71Baderman Death before DishonorShattered Halls-US83969Not updated
72Drsparky Three Legged DogShattered Halls-US83944
73Hyllin  Shattered Halls-US83803Not updated
74Tsukimisou FogOfWarShattered Halls-US83202Not updated
75Saintbrandon BloodKnightsShattered Halls-US81595Not updated
76Posseum  Shattered Halls-US81288Not updated
77Zukeo  Shattered Halls-US80897Not updated
78Triblood  Shattered Halls-US80442
79Mandrël GravityShattered Halls-US79940Not updated
80Elèment EclïpseShattered Halls-US79456
81Pygmy U plus Me Equals UsShattered Halls-US79290Not updated
82Zanber  Shattered Halls-US78961Not updated
83Hexlax  Shattered Halls-US78718Not updated
84Squiby VelocityShattered Halls-US78115Not updated
85Méliadoul Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US77465
86Zanuba Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US77345
87Mannul  Shattered Halls-US76785Not updated
88Faith BLaCkWaTeR PvPShattered Halls-US76296Not updated
89Tezztarossa Vinii Vidi ViciShattered Halls-US76241Not updated
90Draak  Shattered Halls-US75760Not updated
91Kuffbuck  Shattered Halls-US75634Not updated
92Blondeshadow Golden QuestShattered Halls-US75090Not updated
93Naha Knights of KhaosShattered Halls-US74914Not updated
94Dizzydwarf unified PvP klanShattered Halls-US74890Not updated
95Palindor RemorseShattered Halls-US74333Not updated
96Justagrrl AvalinaShattered Halls-US74328Not updated
97Zodiacx Red BranchShattered Halls-US72764
98Dacryphilia  Shattered Halls-US72727Not updated
99Bearast  Shattered Halls-US72564Not updated
100Limbonic SAMCROShattered Halls-US72289Not updated

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